Popsugar Must Have Box | April 2016

April Popsugar Must Have Box


Popsugar Must Have Box is one of my favorite subscription boxes.  Containing 5-6 full sized products from beauty, fitness, food, home, and lifestyle categories, getting this box every month feels like a present to myself that’s filled with some great surprises.  For $39.95 a month you get a box that is worth a lot more than what you pay for it, and who doesn’t love a good deal like that?  Popsugar Must Have Box is a great way to discover a whole bunch of new products without having to do any shopping. Here’s what I got in the April 2016 box:

Noon Design Shop Tea Towel ($18)

A flour sack tea towel with lemons printed on it is a bright, refreshing way to keep the kitchen clean and seasonally cheery.  This Noon Design’s tea towel is made of cotton so you can simply throw it into the washing machine when it needs to be cleaned. It’s completely lint free and absorbs like a paper towel. Bonus: Noon Design Shop’s products are made in America

Canvas Home Tinware Salt & Pepper Shakers ($12)

These hand glazed salt and pepper shakers have a cute vintage feel. While salt and pepper shakers aren’t usually something I get excited about, but because I didn’t actually have any, I was quite pleased to see these.  They’re pretty plain, but have a little bit of personality. The design is from Canvas Home’s bestselling Tinware collection. 

Next By Nature Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso beans ($3.99)

Being the coffee addict that I am, I was thrilled to see chocolate covered espresso beans in my Popsugar Box.  These don’t have any gluten, corn syrup, or preservatives, so they’re a better for you option than some other sweet treats. While these are probably a poor choice to replace the usual morning cup of coffee, they made a great after dinner treat that gave me a bit of that coffee feel without a major caffeine boost.  Coffee lover approved!

Royal Apothic Hand Cream ($24)

This generously sized hand cream feels very luxe in it’s pretty packaging and field poppy fragrance. With notes of fig, tea, jasmine, lily, moss, and leaf, it smells pretty, but (in my option) has a hint of “manly smell” to it, which is unexpected but nice.  The formula is rich and hydrating without being greasy. I always like getting a new hand cream, as my hands tend to get super dry.  Now if I could only remember to use it..

Farmacy Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm ($48)

This night balm has an interesting formula that transforms from a lightweight balm to an oil-gel hybrid. This is an anti aging balm that reduces lines, wrinkles, and adds firmness, elasticity, and tone. There’s even a “retinoid-like” ingredient in here, and retinol is all the anti-aging rage right now.  I’ve tried it a few times, and while I was afraid it was going to be super greasy and oily, it’s actually quite comfortable, quick absorbing, and I woke up the next day with super soft skin.  The value of this one product is more than what the whole month’s subscription cost me.

Cravings by Chrissy Tiegan

This cookbook’s tag line is “Recipes for all the food you want to eat,” and based on the photos it would be pretty hard to argue with that statement.  Filled with soups, pastas, and all sorts of other amazing sounding food, Chrissy Tiegan (food blogger, John Legend’s wife, and new mommy) makes our mouths water with all of the delicious looking goodies in this book.  The only thing I noticed is there isn’t really a sweets section, which is where I naturally tend to gravitate.  Perhaps that’s better for my waistline..  I need to get better about using the cookbooks I have, so maybe I’ll be adventurous and use this for more than just a book that takes up space on my shelf.  The book has a value of $29.99, but you can find it for $14.99 on Amazon.

 $20 Bloom That Gift Card

Bloom That is a new flower delivery service that makes giving flowers really easy and truly beautiful.  Using the best of what’s currently in season, it appears that the bouquets that are available vary based on delivery location and time of year.  While the blooms on the site appear to be stunning arrangements, the major bummer is the $20 barely makes a dent in the price of buying off of this site.  Sadly, it’s likely this little bonus will go unused by me.  


The total value of the April Popsugar Must Have Box is $136, and that’s without including the  $20 Bloom That gift card.  It’s a box that definitely gave me my money’s worth, which is something I have come to expect from the Popsugar Must Have Box subscription.  


*Some links might be affiliate links. Not sponsored. I subscribe to the PSMH Box with my own money*

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