September 2018 Goals

A new month means a new set of goals! While I am pumped for September and everything it means (fall, cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and other fall flavors, etc), it also means that we’re entering the last third of the year. This time of year is always crunch time, as I tend to realize just how many of my goals for the year I have yet to achieve. This realization is always a depressing one, but rather than dwell on it, I’m going to move forward and use my focus to make these last 4 months of the year the most productive ones of 2018.

Looking Back at August

Before we talk about the month ahead, I always like to look back at the previous month and reflect on how I did achieving the goals I set for myself.

Vlogust: 31 videos in 31 days was a lofty goal, and while I didn’t actually succeed (people who upload daily are crazy!), I did upload a whopping 22 videos in 31 days. That’s still almost twice my normal amount.

Declutter: I did end up decluttering my makeup collection (with several videos for your viewing pleasure on my channel), my clothing, and I started on my office. 

2 blog posts per week: Yeah… I published 4 posts all month. Whoops…

Get back on track: In general, August was a great month for this. I went back to tracking Points Plus, rekindled my spark for working out, and have in general been feeling pretty good about all things health and weight loss related. Basically, I’m using August as the month that springboards me into September and hopefully a month full of success. 

September Goals

30 Day Blogging Challenge: My goal is to rekindle my love of this little website of mine, and what better way to do that than to set a goal to publish something every single day? I personally find that it’s easier to work ahead and schedule posts here on the site than it is on my channel (I feel like I tried once and Youtube failed to publish my scheduled video or something that made me lose faith in it), so the goal here is for me to carve out the time necessary to work ahead, focus on writing and creating, and getting into healthier blogging habits that will extend beyond this challenge. Stay tuned for plenty of posts that will give you fun insights into my mind and my life. 

3 Video Uploads Weekly: In a perfect world, I’m uploading to my YouTube channel 3 days per week. This goal is to help me remain consistent with my YouTube work, and is ultimately the upload schedule I would like to keep up with moving forward. 

Start a “Back to School” Series: Since back to school is upon us, I want to take the excitement and newness often tied to the back to school season and use it to help us rekindle our fire for our health and fitness journies. This will be a 4 part series where we focus on different topics every week that get us fired up and ready to end the year on a positive and productive note. You can look for that series on here and over on my channel.

Attend all 4 weeks of the marriage study at church: Now that the fall season is upon us, my church is offering a ton of groups and studies to help its members grow spiritually. One of the offerings is a class called “Improve Your Marriage By Yourself…Together.” While I will actually be by myself, as my husband travels, I know this will still be a valuable class to take, as my marriage is so important. Any opportunity I have to grow closer to my husband and to the Lord is one I’m going to take. 

That being said, the trend in any weekly large group study is day one starts off strong with many attendees, but as the weeks go on people tend to drop off for one reason or another. I am 100% guilty of this as well, so I’m making it my goal to attend all 4 weeks of this class.  It’s one hour, one night a week, not that far from my house. I literally have zero excuses. 

No Spend September! You read that right. This shopaholic is committing to a no-spend month. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not buying what we need. We have gifts to buy for several occasions, I’m sure things will come up around the house that requires a purchase or two, and we obviously have to eat, but that’s not what I’m focused on. My no-spend is focused on me buying the things I want but don’t really need. I don’t need new clothes, that new lipstick or pretty blush, or any more special Weight Watchers friendly, online only snacks. I want to focus on appreciating and using what I have and not impulse purchasing the random things that go on sale or pop up in online advertisements. No unnecessary spending is good for the wallet and good for the soul, especially as we’re getting nearer to the holidays where spending is a lot higher. 

Those are my goals for the month of September. What are some of your goals this month, and how are you planning on achieving them?

One thought on “September 2018 Goals

  1. Lisa says:

    I am doing the exact same thing this month too! A no-spend September. I must say it’s not easy when I am so used to going out and buying that cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts- it just becomes a habit and habits are hard to break, but I am determined to not spend money on anything extra this month. I think I will see a significant amount of money saved for sure. We eat out way too much and buy unnecessary items constantly. Those store emails are killer too when they advertise their one day sale, double points or free gift with purchase because it definitely makes me want to buy something even if I don’t need it just to feel as though I’m saving money or getting something free out of it.

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