Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Detox Review (and GIVEAWAY!)

Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Detox Review- Finally, a tea detox that doesn't use laxatives.

Tea detoxes are a pretty common thing to see around the internet lately, especially on Instagram. As many of you know, I gave the Teami Blends 30 day detox a try and really liked it. Today, I’ve got a different tea detox to tell you about from a company all the way on the other side of the world (at least for me): Stay Lean Tea.

Stay Lean Tea is an Australian company that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle. The tea itself is full of bioactive tea leaves and antioxidant rich Goji Berries, and their key ingredient, Longjing. which is full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and catechins.  These work together to stimulate fat loss and detoxify the body.

The Plan

The Stay Lean Tea Detox comes in a 14 day and 28 day program.  I did the 14 day version of the program.  The plan consists of 2 different teas: Lean Burner and Lean Cleanse.  Contrary to what many people will think, unlike most, if not all, other tea detoxes out there, Stay Lean Tea has no laxatives.  This was huge for me, especially after experiencing the strong effects of the Teami tea.

Stay Lean Tea- A tea detox that doesn't use laxatives for effect

Lean Burner: Longjing Green Leaf, Pu’erh Tea Leaf, Oolong Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Lemon Grass, Dandelion Leaf, and Goji Berry

Lean Cleanse: Chamomile, Chrusanthemum, Rose Flower, Lavender, Roselle, Lemon Grass, Longjing Green Leaf.

The directions are simple: Have one cup of Lean Burner every morning, and every second afternoon have a cup of Lean Cleanse.  For optimal results drink 2-3 liters (70-100oz) of water daily and stick to a well balanced, healthy diet.  Simple enough.

According to the site, here’s what Stay Lean Tea claims it will do:

  • Give the metabolism a huge boost
  • Burn fat & excess calories while at rest
  • Suppress appetite over a sustained period of time
  • Remove toxins from the digestive tract
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Reduce bloating and water retention
  • Increase energy levels and boost the immune system

My Thoughts

While I only lost a few pounds while on this cleanse (while not really keeping meticulous track of food intake and having regular desserts), I still consider it to be a success.  So much so, in fact, that before I even finished my 14 days I went and ordered another 28 days worth of the tea. Here’s why I loved it so much that it earned itself a rapid purchase:

  • It tastes awesome!  I thoroughly enjoy the taste of this tea.  It’s light and a bit fruity.  I don’t feel the need to add anything to it to save myself from having to force it down (like some other detox teas, which aren’t as pleasant). It is a joy to wake up and drink this first thing in the morning and as an afternoon pick me up.
  • It’s easy: The tea comes in tea bags rather than loose.  I grab one, pop it in the cup, and I’m on my way.
  • I’m energized.  There’s enough caffeine in here, and enough positive effects on my body, that I feel energized and ready to face the day. I usually push my cup of coffee until 10:30 or so.
  • I feel leaner: Even though the weight loss was minimal, I felt and looked a bit leaner, which made me feel really good.
  • The whole no-laxative thing is amazing.  I’ll elaborate.

But, what about running to the bathroom??

Real talk time, friends.  I’m sure you’re all wondering about how my intestines responded to this detox.  It’s okay guys..we all poop.  This is a safe place:-)

As I mentioned before, this is a tea detox with NO laxatives, which is what most other teatoxes use to get things out. In my experience with Teami, the colon cleaning tea was way strong, almost too strong, and definitely gave me an unpleasant sense of urgency when it came to running to the bathroom the morning after drinking that tea.  With Stay Lean tea, there is no crazy, stomach churning or cramping, and running to the bathroom.  Now, that being said, I do feel like I go #2 more frequently and it has a smoother, easier time coming out (TMI? Maybe..but you should be fully informed), and I think that’s awesome.  Decent cleanse results without the part that made me feel gross about the other detox.  An epic win in my book.

Bottom line is I really enjoyed my experience with Stay Lean Tea, so much so that I’m in the middle of my 28 day cleanse now, and will likely do another after the holidays.  It’s tasty, effective, and easy to do.

Stay Lean Tea- A tea detox that doesn't use laxatives.

For anyone interested in giving the tea a try, the lovely people at Stay Lean gave me a code just for my readers! You can use code BRIANNA88 for 10% off of your Stay Lean Tea purchase.  Awesome!  Heads up, you have to pick USD as your currency to see the prices reflected accurately, but in checkout it goes back to AUD, so don’t freak if the price looks a tad higher during checkout.


I love when I have a giveaway for you so I can share some love.  The lovely people at Stay Lean   Tea sent me an extra 14 day cleanse for one of you lucky readers to win. Yay!!

The rules are my standard rules:

  • Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter
  • If you’re under the age of 18, please have parental permission to enter, as I will need your address
  • The giveaway is open internationally.
  • The giveaway will run for 1 week’s time from the time this post goes up (11/14/15- 11/21/15) and the winner will be contacted via email.

Good luck!
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