October 2020 Goals

It is the final quarter of 2020! Can I get a HALLELUJAH??

Anyway, welcome to October! A new month means new goals, but a new quarter in my Cultivate What Matters Powersheets means it’s also time to refresh my big picture goals for the year. So here’s the thing, I didn’t so much as refresh them as I did scrap them and start fresh.

Don’t judge me. It’s 2020…

Here are my 8 refreshed goals for the last quarter:

  • Complete my nutrition certification course
  • Marriage goals: Have 2 outings for dates (apple picking, etc) as 2020 turned most of our date nights into ordering in and doing things at home. This is fine and dandy, but a little bit of change would be nice.
  • Health goals: Complete a cut (period of being in a calorie defict for fat loss) and reverse diet into maintenance mode. End 2020 in maintenance.
  • Diva and the Divine: Upload 2 videos & 1 blog post each week from now until the end of the year. Set up my 2021 content planner. Learn how to implement a Batch Week for content creation.
  • Home: Declutter my office and do a kitchen/pantry audit.
  • Music: Become proficient at 2 songs on the piano and actually read through 2 theater books on my theater shelf
  • Personal Development: Reading, become a “finisher” (use up my skincare, things in the pantry, etc)
  • Spirituality: Daily devotionals and prayer time.

I’ve simplified, but accomplishing these goals would be huge for ending 2020 on a high note. Now let’s take a look at my action items for the month of October specifically.

Monthly Action Items

  • Complete chapters 9-13 of my nutrition course
  • Deep clean the office
  • Create my Powersheets content for the 2021 release (coming 10/14! Stay tuned!)
  • Finish my CMT day in the life video
  • Make an eye doctor and PCP appointment
  • Go apple picking
  • Read Girl on Fire
  • Read The Slight Edge
  • Read half of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Weekly Action Items

  • Meal plan/meal prep
  • Upload 2 videos
  • Publish 1 blog post
  • Spend time at the piano
  • Study time
  • Date night

Daily Action Items

  • Meet my macro target daily
  • Get up early and don’t hit snooze
  • Check of at least 80% of my habits on my tracker
  • She Reads Truth Bible study and 100 Days to Brave devotional
  • Read

I’ve kept things super straightforward and simple, and I even left some lines blank. I’m tired of having wild ambitions for my tending sheets and then getting so overwhelmed I don’t do any of it (which happens to me a lot). Instead, I decided to leave a few spaces blank in an effort to cut out overwhelm. I’m doing enough, and I will feel incredible if I can get all of these things accomplished this month.

I’m looking forward to working hard and actually leaving 2020 better than I came into it, despite all of the madness that 2020 brought.

One thought on “October 2020 Goals

  1. Lissa Kristine says:

    No judgement here! The idea of completely scrapping goals and starting fresh actually sounds wonderful. I’m looking forward to hearing how you do!

    And fyi, I saw a recipe for apple and goat cheese stuffed chicken breast in my Timehop today. I remember it being a pretty good one. I know you love goat cheese and I figured you MIGHT have an apple or two left over after making pie.

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