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Gummy Bears are a classic when it comes to candy. These tiny little guys will bring a smile to your face and joy to your taste buds.  However, for those of us trying to lessen our sugar intake, gummy bears aren’t always something we can enjoy. Until now.

Did you know there is a gummy bear out there that is fruity, chewy, and delightful that contains only 3g of sugar per serving?? It’s true! They’re called Smart Sweets, and they’re most definitely the smarter way to enjoy gummy bears. 

What Are Smart Sweets?

Smart Sweets gummy bears offer all of the joys of eating this tasty, fun treat without all of the crazy sugar that gummy bears typically come with. While they aren’t completely sugar-free, they contain a whopping 3g of sugar per bag. While this would normally be alarming, fear not! They don’t contain any sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners either! *happy dance*

Smart Sweets are sweetened with plant-based, non-GMO stevia.  This means that there shouldn’t be any icky side effects in your digestive system because of artificial sweeteners. I mean, have you seen the reviews for Haribo sugar-free gummy bears on Amazon? It’s hilarious to read, but absolutely NOT hilarious to experience. You see, those are sweetened with the sugar alcohol maltitol, which can cause major issues for a lot of people. Thankfully, Smart Sweets has nothing like that in their ingredients list, making them an ideal candy substitute. 

Ready for another nutritional bonus of Smart Sweets? 28 g of dietary fiber!

Yes, you read that right. 28 grams!

Smart Sweets’ high fiber content comes from their plant-based ingredients of chicory root and tapioca. So not only will these little bears not screw up your insides but instead, they actually help your digestive system by providing a substantial amount of fiber, which keeps your system healthy. Foods high in fiber also get digested more slowly, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer, so these candies can actually be integrated into your diet and help you achieve your weight loss goals.  Guys, these bears are just shy of being magical!

Okay, but are they any good?

You’re probably wondering if something that is so magical and claiming to be a candy can actually taste good, because we all know there are plenty of diet-friendly foods out there that simply miss the mark.  What good is a diet-friendly food if it still leaves you wanting the real thing anyway? Am I right?

Well, I am here to tell you that these little gummy bears taste amazing! They’re a slightly chewier gummy bear than a soft, Jell-O like gummy bear, but if I’m being honest, it’s been so long since I’ve had a real gummy bear that I don’t have any recollection of what a “real” gummy bear’s chewiness factor is supposed to be. I personally think that Smart Sweets are great and that they’ve hit the texture right on the head. 

In every bag, there are 4 flavors: Lemon, Raspberry, Peach, and Apple. I am thrilled by this flavor selection, and every single flavor its delicious and a delight to eat.  Smart Sweets themselves come in two different types: Regular and Sour. The sour ones are the exact same product and flavors, but each bear is coated in a sour tasting powder (that doesn’t change any of the nutritional information) to give it a kick similar to that of a Sour Patch Kid. I find both of the types to be delicious and satisfying. 

Okay, so they’re tasty, high in fiber, low in sugar, and all over a wonderful candy treat. Do I have you intrigued yet?

Smart Sweets are sadly only available in two places: Whole Foods or the Smart Sweets website. I’m pleased to inform you that I have a code just for my readers!

Use code DIVAANDTHEDIVINE for FREE SHIPPING on orders of 12 bags or more

The code is currently valid through June 29, 2018, so get those orders in ASAP. If you like gummy bears and are looking for a healthy alternative, I have no doubt you will be as impressed with Smart Sweets as I am.

Happy Snacking!


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