Revisiting Your 2020 Goals in Quarantine

Okay, so obviously 2020 is not going how any of us imagined it would be going at this point. If you’re like me, you decided back in December that 2020 was going to be the best year of your life. Big changes were going to be made. Big goals were going to be achieved. You would enter 2021 your best self having lost a few pounds, become an amazing homemaker, and achieved a few major career goals to boot. (okay, so those might be my personal goals, but you get the point) Yes, everything was all planned out perfectly… then COVID-19 took the world by storm and all of our routines, goals, habits, and motivations seemed to get swept up in the storm right along with it. Suddenly, 2020 was not looking so bright and filled with possibilities. Instead, it is filled with fear, change, uncertainty, and more fear.  I know, I’m right there with you, my friend, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret.

We can STILL make 2020 the best year yet!

I know about 60% of you rolled your eyes just now. “Shut up don’t know what I’m dealing with here!”  No, I don’t, but what I do know is this: our perspective dictates our reality. If you decide that this situation is going to sabotage all of your goals and just leave you a lifeless shell of a miserable person, well then guess what? That is exactly what will happen.

However, if you are able to switch this narrative around and decide that while this is not an ideal situation, you can still use it to continue to have that best year ever you promised yourself, well then guess what will happen?  That’s right! You still can have that best year ever. 

2020 isn’t doomed. It’s just different. I foolishly had myself believing that my goals were tied to everything I was able to do outside of the house. Being a homemaker, we all know that is just a bald-faced lie. Almost everything I do takes place inside the walls of my home, save errand running and going to the gym. I knew this, but I still felt totally blindsided by this quarantine and wanted to use it as an excuse to throw in the towel and take a few months off of making any progress on any of my goals, just like everyone else. 

Then I looked at my goals for a second. I have a card with my goals written on them taped to the desk so I can see them every single time I look up. All 8 of them are right there in my face ALL the time. As I started to consider what my 2020 goals actually were, I realized that no matter how much I wanted to accuse this whole situation of preventing me from being able to achieve my goals, the reality is this: every single goal I have this year can be achieved exclusively at home, while in quarantine. There are zero exceptions.

Well…that just wiped out every excuse I have, didn’t it?

I obviously don’t know what your goals for the year are, but I am willing to bet you are actually in a pretty similar situation. The reality is, like it or not, this situation has opened us up to actually having the time to devote to getting our goals done.  Yes, it will take some creative tweaking to figure out how to do them, especially if you’re someone with a job turned work-from-home job or you now have kids home 24/7. I didn’t say it would be easy, but it’s absolutely possible. 

I can only speak for myself from this point forward, but let me walk you through how I am adjusting some of my goals for quarantine. First, if you want an in-depth look at what my goals are, below is my 2020 goals video. Check that out first. 

Okay, so I have 8 goals, right? Let’s do a quick breakdown that debunks literally every excise I could make. 

Marriage: A romantic vacation was a mini-goal, so maybe that one gets put on hold. Since we don’t have kids, this is likely the least important of them all. For creative date nights, this new situation actually requires more creativity. Instead of focusing on a date night out, we change it to date night IN. As for intimacy…well, all we need to really keep that going is to both be home and put forth an effort. We’re self-quarantined in the same house alone, so it’s not like there won’t be plenty of opportunities to make this happen. 

Health: I could try to make not being able to go to the gym an excuse, but we all know that’s the biggest bunch of BS I could tell myself. I have Beachbody on demand. I can walk outside. Bodyweight exercises are very effective. Since we aren’t eating out, I have TOTAL CONTROL over what food comes into the house and what I eat.  The excuses here are 0.

Finances: I know this one is a big deal for a lot of people right now with job losses and fewer hours. In our house, for the moment the income has not changed since my husband is still doing his job. He’s just in our guest bedroom instead of the office. Spending might look a little different right now, but being a good steward of our finances has not been impacted at all.

Diva and the Divine: Hello! I work from home! This quarantine means I should be killing it here. 

Launching a mentorship program: I want to make an excuse for this, but the reality is I simply haven’t been working on this at all. That’s on me, not on the Coronavirus.

Personal Development: All things that can be done from home.  

Get closer to God: Outside of the church thing, (which we actually have chosen a church and I’ve auditioned for the worship team, so that’s just on hold), I can do a lot to grow closer to God at home as well, especially with churches all live streaming their services. We can still attend worship. We can still read the Bible and study the Word.  We can still pray. 

Simplify: This is the most ideal, perfect time to simplify. It’s time to declutter my spaces, get rid of junk, refine the use of my time, and focus on what really matters. This is actually made easier because of the quarantine. 

In reality, all of my goals are 110% achievable even in the midst of this scary time of uncertainty and isolation. Not only that, but it appears that most of my goals might even be easier to work on because of being in isolation. It removes the excuse of being too busy or not being home or having too many errands to run. This will actually teach this master-procrastinator how to use her time better and more efficiently. I fully plan on using this time to bloom rather than wither.

 I’m not denying that the situation that our world is in is terrible. It’s affecting a lot of people in very negative and harsh ways. That’s reality, and it stinks, but if we are all stuck in this situation anyway, we might as well make the most of it. Sitting there and feeling sorry for yourself is not going to make the situation any better, but taking actions toward your goals will actually make this situation better. It might not fix your job problem, but it will give you something to focus on. It might not put your kids back in school, but it will give you something to work on that is solely for you. It will give you a reason to set an alarm, get out of bed, and face the day with optimism and purpose. We all could use a little more of that lately, right?

So, my friends, take a look at your 2020 goals and figure out how you’re going to use this time of isolation to take steps towards reaching your goals.  Share your goals and your action plan in the comments below. I want to know what you’re working on! Keep your head up and your eyes on the prize. This too shall pass. 

One thought on “Revisiting Your 2020 Goals in Quarantine

  1. Lissa Kristine Jorgensen says:

    Actually, in many ways, quarantine can actually make finances easier- especially if you’re in a position where your income isn’t impacted negatively. Think about how much money you’re going to be saving on gas. You’re not going out to run errands or go to the gym during the day; Erik doesn’t have to commute. I’m currently saving about $20/week on gas (I have a 2016 Honda Fit) which adds up FAST- and that’s just for one car that doesn’t really cost much to fill in the first place. (I’m also saving a lot on things like going to Starbucks 2-3 times a week).

    I’m still in a bit of panic/survival mode, but I’ve been doing all I can. I’m pretty much only going out sporadically to get food (either driving my mom’s car or going with someone to save money on gas). I’m waiting on decisions from the state about unemployment, food stamps, and/or general assistance (with a goal of saving as much money as I can as soon as I get an income), and I’m actively applying for jobs. It’s difficult to really plan when I’m not sure how long I can actually stay on track not knowing when I’m going to be earning any money again. Still, I’m taking things one day at a time. I should be ok this week. I have stuff to make chili tomorrow. I still have some pork chops, a few chicken drumsticks, and some fish in the freezer. It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but I’ve survived… or even thrived on WW without money for food. I can do it again.

    Other than that, one of my “fun” goals is to knit a blanket. I’m just not sure what pattern I want to use for it, so I keep starting it and taking it apart. I just need to pick something and COMMIT.

    I think the only goals that I really have to put on hold are some of my personal goals- and I’m blaming social distancing for that one. After all, it’s difficult to work on overcoming social anxiety when I’m not allowed to even TRY to be around people. Still, I’m not putting ALL of my mental health goals on-hold. Who knows? Maybe this will just give me more time to work on myself so I can actually face my mental health challenges head-on. (And I’ve actually been more social since social distancing started. True, it’s all with people I met on Instagram, but still- I’m actually meeting new people “face to face” haha). [Oh and there’s another goal that I’ve been terrible about that I can’t make progress towards until I have an income again, but once I have some money, it’ll be a PERFECT quarantine project].

    I definitely should make some progress with cleaning/organizing. It might be time to do a clothing clean-out and get rid of a few things that no longer fit.

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