Popsugar Must Have MINI Box | April 2016

Popsugar Must Have Mini TitleI’m sure many of you have heard of the Popsugar Must Have Box.  It’s a subscription box that contains around 5 full size products from various genres (beauty, fitness, home, food, lifestyle) shipped to your door for $39.95 a month.  Over time I’ve fallen in love with this box, despite its higher price tag.  With the Must Have box I really feel like I’m getting a nice gift, rather than a bunch of little samples, and since most of the items are a surprise, it brings me great joy to open it. 

If the price tag for the regular Must Have box is a turn off, you’re going to love this.  This month Popsugar released a new subscription: the Popsugar Must Have MINI Box! This is the same idea as the regular box, but in a smaller package.  Rather than containing 5 items, the mini box only contains 2 full size products and costs $18.95 each month (plus tax).  While I only have one box so far, I can tell you that I got more than my money’s worth in the April Mini box and the products chosen are just as lovely as in the normal box.  

*Note: The 2 products you get in the Must Have Mini box are completely different from the products in the regular box, so if you’re thinking of subscribing to both, know that you won’t get duplicates*

Here’s what was inside April’s Mini box:

Greenmarket Purveying Co. Candle

This 7 oz mason jar candle in White Melon is adorable and smells amazing.  The scent reminds me a bit of my first scent love, Cucumber Melon from Bath and Body Works, so it automatically brings feelings of spring/summer and the freshness and joy that goes with it. It’s the perfect candle for an April box.  Suggested retail price is $16, which is only $3 shy of what I paid for the box.

Farmacy Lip Bloom

I will never say no to getting another lip balm, as I use them a million times a day. Farmacy uses a varient of echinacea and seed oils to create a product that makes lips softer and fuller.  While I’m not so sure about the fuller part, I will say I love the quality of the balm. It feels so nice and soothing going on, and the hydration lasts for quite some time after application. I got the scent Lavender Mint, which has a nice herbal smell that doesn’t linger. Retail value $16.50.

While it isn’t quite as exciting as opening an entire big box of goodies, these 2 products are nice, seasonal choices that I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for myself, but I’m glad I now have them. Total value of the two products is $32.50, which is well over the $18.95 I paid for the box, so I know I got my money’s worth in the end.  I currently have the candle burning and a fresh spring breeze blowing in my window and the lip balm is making my lips feel great, so I can’t complain.  

I will give the mini subscription a few months to see the variety of products it delivers before I decide whether or not is a subscription I will be sticking with, but for a first impression, Popsugar did a great job.  What do you think: Would you subscribe to the Popsugar Must Have Mini Box?


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