November 2017 Goals

Well, it’s November.  NOVEMBER!  I can’t even handle it.  The start of the holiday season, my birthday month, and this year, the start of a whole lot of travel for Erik and I.  Life is going to get a little crazy, so in order to reach a few of this month’s goals, I’m going to have to work myself pretty hard, but since I have lofty goals, that’s totally okay!  Here are my goals for this month. 

Health and Fitness

Get into a new weight “decade”: I don’t actually know what you call it when you enter the next 10 lbs on the scale, but we on Instagram have been calling it a decade, so we’re going to go with that.  In a perfect world, I would be in the 150s by the time Erik and I leave for our holiday travels, which is in the middle of the month.  That’s a 1.5lb loss each of my next 3 weigh-ins. Since we don’t live in a perfect world, my hope is that I can wrangle enough self-control while I’m in Florida (which is always difficult for me) to stay mostly on track and hopefully end the month in a new weight decade. Bonus points to me if I can pull it off before we go, but I’m not holding my breath.

400,000 Steps:  It sounds like a crazy number, but this past month I ended up with 406k without even aiming for a large step goal.  This goal is just to ensure that I stay moving and active, even with all of the challenges the second half of the month with bring. 

Track Thanksgiving: I have been so good about tracking all of my food lately that I don’t want Thanksgiving to cause me to relax in that habit. I don’t care if it’s a rough estimate and I don’t care if it lands me way in the negative, I think it is important to at least be aware of what you’re eating.  The more you know, the more you can do with that information.  I even have a great little Thanksgiving cheat sheet to help us navigate through the Smart Points of everything on the holiday table.

Diva and the Divine

Get content created and scheduled in preparation for vacation: While I will have my camera and laptop with me for my travels, I know what life ends up like when I spend time in Florida.  Let’s just say not a whole lot of work gets done…  My goal is to get at least one video and blog post pre-scheduled to go up each week of my travels before we leave. Ideally, there will be two or 3 posts.  It’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of balance, but if I want to be taking this seriously, there’s no reason I can’t accomplish this goal. 


Read 3 books:  I’m trying, guys. I really am.  I just restarted the Harry Potter series, which will hopefully rope me back in like it did the first time.

Host a small birthday get together before we leave:  My birthday is on November 14th, and since we’re leaving shortly after that, having a little family get together is the perfect thing to do before we go. I didn’t want to make my parents host a party like they did last year (for my 30th) because we have been living in our home for 2 years now and I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of official gatherings that have happened at our place (2.  I’m pretty sure it’s 2..).  That’s got to change, so I’m throwing my own birthday shindig.  It will get the place all cleaned up before we leave, leaving a little less work for me while I’m busy packing and be a great way to make sure Erik and I see everyone before we head down South.

Start decorating for Christmas: I know, it sounds crazy, but we don’t know exactly when we’re coming back, and since we’ll be home for Christmas (and my inlaws will be here), I want to make sure we have the place looking at least a little bit festive so I don’t have to rush through a holiday activity I typically enjoy. 

Start (maybe finish?) Christmas shopping: This one sounds a little less crazy, right? It’s time to get Christmas shopping started, and maybe even finished so I can enjoy my holiday travels without having to worry about last minute gifts.  

There we go.  I’m not going to lie, this list feels a little bit overwhelming, but I’m confident that with a little bit a lot more focus than my norm (any tips would be great), I can get it all done.  

What are your goals for this month?

2 thoughts on “November 2017 Goals

  1. Juli Almanza says:

    Wow, that was actually really encouraging for ME! I don’t even know where I’d begin because there is always so much I want and NEED to accomplish, but I think I’ll use your list as a starting point to really think about some of my own goals for the month. I NEVER set goals – I have a fear of failure! – but it can only HELP, right?? LOVE THE CHEAT SHEET – good luck updating to SP lol….

  2. Kathleen Grob says:

    That is some list! I’ve no doubts that you will accomplish most if not all the things on your list. The new decade goal is something that I share with you for November. Five pounds in a month that includes Thanksgiving sounds daunting for me but I’m working hard at the gym and there is actually a class offered Thanksgiving morning that I really want to do. So prep work the week of Thanksgiving is also a goal. I’m also slacking a bit on tracking so there’s another goal!
    Hope your vacation is a blast! Looking forward to Friday weigh in!

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