Bulu Box |October 2014



There’s a new way to take a calcium supplement! Calsura is a  tablet that you dissolve in water to get your bone boosting dose of 50% of your daily calcium requirement.  They are safe for people sensitive to lactose and won’t cause any digestive discomfort.  Calsura is 40% more “bio-available” (meaning it has a high rate of calcium absorption) making it an effective and efficient supplement.  Also included in this supplement is a healthy dose of vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, and vitamin C. Overall, this takes care of several important nutrients and helping you stay hydrated at the same time.  There are 2 tablets per packet and one packet is a serving.

Full Size: 16 Packets @ $13.99

Sample Size: 3 Packets

Sample Value: $2.62


biPro Whey Protein

According to the Bulu Box site, biPro is the “gold standard” in whey protein.  It’s pure and easily digestible so it absorbs quickly.  biPro is sugar free, low carb (only 1 g) and low fat while packing in 20 g protein into your drink.  It’s available in chocolate, French vanilla, or an unflavored version.

Full Size: 2lb tub (41 servings) @ $49.99

Sample Size: 1 Serving

Sample Value: $1.22


YouTheory Revive

This is the latest way to start your day.  Revive helps get your body and mind moving in the morning.  Let’s face it, many of us, myself included, need a little extra help in the morning.  Revive contains high quality aloe vera to help keep blood sugar in check, African mango helps keep your appetite under control, and black and green teas offer a caffeine boost, all in two pills.  If they in fact help me sustain some energy and get going in the morning, this just might have to become part of my routine.

Full Size: 120 capsules (60 servings) @ $29.99

Sample Size: 2 capsules

Sample Value: $0.50


Powbab Superfruit Chews

The superstar in this chew is the baobab fruit, more specifically, the pulp of this fruit.  The baobab is super high in antioxidants and vitamin C, making it a perfect supplement as we enter cold and flu season.  They combined the baobab pulp with pomegranate and acai berry for an amazing tasting chew (I couldn’t resist and tried one right away) that makes it feel like a little treat rather than an immune system boost.  Double win!

Full Size: 30 Chews @ $22.49

Sample Size: 3 Chews

Sample Value: $2.25


Smarty Pants Adult Gummy Vitamin

If you read my Bulu Box posts you know that these have shown up on multiple occasions in my box.  The Smarty Pants Multivitamin + Fiber is a complete dose of your daily nutritional needs plus some digestion friendly fiber all in a serving of 6 tasty gummies.  Another way to fool yourself into thinking you’re eating candy rather than something good for you.  If it wasn’t for the price tag on these I would be all about it.

Full Size: 180 gummies (30 day supply) @ $47.95

Sample Size: 2 gummies

Sample Value: $0.53


Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine

You had better believe I did a little happy dance when I saw this bottle.  Yes, bottle! This product combines L-theanine and caffeine into one powerful energizer. L-theanine is found in green tea and basically takes away any negative side effects of caffeine (jitters, crash, etc) so this leaves you with nothing but a relaxed and energized mind and body that can focus on whatever it is you need to focus on.  There’s a 100mg punch of caffeine in each capsule.  Happy day to me!

Full Size: 60 Capsules @ $19.95

Sample Size: 15 Capsules

Sample Value: $4.99

Total Box Value: $12.11

Bulu Box: August 2014


It’s that time again.  August subscription boxes are here and it’s time to see what’s inside this month’s weight loss edition of Bulu Box.


Dream Water

I am someone who takes a sleep aid almost every night, soI’ve wanted to try Dream Water for a long time. It contains 3 active ingredients: GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid) helps promote relaxation by preventing the over firing of nerve cells, Melatonin helps control the body’s clock and aids in naturally tuning on “sleep mode,” and 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) stimulates melatonin production and improves the quality of your sleep.  This sounds like a dream come true for me.  They  come in single 2 oz bottles and you’re supposed to take one 20-30 minutes before bed.  Dream Water comes in 2 flavors: Snoozeberry and nigTEAnight.

Full Size: 12 Bottles for $38.99

Sample Size: 1 Bottle

Sample Value:$3.25


Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer

I’ve never seen anything like this before. This shot supposedly helps you metabolize alcohol which will help get more of the drinks out of your system faster, which will help aid in hangover relief.  Supposedly it also lessens the long term affects of booze on the liver and brain.  While I’m not sure if the second part is true or not but something that can make the morning after a night out feel good would be worth trying.  Forgiven comes in 4 flavors: Orange, Berry, Grape, and Tropical Punch

Full Size: 6 shots @ $17.94

Sample Size: 1 Shot

Sample Value: $2.99


**Reader Warning: Adult Product** Zestra Essential Arousal Oil

So…I’m not sure what this is doing in a weight loss box, but I will admit I’m intrigued.  This little packet is a blend of botanical oils and extracts that apparently enhance women’s sexual arousal, desire and satisfaction.  It’s safe and natural, hormone-free and lasts up to 45 minutes.  Just apply around (not directly on?) your..area, and within a few minutes you should start feeling it working.  It comes in individual packets at the Bulu Box store, but the information sheet says it can be found in a pump as well. I’m not sure what to expect, and despite how weird and random is was to find in my Bulu Box, I’m not gonna lie..totally going to try this one out 😉

Full Size: 3 packets @ $9.99

Sample Size: 1 Packet

Sample Value: $3.33


DeNovo Labs Oxy THERM Pro

Another thermogenic to try.  This targets and blocks certain receptors that store fat, boosts metabolism, keeps appetite in check and helps boost energy and mental focus.  The directions make it a point to say to not use it for longer than an 8 week period, to take a 4 week break and that you should start by only taking one per day (you can go up to 2).  I appreciate the all capital warning printed on the label, since it’s easy to abuse thermogenics, and I’m sure many people do.

Full Size: 60 Capsules @ $42.99

Sample Size: 1 Capsule

Sample Value: $0.72


Bikini Ready Energy Gummies

Gummies are seriously all the rage right now.  Rather than being a complete multivitamin, Bikini Ready Gummies are formulated with just vitamin B12 and caffeine to help boost energy and metabolism.  These would be a great little mid day or pre-workout energizer.  45 calories for 5 gummies which packs 50 mcg of B12 and 50mg of caffeine.

Full Size: 50 Gummies @ $9.99

Sample Size: 4 Gummies

Sample Value: $0.80

Volo Vitamins Energy Stick Packs

Another energy booster!  A blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids mix with water to help you power through a workout or the afternoon slump. There’s no nuts, soy, or dairy and they are also sugar free and only 5 calories.

Full Size: 30 Packets @ $21.71

Sample Size: 2 Packets

Sample Value: $1.45

Total Box Value: $12.54

Bulu box is a monthly subscription box that delivers new health and wellness discoveries to your door.  There are two different types of subscription: General wellness and weight loss.  for $10 a month you can discover new products that work for you.


**This post contains affiliate links**

Bulu Box: July 2104

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service that offers samples of health and wellness products delivered to your door every month.  You can subscribe to 3, 6, or 12 month plans or on a month to month basis for $10 a month.  They offer two types of boxes: A general health and wellness box or a weight loss box.  My subscription shows the content of the weight loss box.  Let’s see what July has in store for me.


July Bulu 1

IPS All Natural Egg White Chips

These are chips that are all natural and made out of egg whites (who knew?!) which means they pack a powerful punch of protein (7 g per serving).  I sampled the salt and black pepper flavor, and while I would have rather tried any other flavor option, these were surprisingly yummy (I don’t like pepper).  I am huge on protein content, so the fact that they carry a significant serving protein makes me feel totally not guilty  having chips with my lunch.  The bag was 3 Points Plus and definitely worth it.  I will be looking into other flavors of these for sure.  The only downside is the price tag.

Full Size: 24 (1 oz) bags @ $46.99

Sample Size: 1 bag

Sample Value: $1.96

July Bulu 3


This is a sleep aid containing the active ingredient Rutaecarpine, which is found in the Rvodia fruit.  This ingredient actually helps remove caffeine (which tends to linger long after consumption) from the body in order to help you sleep better.  Take this 2-4 hours before sleep and it will help rid the body of anything left over from your latte earlier to make falling asleep easier and the quality of your sleep better.  I’m intrigued.

Full Size: 30 capsules @ $22.99

Sample Size: 1 capsule

Sample Value: $0.77

July Bulu 6

Revolution Tea Southern Mint

This herbal tea is caffeine free, rich in antioxidants, and made from Egyptian mint leaves.  Mint is known for soothing upset stomachs and headaches.  Personally I think mint tea is very relaxing and a great thing to have while you’re curled up on the couch at night.  I actually drank this Monday night and it was a very soothing way to end the day.

Full Size: 32 bags 2 $13.98

Sample Size: 1 bag

Sample Value: $0.44

July Bulu 2

Natureade Vegan Smart Protein

This protein powder is a little bit more than just protein.  In addition to 20g of protein, this packet brings vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics and 6g of fiber to the mix, making it vegan powerhouse of nutrition.   It comes in chocolate, vanilla, and chai flavors and is 4 Points Plus per serving.

Full Size: 15 serving canister @ $35.99

Sample Size: 1 serving

Sample Value: $2.40

July Bulu 4


Natriquell is a digestive supplement that helps restore digestive balance and relieve discomfort.  The supplement comes in these little packets and can be used on an as needed basis or daily for regular upkeep of your digestive system.  Add it to 4-6 oz of water and drink up.  You can take one packet daily, or if you’re in need of some extra help 2-3 packets can be used to help calm digestive distress.

Full Size: 30 packets @ $19.95

Sample Size: 2 packets

Sample Value: $1.33

July Bulu 5

Soap Box Soaps Mandarin Liquid Handsoap

Dear Bulu Box- this product has NOTHING to do with weight loss… I know it’s a lifestyle bonus, but still..

Anyway, this soap has a nice citrus scent, is all natural, and contains shea butter, aloe, and jojoba oil to keep hands soft.  The nice thing about this brand is for every purchase of Soap Box Soaps, the company donates soap, fresh water, or vitamins to a child in need.  Let’s hear it for companies that do good for others!

Full Size: 2 pack of 8 oz bottles @ $14.00

Sample Size: a little pouch with no amount written on it.

Sample value: best guess, $0.10

Total Box Value: $7.00

While the value of the box definitely fell short this month, there are some new and interesting discoveries in this month’s box.  Interested in your own subscription?  Click below and check out Bulu Box for yourself.


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Bulu Box: March 2014



Kramp Krusher Electorlyte Chews

These little gummies are geared toward the endurance athlete.  Let’s be honest, many of us have experienced the unpleasant experience of the side cramp while doing cardio, or something of the like.  Kramp Krushers are built to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat when working out, as well as giving you a bit of energy.  While I only got 2 for a sample, a full serving size is 10 gummies.

A full 10-piece serving provides 150 calories from fast absorbing dextrose, glucose syrup, and sugar (Natural Dynamix does not use ANY high fructose corn syrup)! In addition, Natural Dynamix uses natural sea salt, potassium citrate and calcium lactate to restore electrolytes lost during intense exercise.*

I gave these a try while I was at the gym yesterday, and the taste was definitely not bad, but I did not really notice a difference in the way I felt.  This is probably simply because I only had 1/5 of an actual serving.  At least knowing they taste good means you could get a little sweet treat with benefits in while at the gym.


Full size: 12 bags of 10 pieces (1 serving each bag) @ $29.88

Sample Size: 2 Pieces

Sample Value: $0.50



K*Pax Energy

Full Size: 25 packets of 2 pills @ $49.95 (or 60 Tablets for $54.95)

Sample Size: 2 packets of 2 pills

Sample Value: $4.00



Runa Focused Energy

At first (as you can see on my video) I was a tad unenthused to be getting another tea, but that quickly changed when I read that Runa tea contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, offering a healthy energy boost whenever you need it. This tea is made from Guayusa which is an Amazonian tree and has been used for many (we’re talking hundreds, if not a thousand or so) years by the Amazonian people.

Guayusa is packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, saponins and L-theamine—ingredients known to calm the nervous system, contribute to cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation. These ingredients also help sustain the caffeine energy of the tea, keeping you from a big crash*

Full Size: 6 boxes of 16 bags each @ $35.99

Sample Size: 2 bags

Sample Value: $0.75




When I pulled this out of the box I thought right away it was going to be some sort of energy shot, as it looks quite similar to my Eboost shot bottles that are in my pantry.  I was intrigued to see that this little shot is a pain killer.  This little strawberry flavored shot has a special blend of Choline Salicylate and caffeine (yay!).  Caffeine apparently helps speed up the delivery of pain killers, especially when it comes to headaches, and the Choline Salicylate “has an onset action of five times quicker than aspirin” making this shot a quick way to relieve your headache, minor aches and pains, back aches, and sore muscles.  I almost gave this a try last night to help my aching legs from leg day at the gym, but when I realized there was caffeine in it and it was 10pm, I decided against it for now.  I am excited to see if this works.

Full Size: 12 single serving bottles @ $38.40

Sample Size: 1 bottle

Sample Value: $3.20


Axia3 Pro-Digestive Aid

I had this product in a limited edition box I bought back when cold and flu season started.  What I like about this product is it helps take care of those overindulgent moments by not only easing the heartburn and discomfort, but it helps aid digestion as well, which makes me feel better about knowing I can help my body rid itself of the delicious indulgence a little bit easier.

Axia3 works through the power of three:

  1. Sodium Bicarbonate antacid gives fast-acting relief & Calcium Carbonate long-lasting relief *
  2. Trigestive Enzymatic Formula: promotes healthy digestion of proteins, carbs and essential oils and fats *
  3. Sweetened with Xylitol: diabetic-friendly sweetener that also promotes dental health and freshens breath *

Full Size: 45 tablet pack @ $11.99

Sample Size: 12 tablets

Sample Value: $3.20


VirMAX T Testosterone Booster

My first thought on this was “why the heck is this in here?”  I really have no words for this other than it is a testosterone booster for men.  Here’s what Bulu Box has to say about it:

Boost your testosterone and amplify your life with the natural power of VirMax T. There is no need for scheduling doses or planning activity with VirMax T. Designed to counteract the drop in testosterone levels that occurs for men after peaking at age 20, VirMax T contains naturally these occurring ingredients that boost testosterone, endurance and performance, promote muscle building and support immunity*:

  • Tribulus– shown to increase natural testosterone levels by as much as 50%, improving male sexual performance and helping build muscle
  • Magnesium– needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, steady heart rhythm and supporting a healthy immune system
  • Tongkat Ali LJ100– a high quality standardized extract from the Eurycoma longfolia plant that increases sexual desire & performance and physical stamina & endurance
  • Zinc– shown to support natural production of testosterone and improve low levels

So…yeah..  I told my husband that he got a present in my Bulu box this month and once I showed it to him he looked at me and was like “Yeah…I’m not taking that.”  Maybe I can convince him to take it just because.. who knows.  Random, and something I most definitely won’t use.

Full Size: 30 servings @ $29.99

Sample Size: 1 serving

Sample Value: $1.00


Total Box Value: $12.65

There is most definitely an interesting blend of products in my box this month, which is great, and it made it to the box value of at least $10, which is what subscribers pay for it..however.. I don’t really see how a single one of these can be geared toward a weight loss specific box.  I’d imagine that the general wellness box could have the exact same products and no one would think anything of it.  I’m hoping that Bulu Box starts to make the weight loss box more weight loss specific, because as of late, it hasn’t really seemed that way.


If you’re interested in joining the Bulu Box community you can head on over to their website and join today.  There are 2 different subscription options: General Wellness and Weight Loss edition, that both offer samplings of some of the latest products in the industry.  Check them out!




All quotes are taken directly from the Bulu Box website's information on the product.  All statements marked with an * have not been evaluated by the FDA.  I'm not getting paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.

Bulu Box (Weight Loss): February 2014

This month’s Bulu Box (weight loss version is what I subscribe to) was done in collaboration with Ali Vincent, who was the winner of the Biggest Loser season 5, and the show’s first ever female winner.  This month my box was full of some some of her favorite things to help her keep off the weight she lost on the show.  Lots of snack stuff this month, which is okay, as I am a bit of a food addict :-p


The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas

I’ve only ever had chickpeas one other time before that wasn’t in the form of hummus (I love me some hummus…it actually can end up being a problem..), but these little power foods (I checked, Weight Watchers does consider chickpeas to be power foods) promise a well balanced nutritional punch (good doses of fiber and protein) with the satisfying crunch of a chip-like snack, but the benefit of the healthy chickpea.  I could get into that.  The Good Bean makes these treats in 4 flavors: Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili & Lime, and Sweet Cinnamon.


Full Size: 2.5oz package @ $9.99

Sample Size: 0.75oz

Sample Value: $2.72


SoyJoy Baked Whole Soy & Fruit Bar

I’ll be honest: I remember trying a SoyJoy bar a handful of years ago and hating it, so I hadn’t touched one since.  I was kind of sad to see it in my Bulu Box, but I figured I’d give it another go and gave this one a try (right after I took the picture..it was a hungry day..) and I was thrilled to discover that I didn’t hate it!  I remember the bar being dry and overly biscotti-like, but not in the way biscotti is yummy, just dense and dry and flavorless.  Well, I don’t know if they’ve changed their recipe or if the one I tried happened to be a bad batch, but this one was much more satisfying to my taste buds.  SoyJoy comes packed with protein, is gluten free and comes in some delicious sounding flavors: Dark Chocolate Cherry, Cranberry (the one in my box), Banana, Strawberry, Mango Coconut, Blueberry, and Berry.

Full Size: 12 bars @ $15.99

Sample Size: 1 bar

Sample Value: $1.33


Fruit Chia Bars

I started paying attention to Chia seed a handful of months ago, and while I don’t consume them regularly, I do try to take advantage when they’re accessible.  Fruit Chia Bars are literally just fruit and chia seeds.  These bars are gluten free, have no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, and are pretty delicious.  It’s basically s thick fruit leather with chia seeds mixed in.  These clock in at 4 PointsPlus per bar and come in 4 flavors: Cranberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry.

Full Size: 12 Bars @ $19.99

Sample Size: 1 Bar

Sample Value: $1.67


Chosen Foods Meta Powder High Fiber Blend Sticks

Here’s what Bulu Box says about this powder:

The proprietary blend includes Nopal cactus, grown in the nutrient dense volcanic soil of the Mexican highlands, renowned for its high fiber levels. Fiber is essential to healthy digestion, keeping insulin levels in check and helping you feel fuller longer, contributing to healthy weight loss. *

Agave inulin is a prebiotic that works in your digestive system to support the function of probiotics, the essential bacteria that improve digestive and general health. The addition of Hibiscus flowers provides both a boost to overall health and a refreshing tea flavor to the mix. Hibiscus supports normal blood pressure, promotes healthy cholesterol levels and can help manage body weight.”

So basically this is another powder that you mix into your water to drink and let it work it’s magic.  Each stick has 5.8g of fiber in it to help get the body moving (yeah, I went there) and to help keep you feeling full.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I look forward to doing so.  The directions say that for best results it should be taken before every main meal of the day.  I think that’s a little steep considering the $13 box would only last you 5 days, but that’s just the money saver in me talking.  The emphasis on high fiber in diets geared toward weight loss (including Weight Watchers) is huge, so it’s good to get that extra boost of fiber when you can.

Full Size: 15 sticks @ $12.99

Sample Size: 1 Stick

Sample Value: $0.87



Power Crunch Proto Whey Ultra Burn

When I looked at the price of this powder I thought it was a tad crazy (see breakdown below), but it definitely intrigued me to see what was so special about this powder.  Here’s what Bulu Box said:

Get the benefits of three products in one with Power Crunch Proto Whey Ultraburn! This unique blend of ingredients mixes into an energy and protein drink that supports enhanced fat loss, muscular energy and neural activity. Formulated with pept-1, containing a distinctive adaptogenic energy signature that gives increased muscular energy and heightened mental focus, including a blend of nutrients that keep away the jittery feeling and crash caused by stimulant, sugar and herbal based energy drinks. The advanced nutrient delivery system supports increased brain and muscle activity for head-to-toe energy and endurance.  *

  • Manages appetite and attitude *
  • Increases performance and delivers long lasting results *

When taken before exercise, pept-1 increases energy and endurance so you can take your workout farther and longer than ever before. The thermogenic protein nutrition supports around-the-clock fat loss and maintenance of lean muscle tissue, making it the perfect option when you’re dieting or counting calories for training. *

I don’t know what pept-1 is or how it gives you energy, but the idea behind an energy drink and a protein drink all wrapped up into one 3 Points Plus package sounds like a great thing.  I think this will be my breakfast tomorrow before my Thursday morning Zumba class.  With my high energy instructor, an extra boost would be greatly appreciated.

Full Size: 18 servings @ $49.99

Sample Size: 1 Serving

Sample Value: $2.78


February Box Total Value: $9.37

The box came in a little under value, which always disappoints me a bit, but I am pleased with the variety that was in this month’s box.

If you’re interested in looking into getting a Bulu Box subscription you can head over to their site and sign up for one (or both) of the two boxes they offer: general wellness and weight loss for $10 a month.

Bulu Box: October 2013


Here’s this month’s Bulu Box.  This is my second one and I am pleased with this one as well.  Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?


Simple Being Slimming Smoothie

This smoothie came in a conveniently portioned pack , so there was no measuring involved.  The protein kick in this baby is awesome at 26 grams in one serving.  With only 1 g of carbohydrates, the Points Plus value of my chocolate smoothie mix is only 2!  That’s the same amount as the Weight Watchers smoothies, but with over twice as much protein in it.  As usual, I prepared this smoothie with about a cup of frozen strawberries and a cup of water.  The result is a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie packed with hunger fighting protein, making this an amazing snack that will, as the name says, slim you (or help keep you that way.  There are two flavors available (chocolate truffle and vanilla bean) and you can get it in a 2 lb tub.

Full Size: $49.99 (on sale from $59.99) for 28 servings

Sample Size: 1 Serving

Sample Value: $1.78


Natural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress Drink

This anti-stress drink is also known as a magnesium supplement, containing 235 mg per 15 teaspoons.  There was also an informational brochure in the Bulu Box talking about how magnesium balances the amount of calcium in your body, and it explains why this balance is important.  Basically, an abundance of calcium (aka magnesium depletion) in the body can cause many things: stress, low energy, muscle tension, spasms, and cramps, irritability, difficultly sleeping, and more serious things like calcification of organs.  Seeing how 1/2 of the symptoms on that list pretty much described my life right now (click here for my most resent random breakdown) and knowing that I take a calcium and vitamin D supplement daily, I consulted my mom (who is a nurse and I consult with everything.  She basically told me I don’t really have to worry about getting a magnesium supplement becuase too much magnesium in the body can cause sluggish muscles (hence the relaxing), and having Muscular Dystrophy (read more about that here) sluggish muscles are not something I want to encourage.  I tried this drink yesterday late afternoon after I knew I was done with anything important for the day, and I didn’t notice anything terribly calming other than the fact there was no emotional break down last night.  Now, that is an improvement, but I’m going to go with the hope that i have a enough control over my emotions that I don’t need a drink to keep myself in an emotionally sane state (the occasional (once or twice a week, usually) alcoholic beverage in the evening to wind down with Erik is of course exempt from that statement).  This product comes in a variety of flavors and is available in tubs (8 oz or 16 oz) or in a set of 30 packets.

Full Size Product: $16.99 for 30 packets

Sample Size: 1 packet

Sample Value: $0.57


Pocket Protein: Women’s Formula

You know those fruit puree pouches that little kids (or their parents) are carrying around all the time lately?  This instantly reminded me of that.  This gel is made with high grade, lactose free whey protein and has no sugar, carbs, or lactose in it.  Bonus: This 2oz pouch is only 1 Point Plus!! I’m digging these stats for sure!  I literally just consumed this in an effort to power up my workout which I will do as soon as I get this baby posted.  It was a little weird at first, but it’s not at all bad tasting.  Having it take less than 30 seconds to get a strong protein boost is worth it.  I hope it fuels me up.  You can buy these in 5 day, 15 day, and 30 day supplies, with the expectation being 2 packets per day.

Full Size Product: $26.99 for 5 day supply (10 pouches)

Sample Size: 1 pouch

Sample Value: $2.70


Life Equals: Focus and Energy

This vitamin dishes out a dose of B vitamins, amino acids and natural caffeine to help keep you energized and focused without the crash that comes with other energy supplements.  What I’m imagining here is a B-complex vitamin with a few added perks.  I’m trying to remember how I felt after taking these.  I think I’d need a few days to truly test it out to see if I notice an energy difference.  The concept behind it is great though,

Full Size Product: $29.99 for 60 capsules

Sample Size: 2 capsules

Sample Value: $1


Burn 360

Claiming to be an advanced fat burner and detoxifier, this supplement had raspberry keytones (hot product right now) and acai in it to help boost metabolism, curb cravings, and boost your antioxidants.  I’ve seen mixed reviews on this product, and only took one of the two so far and was not able to detect a noticeable difference.  Again, probably more noticeable after a few days (come on, Bulu Box, bring back the awesome sample size like last month, were we got a week’s worth to try!!).

Full Size Product: $34.95 for 72 capsules

Sample Size: 2 capsules

Sample Value: $0.97

They also threw in a $25 gift card to livewell360.com, which sells high end gym bags.  Sadly, this is not something I will use because the starting price on these babies are $167, and it goes up from there, so even the $25 gift isn’t going to make me get one of those.  Good try, but I’ll stick to my gym bag from Kohls

Total Box Value: $7.02 (without the $25 gift card, of course).


You’re a little shy of the $10 this month Bulu Box, but nonetheless, the products have proved to be worth a try.  I still am living this box as much as my first one last month, and continue to be impressed with the products they are introducing me to.

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service that costs $10 a month and allows you to try 4-5 samples of top of the line health and fitness supplements.  There are two types of boxes you can subscribe to: a regular one and a weight loss one. I am subscribed to the weight loss one.  Check out Bulu Box here and sign up for this great service delivering things to help you reach your health and fitness goals to your door every month 🙂

A Weekend With Me: Saturday

It was one of those mornings where 8 hours of sleep just didn’t feel like enough.  The snooze alarm and I meet frequently, though only once today.  I had a lot to accomplish today.

Just like yesterday I got up (dragged myself begrudgingly is more like it), made some tea and sat down for some quiet time with my prayer journal and God.  My thoughts today were on the phrase “Love is patient” but not talking about love between Erik and I (though we have had many lessons in that verse), but I thought about it in regards to my relationship with God.  With a task list of many things whirling through my head, it was very easy for me to sit down and have the mindset of this writing time as a task I should speed though, check off and move on.  ..which of course is the completely wrong approach.  It takes effort to sit and focus on a task such as heartfelt prayer; to get all of the “to dos” to quiet down for a second and give me time to spend with the Lord.  Things change when you don’t treat prayer as a chore, but more like having morning coffee with a close friend.  Enjoy the conversation.


Meal time!  Breakfast today was brought to me by Suja juice.  They’re organic, cold pressed juices that are really delicious and super nutritious.  Since juices count as Points I had to account for the nutrition info, despite the fact the only ingredients are organic fruits and veggies, so it cost 4 Points Plus.  I love everything about these juices except the price.  At $8 a bottle at Whole Foods, they’re definitely treated as a special way to spoil myself every so often.  I’d love to try their 3 day cleanse someday, when I actually have that kind of money to spend on something  like yummy juice.


I went on a cleaning rampage making sure things were neat and dusted, including my bedroom (Erik’s room I don’t touch.  That he can deal with on his own..) so my man would have a beautiful apartment to come home to.  I wrote “Happy Sweetest Day” on our dry erase board, grabbed a south beach diet bar (we don’t follow the diet, but the nutritional content is impressive) and was out the door for my last visit to the various cat-filled apartments.  Frank was chatty as always.  He stood on the breakfast bar and started nibbling on my hairline playfully when I was paying more attention to my texts than to him.  He is a pretty awesome kitty.  Then I went to Katie’s to check up on the monsters, and she ended up coming home while I was there.  Kitty-sitting missions accomplished.  Now i am back to no fur babies to love on.  At least I get to go see my 4 dogs in less than a week.  I’m looking forward to some love from them.

I ran out of time to actually go to the gym (which I decided was okay since my ActiveLink sat satisfied at 50% already from my running around) so I went back to the apartment to get ready for my Weight Watchers Innovations event.  It’s the get together where the employees learn what new and exciting things are coming to the program.   While I was in the process of beautifying myself I got emails saying packages had come.  Turns out a package from home (including some Halloween decorations ) and my Bulu Box had arrived.  Expect my Bulu Box post within the next few days.

The receptionist at my Thursday meeting, Sharon, and the leader from today’s meetings were letting me tag along with them so I didn’t have to drive.  We went to an Embassy Suites where we enjoyed a late afternoon lunch and a presentation on whats to come.   Obviously I am not going to say anything about it here…sorry to those who thought I’d tell you. :-p

Check out the menu.  I wish every menu came like this, with the Points Plus values written right there.


..now that I look at the pic I’m not entirely sure you can read that..

9 Points for the entire lunch/dinner, and that included dessert!

have I mentioned how nice it is to eat at Weight Watchers functions? 🙂



(there was a salad too, but I forgot to take a pic of it)

After Innovations I came home to find Erik’s stuff, but no Erik.  Apparently he went out for a run which made for an anti-climatic arrival home, but eventually he came back.  We caught up with each other a bit and now he’s unpacking while I write my post.

The rest of the evening is going to be quite eventful: Curled up on the couch in sweats and the arms of my love, watching Pirates of the Caribbean (# 3 I think..) so we can continue to play the Lego version of the movie on Playstation.  See? Eventful! (I hope you can sense the sarcasm).  We’re nerds, we know it, and we aren’t afraid to show it :-p

Have a blessed Saturday evening my friends.  Stay warm, stay safe, and be happy!

My First Bulu Box (September 2013)


Yesterday I was super excited to get my first Bulu Box in the mail.  I am loving the trend of monthly subscription boxes.  I’ve been a huge fan of Birchbox, one of the first beauty subscription boxes out there.  If I had the money I’d be subscribed to many more, but thanks to a coupon I found on a fellow blogger’s site, I got an amazing deal on a year long Bulu Box subscription. Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you sample sizes of health and fitness related products every month. What’s really nice about Bulu Box is they have two diferent box options: general health and fitness or a weight loss specific box.  I love that they give their customers a choice like that.   Just like Birchbox, they have an awesome little points program, where every 100 points means $10 off a full size item in their shop, and you can earn points simply by taking surveys on the products they send you each month.

Time to dig in to what I found in my box this month. Surprise Surprise, I subscribed to the Weight Loss themed box, rather than the regular one.

IMG_1991     IMG_1989

Naturade Total Soy

First up was a packet of a meal replacement smoothie mix.  I enjoy taking smoothie mixes and blending them with frozen strawberries and unsweetened almond milk to get an ice creamy type treat, so this is right up my ally. The claims of Naturade is this product not only suppresses appetite, but lowers cholesterol as well.  This mix has a nice balance of micronutrients (simply put: carbs, fat, protein and fiber) so I do consider this to be a pretty solid meal nutritionally, and at only 140 calories it will cost me 4 Points Plus, which is a little more than I’m used to, but it’s worth a try for breakfast one morning.

Full size: $14.49 for 19.05oz

Sample value: 1 packet = a little under $1

IMG_1999  IMG_1983

Body Glove Surge Shot

A chocolate flavored energy shot?  Sign me up! PacificHealth designed this energy shot with green tea, honey, protein, carbs and some bonus antioxidants to give the body an extra boost when it needs it.  This shot is fat free and 2 Points Plus.  Added bonus: 150mg of caffeine. Yay! *caffeine addict in me dances happily*

Full size (12 shorts): $28.70

Sample Size: 1 shot= $2.40


BSN AminoX

This is a workout recovery drink mix that contains Branched Chain Amino Acids, (BCAA)  which help the body burn fat and aids in overall better body composition.  It can be used as a recovery drink after a hard workout (I’ll probably use it on a day I do some good weight training) or as a supplement to help any weight loss routine.  0 Points Plus.  You can see the front of the packet on my picture at the top of the post.

Full Size: 30 servings for $22.99

Sample Size: 1 Serving= .$.76


Shapeology Burn Blend

I’ll be honest, I cheated and looked online to get a quick glimpse at what was coming in my box before it got here (I was actually checking for shipping info and stumbled on this info accidentally) and so I saw I was getting a sample of this.  My thought: “Oh, that’s great, except how is trying one dose really going to be helpful in even deciding if it’s a product I want to buy??” *insert annoyed face*  Fast forward to opening my box.  Instead of the little packet of 2 pills I expected, I got a bottle that contained a whole week’s worth of the Burn Blend capsules!  This in and of itself made my opinion on Bulu Box go way up.  Burn Blend is a thermogenic that mimics the effect of high metabolism so it enhances the body’s ability to burn calories and torch fat.  The liquid capsule also ensures faster delivery to the body so it starts working sooner.  I will say this: I took one (normal dosage is 2 pills twice daily if you can handle it.  The sample is enough for 2 pills daily, so I’m sticking with one, twice a day for the week they’ll last me) pill this morning, went to the gym around an hour later and had so much energy! We’re talking energy I haven’t had in weeks.  I worked out so hard and had a great sweat session, which made me feel amazing.  If this little pill is the cause of that, I just might pick up a full size bottle (there’s sale going on now).  I don’t need it to drop a bunch of weight (although the few lbs I put back on I would love to be gone by my wedding dress fitting in a month), but i felt incredible working out, which is reason enough for me.  Now of course, maybe I happened to get a good night’s sleep last night and that is why I feel so good.  Thanks to the generous sample from Bulu Box, I have a week to figure it out, rather than a single dosage.

Full Size (60 Capsules): $50 (although it’s on sale at the moment)

Sample size (14 Capsules): $11.62

**Please note that the subscription is normally $10 a month, and the Burn Blend sample all by itself is worth more than that.  Total Box Value: $15.78  Way to go Bulu Box for giving me much more than my money’s worth!!**

Conclusion: I’m really impressed with what Bulu Box is offering.  If you’re interested in getting a subscription of your own, just click here and the site will tell you the rest.  Based on my first impression this is totally worth it for the health and weight loss crowd. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my year long subscription brings!

September: Back to the Basics


(The basics are beautiful)


I love back to school season.  It’s a time to get organized and start fresh, even if you aren’t a student.  I like to take this time to take on a new challenge, buy myself some “it’s a new year” presents (like a few outfits, a really discounted subscription to Bulu Box (seriously, check it out.  It’s like Birchbox, which I’m also in LOVE with, but for health and fitness) and my very first Bauble Bar purchase, again, on discount), and, in theory, buckle down to make it the best year yet,  My self-dicipline is severly lacking in many areas, so that is going to be a big focus of mine during September.

Going hand in hand with my self-dicipline improvement comes a challenge that I’m participating in all month to get one area of my life back on the right track, and that would be my Weight Watchers lifestyle.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been lazy lately, and that’s taking a toll.  Thankfully, one of the women I follow on Instagram, Brooke, is a fellow blogger and Weight Watcher.  She has lost over 170lbs on the program and is super motivational.  **You can visit her blog here.  **  Brooke wrote a post about a September challenge with the goal of getting us Weight Watchers “Back to Basics.”  I think it’s brilliant and couldn’t wait to join the group.  Now there’s a Facebook group of over 200 people ready to go with this challenge.  I love how social media has the ability to bring people from all over together so they can share common interests, goals, and support one another.

The basic idea is this; When you first sign up for Weight Watchers, usually you jump right in and get sucked into this new world of tracking, PointsPlus, and changing your lifestyle.  The goal of this challenge is to get that fire that we started WW with burning again.  Every week of the month there is going to be a new focus, so I will be blogging about those, but lets talk about what the curriculum of Back to Basics means to me.:

Tracking- In my opinion, this is the most important part of being successful on the WW program (Sorry to those of you on the simply filling plan).  When tracking is done correctly, meaning you stay within your PointsPlus budget (weeklies and activity points included), the plan is successful.  There’s no way around that.  Sure, there is the occasional week where you do everything perfectly and there’s still a gain, but that’s just your body testing you (or PMS or random bloating..all of those little details we have n control over), but rest assured if you behave just as well the next week you will not be disappointed.  Tracking involves quite a bit of work sometimes, but it becomes second nature after awhile.  I have to get back to measuring out proper portions and writing down every single thing that goes in my mouth.  If I can get my self-dicipline back in tracking and staying in budget, then 90% of my battle is won.

ActiveLink Challenge- When you’re on maintenance (I plan on writing a post on maintenance in the future) you’re supposed to earn 6 PointsPlus a day (to counteract the 6 PointsPlus you get to add to your target, no doubt..again, more on that later).  My current ActiveLink goal is 100%=5 PointsPlus earned.  Most days I’m good about getting close to my target, as 5 PP is quite ambitious for a daily goal, but I want to get to 100%.  My approach to getting 100% is not going to be daily (although that will probably happen by default), but weekly.  Active Link tracks your whole week and tells you what your % of achieving 100% is.  FOr example, I worked at Kohls two days this week, so I brought home 120% one day and 110% another, so when I had an 86% day after that, my week achievement was still around 108%.  So, Active Link Challenge: 100% of my weekly goal achieved, which should buy me 35PP as a cushion, minimum.

Good Health Guidelines- In our little WW tracker there are these boxes that you check to make sure you’re getting your good health guidelines: Water, fruits and veggies, vitamins, activity, healthy oils, and dairy.  There used to be one for lean meat as well, which I still try and count.  Usually when you’re making good choices these things just check themselves off, but I want to start focusing on them to the best of my ability.  Lets get the GHGs done first, and then see what kind of points I have left to mess with for the day.

Self-Dicipline: As I’ve mentioned, this has been a bit out of control lately.  I’ve been a lazy, unmotivated, queen of procrastination and it’s taking it’s toll.  When it comes to food, I’ve gotten good at being able to to justify “oh, its only one more piece of chocolate or one more cookie” and have seemed to have lost my power against the kitchen.  I used to be able to say “no” and walk away!  Well, it’s time for me to come back hard and be dictator over the food once again!  It’s not only the food I’m after here, as I could use the discipline in many other areas of life, and I will be working on those too, but for the sake of the back to WW basics, we’ll stick with me reclaiming my throne as queen of the kitchen.  Any suggestions here would be amazing.  Please feel free to comment below.

So there are my basics for this September challenge.  Now, you don’t have to be a member of Weight Watchers to get something out of this challenge as well.  Are there certain areas in your life (or in your kitchen) that could really use the “first day of school” mentality?  Thought so..   Whatever your personal challenge, join us.  This challenge is about getting healthy again, getting back on track (or getting on track to begin with).  You can look into sites like SparkPeople for a free health tracking website.  There are quite a few out there.  If you are on Twitter or Instagram we will be using the hashtag #wwbtb to track activity in this challenge.  Don’t forget to join the Facebook group which has a ton of supportive Weight Watchers friends who discovered one another via Instagram and blogs.  It’s a pretty cool thing, so if you want to join me this September, get back to basics.


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Let’s let back to school season get us back to basics and back to success.