An Online Dermatologist Changed My Skin! | Dermacare Review


If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you are well aware of many of my life struggles.  One major struggle I’ve been having in my late 20’s is adult acne.  Quite frankly, I find this to be incredibly unfair, as I didn’t struggle with acne anywhere near as bad in my teenage years (you know, when we’re supposed to be having acne issues) as I do as a grown woman.  By the time my 30th birthday rolled around and I was still having major acne issues (especially along my jaw line), I’d had enough.  No 30 year old should have to worry about having the skin problems of a 15-year-old. While I’m a huge fan of makeup, I was truly tired of not being comfortable enough in my own skin to leave my home without foundation and concealer on.  

With my husband’s blessing, I decided to start researching dermatologists in my area, because clearly everything I had tried in the past wasn’t enough.  The list of products I’ve tried could probably fill an entire short novel, and while some products helped (most didn’t), there was nothing that made me feel like my problem was actually being solved. So, the hunt for local dermatologists began.  

Well, as I was doing the “good blogger” thing of making an effort to read and support other bloggers, a post by Jess from The Golden Girl blog came up on my feed about an online dermatologist. Online dermatology?!  That can’t possibly be legit…can it?  I decided to reach out to the company, Dermacare, and see if we could work a little something out, because basically, I was the perfect candidate to prove whether or not this service of theirs actually worked. Thankfully, they agreed to work with me (and yes, they’re sponsoring this post, but before you leave thinking “oh great, she was paid to talk about this,” just hear me out. Seriously.) 

Back in January (yes, 8 months ago!) I got hooked up with an account and my journey to see if Dermacare would actually work began.  The first thing you do is create a skin care profile talking about your skin care goals, and then (are you ready for this?) you upload selfies to the site for the doctor to look at.  Using the photos and the information they’re given, the dermatologists at Dermacare create a custom prescription product mixed just for you with your goals in mind. Ready for some crazy honesty?  Here are my “before” photos.  These are what I sent in when I created my account.

Ick. I can’t stand looking at them.  No 30 year old should have to deal with that kind of acne situation.  

After a few days, I got a package with my custom acne treatment inside.  I couldn’t contain my excitement.  If getting quality dermatology is as time-saving saving as snapping a few selfies, this is the greatest idea ever!   Read more

Adult Acne: Causes, Triggers, and Treatments

Adult Acne- Causes, Triggers, and Treatments

Most people commonly think of acne as a problem that teenagers have, usually at inopportune times like when they’re getting ready for a dance or a big date. It always seems to pop up during times of adolescent stress, but what about when acne outbreaks occur in adulthood? If you are an adult that suffers from acne, understanding its causes, triggers, and treatments could go a long way toward helping you to clear up your complexion.

Adolescent and Adult Acne Are Not the Same

The first thing you need to know is that adolescent and adult acne are not the same at all. That’s why some adults with acne didn’t have it as teens, and some teens with acne don’t have it as adults. However, the two forms of acne do have a couple things in common when it comes to causes and triggers. Read more

GlamGlow Super Cleanse Review

Glamglow Title

In the beauty world, any item with the brand name GLAMGLOW on it is a hot ticket item.  Best known for their amazing (but expensive) masks, the company has released a line of face cleansers. There are currently 4 different cleansers, each that match up with one of their already loved masks: Thirsty Cleanse (blue), Youth Cleanse (black), Power Cleanse (green), and Super Cleanse (White).  Since I have acne prone skin, I went with the cleanser that was the same as my favorite mask, the Super Cleanse.


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Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask

Pure Dead Mask


I have always loved trying new skincare.  I’m always looking out for the next  best thing for my adult acne prone skin.  When I was given the chance to try out this Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure & Essential Minerals, I jumped on it.  I’ve always enjoyed good mud masks, and I know they tend to be great for my skin type.

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