Suja Cleanse- Day 3 and Roundup

Suja Juice Cleanse


I was up at at ’em at 7:15 this morning.  The only sign of hunger was a typical “It’s morning, I need breakfast” hunger, so I turned to my morning hot water and lemon to start the day.

Cracked open juice #1 about 9:30.  I was sent on a mission to do the grocery shopping today (really mean mission when I could not partake in the joy I brought home) which tends to be a several hour project.  Juice #1 and #2 came with me.  I had to make both a Sam’s Club and  Target run, which took me a good 3 hours, then I had to get home, unpack the car, and prep all of the amazing produce I bought.  Yeah..I had to prep the food and not eat it.  Lame..

Before I knew it 3:00 had rolled around and I needed to start my 3rd juice.  I was really behind today.  I packed up 3 of the juices to come with me to work and off I went.  As the work evening progressed I fell further behind on the consumption of my juices simply because there was no break for me the entire time, so I was literally sipping in between sentences and instead of water.  I ended up truly hungry around 7:00pm simply because I was so behind.  By the time I got to go home I still had a little under half of Green Machine to go.  Finishing that juice helped get rid of my hunger quite easily and by the time I was home and supposed to open my Vanilla Cloud I didn’t really want to.

It took me until about 11:00pm to finish my last juice of the cleanse, but I did it, went to bed without being hungry and feeling pretty great (other than being tired from a long day).



I’m actually finishing up this post the morning after my cleanse.

The Results:

I feel great!  I have energy and never felt like I was depriving my body of anything.  I ended up getting my monthly female visitor (if that’s TMI, sorry, but it definitely plays a role in how I feel) throughout the entire cleanse process, which made it a bit more difficult to assess how everything is feeling, but I actually felt a bit better than I do most other months, which is a definite plus.  Added bonus: I wasn’t allowed to do any PMS eating, which helped.

I ended up losing 2.8 lbs from my weigh in Monday morning to today (Thursday) morning.  Sure, most of it is probably water weight (I had to pee a lot and I was skimping on the water too..again, maybe TMI but I know someone reading is wondering things like that), but maybe it’s also some weight from junk in my body that just needed to be detoxed out of me.  I’m making it a point to really stay on track the next few days and see if the weight loss ends up permanent or if introducing solid food back into my diet changes the scale back.


Would I do it again?

Sure! Although I’d probably opt to do it in the summer time when I wouldn’t crave hot meals to keep me warm from the inside out when it’s cold outside.  I would be more inclined to do the 1 day cleanse more frequently if the juices were more affordable.  Suja juices really do make you feel great and healthy.  The only thing I really feel like I missed was a substantial amount of protein in my day, but I will be making up for that now that I can eat again.


I feel re-motivated to be better at keeping track of what goes into my body.  That’s a great thing with the holiday season in full swing.  I get married 10 days after Christmas so in order to feel awesome in my dress, I kind of need to be somewhat in control around any holiday goodies I am certain I will encounter.  I have my new Weight Watchers materials ready for the start of my new WW week tomorrow and I’m ready to go, inspired to be a bit better than before 🙂

Thank you Suja Juice for picking my silly little 10 second video as one of your Instagram giveaway winners.  I’m so excited I got the chance to try out your juices in one of the ways they were originally intended.


Interested in reading about the rest of my Suja Journey.  I posted about Day 1, Day 2, and did a little introductory post explaining the details of the cleanse.  Click the links to read.


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