45 Ways To Reward Yourself Without Food

I’m not going to lie to you.  I love earning rewards. I am most definitely motivated to get things done by the fact I know there is a special treat waiting for me at the finish line.  It doesn’t matter if the task is getting a blog post up, getting the house cleaning done, or hitting another 5 lbs lost, I will always do a better and more efficient job with my tasks if I know there is something I’m working toward.  I know, getting the thing done should be reward enough, but I’m a huge sucker for positive reinforcement, and lately, I’ll do anything to help me avoid procrastination and get things done.  
If you know me, you know that weight loss is one of my long-term, big deal goals.  For many people (myself included) it isn’t uncommon to have the reward for a job well done be a food related treat.  While this is great in theory (and some days it’s totally worth it), when one of your major goals is weight loss and healthy living, rewarding yourself with food is as counterproductive as it gets.  If you reward yourself with a big old piece of cake and ice cream for seeing a loss on the scale this week… it just doesn’t make sense!  That being said, I want to have plenty of options for how to reward myself without adding to my calorie intake, so I came up with a whole list of ways to treat yourself without food.  

I wanted to include a solid mixture of “little” rewards and larger rewards for when you reach major milestones in weight loss, work, or any other big goal you’ve been working on. Here are some of my favorite suggestions.  
  • Buy some special coffee ( I do not consider this to be a food. It’s more of a life source than a food)
  • Rent a movie you’ve been dying to see and snuggle up on your couch guilt free
  • Allow yourself some free time to do an activity you enjoy (read, paint, write, play piano, etc)
  • Try a new workout class
  • Get a manicure or pedicure (or both!)
  • Buy a new book 
  • Set your alarm for 30 minutes later tomorrow morning
  • Light a new scented candle
  • An at-home spa day (give yourself a body scrub in the shower, use a nice conditioning hair mask, a super-rich body lotion, paint your nails, and give yourself a facial).
  • A new lipstick
  • Take a bath
  • A new journal and nice pen to write with (and then time to use them)
  • Go for a walk
  • Meditate 
  • Buy an oil diffuser and a few nice oils (This diffuser comes with some oils to get you started) 
  • Get dolled up just because. I always feel amazing when I look my best.
  • Go on a day trip
  • Treat yourself to some nice skin care
  • Create a vision board
  • Take a nap
  • Re-read your favorite book
  • Put $5 in a shopping jar as little rewards, and the big reward is using that money on a shopping spree
  • Give yourself a day off (seriously)
  • Watch a YouTube tutorial and give it a try
  • Go to a local museum
  • Change your bed sheets (yeah, that’s work, but doesn’t it feel so good to get into a freshly changed bed?  I thought so!)
  • Use the non-fitness parts of your gym membership. Does your membership give you access to a sauna or massage chair?  Use it!
  • Get some new, sexy undies, even if it’s just for you. 
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Sign up for a class you’ve been wanting to take
  • Keep a running wishlist of things you’d like, and then pick one as a treat. A few items currently on mine is this luxurious perfume, a new bottle of Kiehl’s apothecary preparations serum (which runs $95), and an air fryer. 
  • Color an adult coloring book
  • Get a blowout 
  • Browse your local bookstore
  • Buy some new workout clothes
  • Spend some guilt-free time browsing Pinterest
  • Buy a new fitness accessory (maybe a new water bottle or some nice Bluetooth headphones)
  • Buy a nice hand cream or lip balm
  • Get your car professionally washed and detailed
  • Hire someone to do the week’s house cleaning
  • Buy yourself a Groupon.
  • Buy something for your hobby (a new music book, pretty yarn, whatever it may be)
  • Give yourself a break. Let the laundry or dishes sit for now. 
  • Buy a little something to liven up for work or living space like a new picture frame or a cozy throw.  
  • Binge an extra episode (or 3) of your current Netflix show

The list goes on and on, but my point is you most definitely don’t have to use food as a reward for a job well done.  By rewarding yourself with things like the items listed above, you not only stay on track with your health goals, but you might even end up with a reward that lasts longer than one meal.  

What do you think? Do you reward yourself with food or in another way? What are some of your favorite ways to reward yourself for a job well done?


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