Suja Juice Cleanse- Day 1

Suja Juice Cleanse


First thing that you’re supposed to do on day 1 is drink some warm lemon water or apple cider vinegar water to help get the body going on the detox process.  I did this at about 7:30am.  When you’re body “needs more” is when you’re supposed to start your first juice for the day.  Since I knew that wouldn’t be for awhile I went to the gym.  By the time I got my act together, worked out and showered, I was definitely ready for something more.

Right around 10:00am is when I opened my first juice for the day, Glow.  It is a very “green” tasting juice, which actually was quite refreshing.  I popped the bottle in my purse and headed to the Ford service center for some routine maintenance on my car.  While I waited over an hour, I read Divergent and slowly made it through my first bottle.  Once the car was finished I headed over to Weight Watchers to pick up the new kit that was released with the release of “Simple Start” for 2014.  Even though I know the program really well, new materials always get me re-motivated, so it’s perfect that I am doing Suja today-Wednesday, Thursday I am supposed to ease back into food, and Friday my Weight Watchers week starts fresh, and I have the new Plan and Track book and other things to kickstart that.  I will be doing a post on the Weight Watchers Member Success Kit in the near future.

I got home and cracked open juice #2, Fuel, just before noon.  You can tell the primary ingredient in this is carrots.  Carrot juice is sweet and tasty.  I was a little worried about turmeric being an ingredient, as I wasn’t entirely sure what it tasted like, but that ended up being just fine.  At this point my tummy is in a slightly confused state of “I think I’m hungry, but there’s food coming in, so actually, maybe I’m not.”

Juice #3, Purify, might actually be my favorite.  It was sweet and fruity as opposed to the vegetable flavored ones from earlier and later.  I finished that one around 3:00 and then had to pack up Fiji, which ended up being refreshing and had just enough of a bite from the ginger, and Green Machine, really tart “green” tasting, (as it was just kale, apples and lemon) to come with me to teach voice lessons.  I was there from 3:45-8:45 and those juices lasted me every last minute of it.  Before I packed up to go home I actually took the last swig of juice #5.

When I got home from work it was just after 9:00pm.  I went to the refrigerator to get my “dessert” (Vanilla Cloud).  Surprisingly, this might be the juice I like the least.  There’s 1/2 a coconut in there and while I like coconut, maybe just not in that capacity.  I will welcome the non produce taste and hopefully finish it up before 10.  I washed my face and got myself all comfortable so I could sit and finish up my juice, this post, make some hot tea, and curl up with Erik.

I felt truly hungry maybe once today.  The rest of the day I haven’t been hungry, but I’ve decided it’s simply the lack of chewing food that has made me uncomfortable.  I am a grazer that munches frequently throughout the day, so to take my mouth from graze mode to no chewing at all makes my body go “umm. excuse me!”  Every time I walked by a box of crackers or a bowl on M&Ms I instinctively went to grab them, but then realized a) you can’t have that, and b) I’m not actually hungry..  It’s a crazy realization how much I turn to food simply out of habit or what the clock says.  This is a good lesson to break that habit.  I’m interested to see how I feel tomorrow.  From what I’ve read day 2 tends to be the hardest.  We shall see.


There will be a blog up on my YouTube channel tomorrow morning following me through today.



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