Top 5 under $5: Beauty Products


Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

These little guys have been a staple in my cosmetics collection before I even wore makeup.  This was my first beauty product that I used and I still keep a steady supply on hand years later.  I have worked my way though most of the Bonne Bell lip products and these are by far my favorite.  Think of them as a smoother, slightly glossy and much more fun flavored Chapstick.  Lip Smackers are lip moisturizing madness right in your pocket.  They’re only around $1.50 a piece, are sold in singles and in special party packs and limited edition packs making in an affordable way to treat your lips right.  They are sheer with just a touch of gloss so you can pick your flavor based on your mood and not what you’re wearing.

T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

I have heard talk of witch hazel being used as a more natural way to take care of acne, but until about 2 months ago it was never a part of my routine.  Then one day i was walking by the pharmacy area at Harris Teeter (the local grocery store) and happened to see a large 16oz bottle of the stuff for an amazing price (I think it was $3.99).  While this particular bottle was aimed more toward the first aid side of the pharmacy I knew it was supposed to be great for acne too, so for that price it went into my cart.  It has cooling and antibacterial properties and yet it’s sensitive enough so it won’t dry out skin, which tends to be the danger with astringents geared toward acne treatments.  It’s primary use is to relieve minor cuts, scrapes and bug bites, so the fact it is so versatile makes it the perfect addition to any collection.  I just load up a cotton pad and swipe it across my face after cleansing like you would a regular toner.

Aussie 3 minute Miracle

This conditioner is a miracle indeed.  At around $3.00, Aussie has created my favorite bargain hair treatment.  This inexpensive miracle in a bottle is exactly what the hair doctor ordered.  The unique bottle shape means there’s no need for dealing with caps and no worries about flipping the bottle over to get every last drop out.  This conditioner is rich with aloe and jojoba oil and smells a bit like coconut which makes the experience feel a bit tropical, and(who doesn’t need a little 3 minute vacation now and again? Now, I’m a fan of getting my hair those high end, $30 treatments as a splurge once every other blue moon, but this product is a really reliable and affordable version of those expensive brands.  I use it on days I use a clarifying shampoo (when hair tends to get stripped of its oils) or days my hair needs a little extra help.  This has been a repurchase for me at least 6 or 7 times.  For the price I’d say give it a try.  What have you got to lose (except dry hair and a wallet that normally cries when you go buy hair products)?

NYC Smooth Skin Compact

New York Color’s Smooth Skin pressed powder is an oil fee (the magic words!) setting powder with a price tag that is impossible to beat.  This formula leaves skin feeling silky smooth and has a lovely matte finish.  With the problem skin that i have, you all know that oil-free is something I look for often, and this powder has that label.  The compact comes with a cheap little sponge, which is great for on the go, but I like to apply my powder with a dense brush, so I have removed the sponge.  This product is great as a setting powder and for touch ups throughout the day.  I believe I paid $2.74 for it at Target, and online it is $2.99, so for an oil-free anti-shine bargain head to Target (or anywhere else that NYC cosmetics are sold) and pick it up.

Maybelline Baby Lips

You have seen these babies in my posts before, but they also deserved a mention in this post.  The moisture payout on this balm is wonderful, and this can also be easily carried in your pocket (like the Lip Smackers).  The added bonus to this product is the bit of sheer color payout that comes with each shade.  The colors range from neutrals, bold and bright electric (complete with a bright yellow that I haven’t purchased, so I don’t know if there is a color payout to that), to some cute girly pinks.  They’re $3.99 and great for a quick swipe of glossy, moisturizing color. You can find Baby Lips anywhere Maybelline is sold.

Fun fact about these products: you can pick all of them up for around $15!  What a bargain 🙂  Let me know what your favorite things under $5 are, as I’m always looking for new and inexpensive things.

Happy Monday!  Here’s to a great week.