Tarte Cosmetics Beauty Without Boundaries Review


I found this set on a special deal on QVC.  After a little research, I couldn’t help but order it.  I snagged it for one product in particular, but I’m actually loving the whole set. Tarte put together a beautiful set that gives you the ability to set yourself up for any look without beauty boundaries.  Let’s take a look at this collection.

First, you get the awesome makeup bag pictured above.  It’s generously sized and incredibly cute.  This is a zip up bag that will be more than sufficient to tote any makeup you might need for travel.


BB Tinted Treatment 12-hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30- This silky formula leaves my skin feeling luxiousiously smooth.  This formula is oil-free (yay!), moisturizing, and contains your daily dose of SPF.  This product is meant to be used with the double ended brush, using the flat side for stippling and blending in round motions, and using the rounded end to get into those harder to blend and conceal places.  Added bonus, I have found that this product works great as a primer (like the name suggests) but also as a free standing product.  The coverage is buildable, which means you can add a little extra to the areas that need more attention.  Days where a full face of foundation just isn’t necessary are now  just as beautiful with this light, flawless finish.

The next product is really the entire reason I decided to get the set.  Tarte released the BB tinted under eye corrector exclusively to QVC until late November.  I have managed to develop some pretty fierce under eye circles by my ripe old age of almost 27, and I’m trying a lot to get them to disappear.  Since I have had success with Tarte products in general, I had to give this a try.  Note how the product is called a corrector and not a concealer.  This means there are ingredients that will help treat the under eye area as you are concealing, so not only am I concealing my issue, but I’m giving the skin under there some TLC as well.  I did have to mess around with how to apply it, as it tended to crease on me to start.  The trick: apply it before your primer, directly to bare skin.  This allows the moisture to be absorbed by the skin and not blocked by a primer.  Meant to pair with the dual sided concealer brush that came with the kit, you use the lighter, stiffer end to snag the product and apply it and the softer end to blend it out.  I tend to finish blending with a few pats of my finger.  All in all, this stuff is great.  I love having a product specifially designed to conceal my horrid dark circles.


As I mentioned, there area also two (well, 3 if you’re counting the dual ender) brushes that come with the set.  The dual sided brush is meant for use with the BB cream, and the concealer brush is for the under eye corrector.  These brushes feel quite luxurious on the skin, being very soft and very high quality.


Tarte also included a mini size of their new  LipSurgence power pigment in the shade Awakening.  I have always loved the LipSurgence products, as they have a wonderful color payout and the formula is quite moisturizing.


Awakening is a beautiful neutral pink that is on the slightly darker side, that makes your lips stand out but in a very natural way.  Note the shine from the moisturizing formula.


Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara is an intense black mascara that is certain to make eyes pop.  It claims to give you  752% more volume on your lovely lashes, and while I’m not sure of the actual percentage, but this stuff really does make your eyes pop. To take full advantage of the volumizing brush I guess you’re supposed to do a bit of a turn-and-flip action.


There’s also this nifty 12 hour inner rim liner that is jet black and waterproof


This eyeliner is specifically designed for the inner rims of your eyes (the wet, slick part) and putting it there really makes your eyes pop.  This combined with the mascara really does give you a va-va-voom look with your eyes.

Bottom line: I’ve been using at least one thing from this line every day and I am loving it.   This was definitely a good purchase and Tarte continues to be a brand I trust and love.   You can find this set on QVC.com at the moment, and the products are said to be exclusive to them (except the BB primer, which can be found here) until around December.