Pigtails and Pockets- Spotlight on Etsy


Welcome back to another “Spotlight on Etsy” post.  Today, while we are still in the genre of planners, we have migrated away from stickers for this week.  Today we are talking paperclips, but not just any paperclips: the cutest felt paperclips EVER!

This week is all about Pigtails and Pockets


Pigtails and Pockets is a store that specializes in these adorable felt characters.  These paperclips are an amazing addition to any planner.  I can’t tell you how much it makes me smile to see the little macaron and coffee cup creatures poking out of my Filofax.  It just takes planner cuteness to a whole new level.


The shop’s owner is named Rachel, and she is amazing.  She is working really hard to make sure the quality of each and every felt character is top notch, and she does not disappoint.  I’m not even sure how to make things like this, but the detail that goes into the stitching is great.  The threaded details are really what takes these little guys to the next level.


(and how adorable is the piggy with the bow!?)


Sometimes, the thread Rachel uses has a little bit of shimmer, like the coffee cup lid and the macaron filling. Every little detail has been given a lot of thought and is executed beautifully.

Rachel offers many individual clips as well as some sets (ice cream truck and ice cream cone, pb&j sandwich, etc).  My favorite set (obviously) is this amazing set of 3 macaron cookies.  You can buy each one individually, but lets just be honest here…you won’t want just one.  They’re just too perfect.

Pigtails and Pockets also accepts custom orders.  I’m not sure how crazy her customizations get, but I did see an Anna and Elsa custom order on her Instagram that was incredibly well done.  It definitely got me thinking about potential custom clips to ask for (but I haven’t thought of any yet).

Fun fact: Rachel also sells her fun felt characters as hair clips for little girls.  Cute, right?  I have also found that I want to use them all so much that I not only have a few in my planner, but they also work as bookmarks and of course, they’re great at holding papers (or piles of stickers, etc) together.  They are paperclips, after all 😉

So that’s a quick introduction to Pigtails and Pockets.  Rachel, being the amazing woman she is, activated a special coupon code just for my readers!! If you use the code DIVA15 you will get 15% off any size order.  So even if you want just one, you can still use it 🙂 How awesome is that? Be quick though, because the code is only good for 1 week (expires 4/18/15).

Hurry on over to Rachel’s shop, use my code (DIVA15) and add a cute clip (or 5..) to your collection.


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