Song of the Week: Friday!

I apologize in advance for this one, but you know that it was inevitable with my Song of the Week posts being on Friday mornings that this song had to pop up.  As I sat down to type, my husband thought it would be funny to turn it on and sing to it, and the lightbulb went off that this should be today’s song.

Now, we all know that it’s not a very good song at all, but there is something about the teenage pop style and energy in “Friday” that makes it pretty impossible to not sing to (and maybe even dance around to), no matter how lame you might feel afterward, and that’s exactly what happened this morning.

I woke up determined to be in a better mood than I have been the last few days.  I want to be productive, it’s clean slate day for my Weight Watchers Points, and I’m on spring break!  A dorky beginning to my day is exactly what the doctor ordered.

So turn this on, dance and sing like a fool for a few minutes and get excited because IT’S FRIDAY!




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