Spotlight on Etsy: PB & J Paperie


It is no secret that I am a planner girl/nerd/addict/enthusiast…whatever you want to call it.  I can’t get enough of planners, paper pads, and all of the accessories that come with it: cute paperclips, journaling cards, water colors, stamps, planner stickers…the list goes on.  While it is fun to acquire awesome brand name products like a Filofax or the latest Erin Condren Life Planner, I personally find that in order to turn my planner into something super fun and functional I look to Etsy shops.  Planner stickers are huge on Etsy right, really huge. I decided that it was time to shed some spotlight on the small businesses on Etsy, rather than always focusing on the big brands.  This is the start of a (hopefully ongoing) “Spotlight on Etsy” series on my blog, where I will feature different planning related shops.  I’m kicking off this series with a great little shop that offers big colors in tiny packages.

PB & J Paperie

As I was looking through shops, I found this shop where every product was soaked in color.  I had ended up at the shop front of PB & J Paperie.  Every item I looked at was available in this amazing rainbow of colors.  Being a huge fan of color, I knew this shop was one for me.


 With a few exceptions, PB & J Paperie has 2 primary types of stickers: teardrops and flags.  I’m obsessed with the little teardrop ones for several reasons.  First, they’re bright and full of color, as you can see on the picture.  Secondly, the teardrops are so practical.  There are so many options for teardrops.  The ones I have pictured are shopping, Youtube (for my posting schedule), spa/facial, weigh in, and unboxing/packages.  Just a few of the others include meals, credit card, fuel, and phones.  See the PB & J Paperie shop for all of the options.  Also, these are tiny little teardrops, so they work in any planner, even when there is a small amount of space.


For size reference, this photo is taken in the week on two pages spread in my personal sized Filofax. So cute and tiny 🙂

DSC02906The flag sticker are also beautiful and practical.  I was drawn to these because of the ability to label them.  I can slip these in any of my planner pages (I work of of a day on two pages layout as well as a week on two pages.  Both are very different), fill in the info and then have a very informative sticker to make my planning a little brighter.  Again, there are many different options for the flag stickers, but these are the ones I chose: Airplane, medical, mail, and TV show (I’ve got to keep track of Game of Thrones!).

The lovely lady behind PB & J Paperie is Harlow.  Amazing name, I know.  She was an amazing  girl to work with. She’s sweet, prompt, and works hard for her rainbow line of product. Customer service is important to me, especially when it comes to Etsy shops, and Harlow has my stamp of approval 🙂

Make sure you head over to visit Harlow’s store, PB & J Paperie.  If rainbow colors aren’t for you, she offers different options including single colors or custom colors, so there really is something for everyone.

What are some of the things in Harlow’s store that you’ve had your eye on?

Harlow was sweet enough to send me these stickers for use and review, but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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