How to Calculate Smart Points for Smoothies

How to calculate the Smart Points Value of your Smoothie

One of my favorite things about eating on Weight Watchers is that when I eat fresh fruits and veggies, they don’t count against my daily Smart Points intake.  Yes, there are a few exceptions (I’m looking at you avocados, potatoes, corn, etc.), but in general, that’s the rule..with one HUGE exception: when you blend produce to make smoothies.  I see “How do you track Smart Points for smoothies?” asked all over the place, and since I just learned the easy answer myself, I figured I’d tell you.

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Weight Watchers members, it’s so easy.  First, log in to you Weight Watchers account.  On your tool bar, hit the  “My Foods” button, then click the recipe tab.  You have to go to recipe builder to calculate the Smart Points of your smoothie.  Click “Create a recipe.”

Once you’re in the recipe builder, go ahead an put in all of your smoothie’s ingredients. Then you will have to add a step to the recipe, as I don’t think it lets you move on without adding at least 1 instruction. I kept it simple and just put “blend.” Then, take a look at the bottom of the builder page. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.15.09 AM

All of the sudden the “This is a drink” box appeared. All you have to do is check the box and click create and the Smart Points value of your smoothie will appear.  How simple!  There’s the good news.  Now for some bad news: that recipe I plugged in above, with just those 4 ingredients…. 7 Smart Points. Ouch.



Of course, we’re all wondering why this depressing turn of Smart Points has to happen.  It feels like our berries are betraying us.  It turns out that research shows that drinking liquids does not promote the same feeling of fullness as eating solid foods.  When you drink, you don’t have to chew, which could have an effect on the signals your brain is getting when you’re trying to tell it that you’re consuming food.  Because of this, the nutrition information of the fruits and veggies in your drink (including the sugar content..the real killer here) is included in the Smart Points value of your beverage.  If the foods were solid, they wouldn’t be. 

Think about it. If physically ate my banana, 1.5 cups of greens, and 1/2 cup of berries, it would take me a lot longer to consume, and it would probably be more satisfying.  If I blended that up, it could be gone in just a few sucks through a straw.  

So there you have it: the solution for finding the Smart Points value of your smoothies and the explanation of why produce counts when in a drink. 

I want to know: Does this turn you off from making/drinking smoothies, or will you still be a smoothie drinker? Let me know in the comments below. 

59 thoughts on “How to Calculate Smart Points for Smoothies

  1. Elena F. Eiter says:

    I understand that the fruit would count; but, I still thought the veges were free in a smoothie. Am I wrong?

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I think they count too. Put them in the calculator and see what happens when you click the drink button.

  2. Jessie's Mom says:

    This is really helpful information, but super lame that a healthy smoothie contains this many points. A fruit is a fruit is a fruit.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      Agreed. IT kind of makes sense, but still stinks that all of that 0 sp goodness ends up racking up major points when blended

  3. Julie Henry Doelle says:

    I tried the recipe builder. I put about a cup of strawberries and half a banana in with my smoothie powder and water. It went from 3 points to 13 points when I hit drink. Added 10 points. I have a major problem with that. I have a really healthy drink that I will probably avoid because it eats up Half my points for the day. I was using it as a meal replacement. On top of that it was probably only 250-300 calories. I won’t get enough calories in the day if I eat one. That’s calorie restriction. That’s not good for you either. It’s a healthy option that weight watchers program is deterring people from eating. I can see it going up a few points. But 10 points. That’s ridiculous.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I agree. It’s totally ridiculous. I’m of the mind that if it’s an amount of whole fruit that I would in fact consume whole, it’s zero points. Now, if we threw a whole bunch of stuff in there, sure, it definitely counts for something, but as long as I’m smart about it, I don’t count it.

      • Cindy says:

        I am with you, I’ll count the protein powder and almond milk but I am not going to count the greens and fruit. It’s a stupid rule and deters people from otherwise drinking a healthy drink.

    • Cassey says:

      Totally agree!! I’m new to weight watchers and a big smoothie drinker. I used all veggies and one cup of unsweetened frozen mangos with a scoop of protein powder and it gave me a 9 point value! I also use it as a meal replacement so it was super discouraging to see points drop like that.

  4. Serena Roberts says:

    Thanks for this article – I found it really useful. I had a Nutribullet blender for Christmas and wasn’t sure how to track the points of drinks I make in it. I think I’ll stick to mainly vegetables and minimal fruit in my smoothies…! However, I think the general point to remember here is that WW made fruit 0 SP in order to encourage healthy snacking. If we’re sensible about the amount of fruit we consume in a day – blended or not – we will still lose weight and stay healthy. Thanks for your help x

    • divaandthedivine says:

      100% agree. If we make sensible choices ( like not throwing the entire fruit basket in the blender at once), then we’ll be fine.

    • Cat says:

      It is a little discouraging. The same fruit is going into our bodies. Of course we will eat more fruit when it’s supposed to be 0 points. Later on, WW probably will change the plan and fruits will count again.

  5. cmdunn1972 says:

    This crazy SP math is nudging me to consider using the Simply Filling method instead. At least then I can still enjoy smoothies without this stuff going to my head. Thanks for the article, Brianna!

    • Tally says:

      But doesn’t that give you pause. If you were drinking a lot and not losing, the smoothies could be an issue. Adding powders add non filling calories.

      • divaandthedivine says:

        The second you add powders it’s a different game, as those most definitely contain SP that should be counted. It’s definitely an interesting little dilemma.

    • Lea says:

      Great idea about the Simply Filling. I’m so over tracking. I have never counted fruit in smoothies, and have lost a good amount of weight. Although I make my smoothies to eat with a spoon with real diced fruit on top and sometimes a little bit of granola (which I count). I think the spoon eating makes it feel like a meal and leaves me satisfied.

  6. Vicki Healey says:

    Very helpful. Thank you. I, too, got a NutriBullet for Christmas. A lot of their ingredients (not fruit n veg) come already loaded with points…ouch, yet are healthy enough if you DON’T want to lose weight. Could the extra points have anything to do with your body not having to ‘work’ to break down the fruit n veg??

    • divaandthedivine says:

      That’s part of it. The other part is WW’s theory of since we’re drinking the food, it won’t be as satisfying to us mentally and we’ll want to consume more food

  7. Susan says:

    Just this minute went into WW APP and updated my smoothie recipe and added 24 oz water and DID NOT get a box asking if this is a drink????? Not buying it! Maybe because I use protein powder.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I checked this because I know they updated their interface. The option pops up once you add produce to your recipe, as that’s the type of food in question here. When it’s whole it’s 0, but when fruits and veggies are blended, they technically count. So, if you don’t have any produce in there, then you only need to count the regular ingredients anyway.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I just go based on what I put in. So if it’s all veggies, and your broth is 0, then you should be okay, but I’m not an “official” rule person. Technically that button is for smoothies.

  8. Angela says:

    I always have a smoothie each morning. I just started weight watchers again using the smart points system. My shake went from 4 points to 15! I am glad I saw your page, I had only been counting 4 points and couldn’t figure out how I wasn’t losing weight. However, even after I checked “drink” it didn’t show points for each fruit. It only showed an increase in points for the whole drink. How can I find how many points it is for a banana, cup of frozen fruit, and a cup of kale? I was going to remove some of the higher point items.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I would just use the recipe builder like you were doing, and just punch in your recipe. It’s time consuming, but just add and subtract ingredients to experiment and get new totals. That might give you a better idea.

      And yes, if you happen to be “abusing” the 0 point produce rule, it will most definitely prevent you from losing weight.

  9. Emma says:

    Thanks for this, I was shocked to see the difference. I don’t get why the same principle doesn’t apply to soup!

  10. carlenefesta says:

    OMG a coworker just emailed me this article and I am floored. I am loosing a pound a week for the past 8 weeks and wondering what the heck I am doing wrong? My 0 point smoothie I was making every morning is actually 7 points. Yes people, 7 points. I blended 1 banana, 4-5 strawberries and an handful of blueberries every day for the past 8 weeks and was thinking I was doing something great for me turns out I was taking in 7 extra points each day. No wonder my weight loss results were only a pound a week. I am so, so done with smoothies. I will eat fruit and drink water….separately. AMEN!!!

  11. kity says:

    This is wonderful information—quite an eye opener and I had no idea. This changes quite a bit for me since I was adding a banana and fresh spinach daily and thought my shake was only 4 points

  12. Kathy says:

    Wow thats,so weird about smoothies! I’m glad you posted this and thankyou for recipe builder on phone! Love That!

  13. Maureen C. says:

    I dual track with MFP. It actually helps you see where you are adding all your calories. In general, I don’t add fruits to my smoothies because of this reason. I do add almond milk and PB2 Peanut Butter Powder to keep me more satiated in the morning. My smoothies come out to about 4 points when I add in a packet of the WW smoothie mixes as well.

    By tracking with MFP, I can also keep track of my daily sugar intake. It actually keeps me knowledgable about which fruits contain more sugar and calories than others. I try to limit those higher calorie and higher sugar fruits to minimal intakes each day to keep my nutritional goals for each day.

  14. sunshinepen says:

    Hi there, thank you for your very informative blog. I am new to WW and have just bought a Nutribullet. I am still of the mind that having a smoothie and allowing for the Points in your total allowance must be ok. I am loosing weight just by cutting out the chocolate which was and (is) my downfall.
    I must have a look at veg smoothie tomorrow and see what the points are – and have a banana on the side

    Great blog many thanks

  15. dp135 says:

    Interesting as I was just thinking about this the other day, along with “banana ice cream” made with ripe bananas and unsweetened almond milk. Probably the same rules. I think if I was losing and counting the smoothie as zero, I would not change it. Just add it as quick add points. But could be a real eye opener for someone stuck and wondering why. Thanks ;=)

  16. Linda Hughes says:

    I appreciate this article and the helpful information. I am a recovering calorie counter LOL and of the mindset that nothing is really FREE. You have to burn what you consume no matter what WW rules say. I love the less restrictive approach WW uses and I have lost 30 lbs since March 1st. I DO watch my # of fruit servings 😉.

  17. De says:

    I just brought a Nutri Bullet today. After carefully reading through your posts and comments, I might as well return it. I thought it would be a fun and healthy alternative for my fruits and vegetables; however, my goal is to lose weight. I’ve lost 41 pounds thus far by eating fresh fruits and vegetables so “why fix it if ain’t broke?”

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I mean, I find that it’s a great thing to make some smoothies out of protein powders and such, so there’s definitely a benefit to having a good blender around, but it’s important to be aware of what might happen when you blend a bunch of fruit. Personally, I’m team #nocountblendedfruit, which is a thing, but being aware and careful is still important.

  18. Cpin^j^ says:

    Very upsetting.😲 So if I take my 3 smart point smoothie and EAT the banana instead of blending it is 0 points?? 🤔

  19. Lynn hyman says:

    So, if I drink my smoothie slowly (say I calculate the time it takes to eat the individual components) can I lower the points of my “drink”? Sorry, but this is ridiculous!

    • christina johnson says:

      I was also shocked to learn this at a WW meeting recently. As a lifetime member, I’ve been making smoothies for years as a meal replacement. Sorry, I just don’t buy it that fruit and veggies have points when blended. I count the one cup of unsweetened almond milk and my one point protein powder and the rest is produce, which I count as zero. Oh, and I also add ice and sometimes ‘greens’ powder. The leader of our meeting was rather smug, informing us all that smoothies had 13 points! It was funny to see everyone’s reaction. I feel like WW needs to fix this

  20. John says:

    I have been on WW for around 5 weeks, and I have managed to loose around 8.5 Kg in these weeks. I did not know either about this difference in point scoring with blended fruits, as I use Nutribullet, which simply blends all fruits / vegetables and I normally add with water.

    I have been using it regularly, every day making blends of Oranges, Oranges and Bananas, Oranges and Carrots, Strawberries with water or Skimmed milk.
    I have been on WW for around 5 weeks, and I have managed to loose around 8.5 Kg in these weeks. I did not know either about this difference in point scoring with blended fruits, as I use Nutribullet, which simply blends all fruits / vegetables and I normally add with water.

    I have been using it regularly, every day making blends of Oranges, Oranges and Bananas, Oranges and Carrots, Strawberries with water or Skimmed milk.
    It has given me tremendous amount of energy, and I have also been going regular to the gym in this same period.

    Now I saw this information, I checked with WW SmartPoints system, as an example 2 oranges + 2 bananas give you 18 points, while if I eat them as fruits they give you 0 points.
    I went on the chat, and the story there was that it was due to the fibre being broken down, however that is incorrect for Blending, it’s correct for juicing, but the fibres remain when blended, at least that’s what I am lead to believe from checking online articles on the issue.

    On the issue of fullness I can understand, however, the way I have used it, mostly been Oranges or Oranges and Carrots. One serving would be example 2 medium oranges , or 2 Oranges and 2 Carrots – added with loads of water, in total the whole Blended drink would be close to 1 litre. Drinking this is for me very filling, and has for me helped me fill gaps when I otherwise would have wanted something sweet.

    Now if I was going go by the Smart points given by WW for this drink, than this would quickly be 40 – 50 points a day. So there is something wrong with this equation in my opinion. As I would not have been able to loose this much is such short time, if this had been so many points.

  21. Vicki Wallace says:

    So what if I make a smoothie bowl with whole fruit and oatmeal. I have to use a spoon to eat it. Then is the smoothie part free?

  22. Michelle Pelse says:

    I had a banana, powdered peanut butter and quark with 8 oz of water with some ice. I was so full for three hours. I think I am understanding that WW feels as if you will be hungry right away. That was more food in the am than I am used to and I got one more cup of water down me. I’m frustrated because I now will eat less food for more points and miss out on being full.

    Now this is where it gets tricky, I don’t eat gluten, drink milk or eat meat (I do eat eggs), other than seafood. So that leaves me with eggs every morning because straight fruit does not fill me up, and I’m hungry within an hour. I could have steel cut oats but that is way more points than the drink.

    So if I eat (drink) more healthy food for less points that fills me up longer and has a lot of nutrients, does this rule still apply.


  23. Sam says:

    I’m really really kind of annoyed to find this out about blended fruit being more points. I found a really great 2 pt recipe for a banana smoothie and I’ve had it like three times in the past few days. When I signed up it said ” NOWHERE ” that blended fruit is more pts. I don’t believe it and I don’t agree with it. Who says because ” our bodies tell our brains that its a drink ” crap that we have to change the pts in WW??? I’m sorry but that is a load of CRAP! And I want to know WHO decides blended bananas are 7-10 pts??? Like where does that number come from???

  24. Emily Keener says:

    Thanks for the explaination on how WW counts smoothies. I eat a green smoothie, it really helps me with digestion. Knowing that it counts as points (I just use water and 1 scoop of protien powder, plus spinach, 1 little cucumber and just a 1/2 cup of fruit); 5 points, I’m going to count it for now. We’ll see what happens!

  25. Julie R says:

    i would like to hear a dietician’s professional opinion on this. Barbaric clinics put people on liquid diets all the time. I was also told don’t count burning off 1000 EXTRA. Calories per day as a way to lose 2 extra pounds. And if a person ate ONE M&M it would take 1/2 hr of exercise to lose those 3 calories

  26. Julie says:

    Worse news I have heard in a long time. I have been losing while drinking my smoothies. Something just not right.
    My old habit brain looked at the equation below…
    One smoothie = 8 TGIF fried buffalo wings? Not buying it.

  27. Karen says:

    I count my chocolate protein powder (1 SP), and the unsweetened almond milk (1 SP), add nonfat Greek yogurt and fruit…been counting them as 2 point MEAL (takes a lot longer to drink this smoothie than it would to eat the one cup of fruit!). And it keeps me feeling full until the next meal, no need for snacks. Creating a recipe changes that to 7 SP!!!! So I agree with a lot of posters here saying it is BS.

    Also, if I have a bowl of cocoa rice krispies with skim milk, it’s 6 SP. WW is trying to tell me that it is more unhealthy to have the above fruit smoothie than it is to have a sugary filled cereal?! Total BS.

  28. Jennifer says:

    I love the Premier Protein shakes (2 points) with a banana (0 points). So, if I use the recipe builder on the WW app and enter those two ingredients, it comes up as 2 points. Should I be counting that 1 banana as more than 0 points?

  29. LYNDA J EHRICH says:

    It might have something to do with the glycemic index (why juices are as bad as having a candy bar) but I agree; you still get the fiber. Makes zero logical sense, though, as to why throwing a strawberry into a blender changes the caloric composition of it.

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