New! Erin Condren Petite Planners For 2021

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Did I really say “2021?” Why yes, yes I did.

I got my hands on some of the latest and greatest from EC and just in time for me to start my #Last90Days challenge. I am a big fan of having a clean slate when a new challenge or start date for something happens, so this launch is perfect.

The Petite Planner folio system is a way for you to easily customize your own gorgeous folio with 4 books that best suit your needs. The three that I have to share are the meal planner, goals planner, and the 2021 daily planner set.

Before we dive into the books themselves, I just need to take a second to acknowledge just how stunning this icy blue folio is. The photo does NOT do it proper justice.

Meal Planner

Most of you that know me know that food is in some way, shape, or form, what I am most often talking about when I create content. I wanted a fresh meal planner for #Last90days simply because one of my goals is more regular and consistent meal planning and prepping, and the Erin Condren meal planner makes it so easy.

The new cover is absolutely gorgeous, and in my opinion, definitely a facelift from the previous version. The insides have not changed from the old version.

The primary contents of the meal planner consist of 28 weeks worth of planning. On one side of the page you get to layout your entire week ofo meals, and on the other side you create a shopping list and a meal prep strategy. As someone who has goals of planning/prepping her food as well as sticking to a budget at the grocery store and not overbuying, this is a perfect format.

While I would be perfectly content with a book that was entirely those meal planning pages, there are a few surprises to be found in the back. First, you will find several pages of dinner party planners, complete with a guest list (where you can also label allergies, requests, and if they’re bringing anything), a price tracker, recipe log, and a page of conversions that are incredibly handy to have as you are cooking.

Goals Planner

Like the meal planner, while the planner’s outside got a facelift, the inside remains the same. When you open the goals planner you will see a few pages of prep work to get your mind in the right space to help you decide what goals to work on, as well as a bit of guidance for using the planner.

The primary section of the planner gives you 6 color coded sections for 6 different goals. Within each section you’ll see a page where you set the goal, a page where you can map out small action steps to take, and then 4 pages of (presumably daily) check ins with a box for notes and a checklist (I love checklists to help keep you on track. Each page of check ins has 7 boxes, which is why I’m assuming the page is meant to be a week, making each goal 4 weeks long. Now, could you decide to do a check in once a week or every few days instead? Absolutely! That would be easier for longer term goals. It all depends on what you need for your specific goals. Make it work for you.

In the back of the book a few pages of reflection are there for you to work through the work you’ve done so far, what you’ve learned, and how you might continue to work on goals in the future.

Daily Planner

The daily planner actually comes in 4 different installments. Each notebook is 3 months long. The covers have been redone to make them a part of the gorgeous colorful layers theme that is rocking much of the EC product for the 2020/2021 planner year. Again, the insides are the same.

Each month starts with a monthly spread followed by daily pages. Each weekday gets its own page that has 3 lined sections and a checklist section. Weekends share a page and have a single blank section and a checklist. Good enough for me!

Typically, most people use these petite planners as a way to keep a daily planner in a smaller size than the regular Life Planners. Since I am already using and loving my EC Coiled Daily Duo as my day to day planner, I started to think creatively about how I could use these daily petite planners so they serve their own special purpose. I’m thinking about making them some sort of action planner for a few specific goals, or maybe a work planner specifically.

I’m open to suggestions!

The new petite planners launched today! You can head over to the Erin Condren website to check out the whole launch!

One thought on “New! Erin Condren Petite Planners For 2021

  1. Lissa Kristine says:

    Every time you post something EC I want it. It’s all SO gorgeous and makes me want to get into using planners consistently so I can justify buying one.

    I’m definitely interested in hearing what you’re going to do with the Petite Planners. Maybe it’ll give me some ideas for utilizing the planners that I have a little better.

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