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Happy Saturday my friends.  This week on “Spotlight on Etsy” I have another super cute planner sticker shop that offers all sorts of themes, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Say hello to my new friend: Mila Print Shop


Milena is the wonderful woman behind this cute sticker shop.  I received some stickers from her to look at and I’m obsessed.

Milena offers a varied range of stickers, which I love to see in any sticker shop.  There are various colored sampler packs that you can by that have a taste of 40 common planner stickers to try: to do lists, laundry, tabs, teardrops, checklists, weekend banners, and more.  You will find blank labels, check lists, and colored blank stickers for you to fill in as you please in different colors and patterns, making it likely you’ll find a set that fits your planner’s theme.



Many of her sticker sheets are themed samplers, so you can get different stickers around the same subject.  I am loving the spa themed set complete with brows, masks, and massages.  Of course, I’m loving the coffee and doughnut themed one as well.



Food stickers are a favorite of mine (why? I don’t know, but I love them). Any shop that offers food themed stickers gets a bonus in my book. My sister saw the tacos on my Instagram and said she needed them.  Everyone has their own favorite treat, and it’s always fun having a sticker that goes with it.  Spotted in Mila Print Shop: sushi, perfect pairs (with bacon and eggs, cookies and milk, etc), tacos, pretzels, donuts and more.




I love seasonal themed stickers too, and Melina hit those right on the head with her summer themed offerings. I am super excited to put the countdown to summer in my planner, and the summer themed sampler is perfect for me to decorate the upcoming beach week celebration I have to look forward to.  Her picnic set not only comes with food, but also has blank labels perfect for meal planning or putting your next cookout in your planner.


Another genre at Mila Print Shop is the “tiny stickers.” These little guys are about the size of my pinky finger nail and come 90 to a sheet. From TV and presents to pills and cleaning bottles, these little guys will be solid reminders without taking up much space.  These are perfect for my personal sized Filofax, as the spaces in there aren’t all that large.

I’ve also spotted some really cute character stickers that are inspired by Frozen, Princesses, Star Trek, and more.  You won’t find those specific names, but the likenesses are uncanny 😉

Milena is a sweet shop keeper who takes special care in creating each and every sticker sheet she sells. All of her stickers are available in matte and glossy (to be honest, I can’t decide which I prefer) and are reasonably priced.  I definitely recommend checking out her shop for some other planner needs.

Do you know of a shop you would like featured on my weekly “Spotlight on Etsy” posts?  Shoot me an email and you could see it here soon!

*Milena was kind enough to send me stickers for review.  All opinions are my own*

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