Song of the Week: Who I’d Be



Shrek the Musical is a great staged retelling of the movie about our favorite ogre.  This song (which happens to be my favorite one from the show) is the act 1 finale.  There is so much emotion in this moment that the movie just doesn’t put across in the same light.

Let me set the stage: It’s the scene in the movie when they are camped out for the night.  Princess Fiona is hidden in a cave to hide her curse, and Shrek and Donkey are hanging out underneath the stars and they start talking about what they would love to be if they could be anything in the world.  At first, Shrek doesn’t have an answer.  Then, donkey asks him again: “Shrek, is there really no one else you’d rather be?”

This is his answer:

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AND they made a movie of the staged version.  It is most definitely worth watching.


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