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These are like super powered M&Ms.  3 gems are one severing, and they contain the same punch as a cup of coffee.  Not only that they have B-vitamins and a special energy blend to boot.  I tried these almost right away, and I must say they do work.  I felt a bit more awake and focused, AND I managed to get a few bites of chocolate in, which is always a wonderful thing.  These little chocolate wonders are available in 3 flavors: Chocolate Charge, Mint Fusion, and Peanut Butter Blast.  I was lucky enough to be sent the mint flavor.  A+ on these.

Full Size (6 box variety pack): $16.15

Sample Size: 1 box

Sample Value: $2.69




Yaff Bar

This power bar is marketed as a bar that is good for you and for your dog.  They contain no wheat, dairy of caffeine and no refined sugars.  These power bars are available in Honey Almond Cranberry, Banana Peanut Butter, or Blueberry Crunch.  I had the banana one, and I must say I just didn’t like it.  I’m sure for many these bars are great, but sadly they did nothing for me.

Full Size (6 pack): $16.99

Sample Size: 1 bar

Sample Value:$2.83 



Menstural Magic

Okay so I pulled this out of the box and laughed out loud, but I’m actually quite intrigued by the idea of this.  These soft gels use natural herbal ingredients and essential oils to help get rid of all that ails you (cramps, bloating, headache, etc) during that time of the month.  It claims to work in 20 minutes or less.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet, but you better believe I will.  Fun Fact: Spell check does not think menstural is a word.

Menstural Magic  20 softgels :$12.95

Sample Size: 3 Soft Gels

Sample Value: $1.94



Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Easy Swallow Minis

These pills are exactly as the title suggests: tiny little easy to swallow doses of the daily fish oil we all should be getting.  The wild caught fish is sourced by US vessels in US waters, so that’s kind of cool.  Everyone needs a little fish oil.

Full Size: 60 soft gels for $14.99

Sample Size: 2 gels

Sample Value: $0.50





GimMe Seaweed Snack Crumbles

These cheddar flavored seaweed crumbles were actually a really tasty little snack.  Apparently it has a boatload of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and protein, making seaweed a super charged snack.  These pouches are USDA certified organic and GFCO certified flute free.  I thought this was a great alternative to a chip as a snack.  You could also pour these crumbles onto a salad or anything that needed a little extra crunch.

Full Size (6 bags) $11.99

Sample Size: 1 bag

Sample Value: $2.00


Bonus: a 5 request gift code for   This website is like a personal assistant.  Make a request or ask a question and they will do the work for you.  It’s an interesting concept.  Check out their website for more information.  Bulu Box gave us each a 5 request gift valued at $30.  I don’t count this in the value of the box.


Total Box Value: $9.96


Bulu Box is a $10 a month subscription box focused on health, wellness and weight loss.  Check them out here and feel free to sign up.  The subscriptions would also make a pretty amazing gift for the health nut in your life.

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