My Weight Watchers Friendly Grocery Cart

Everyone has their go-to items at the grocery store.  Being a Weight Watchers lifetime member has been a long journey.  Along the way, I’ve discovered many things that keep finding their way into my grocery cart, and I figured I’d share them with you, as these items are all Weight Watchers friendly, and have led me to weight loss success.


  1. Fruit
    • Bananas
    • Berries (mainly strawberries, but blueberries and raspberries are often in there too)
    • Apples
    • The occasional watermelon or pineapple.
  2. Vegetables
    • Baby carrots (always)
    • Frozen broccoli or a mixed bag of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots
    • Cucumbers
    • Fresh spinach (for salads and in my eggs)
    • Canned pumpkin (seasonally).  I put it in a lot of things for extra bulk.
  3. Egg Whites
  4. Fat free Greek yogurt.  My favorites are by Dannon and Yoplait
  5. Lean meats (usually chicken or turkey, both as meat for dinner and in deli meat)
  6. Fat free shredded cheddar cheese
  7. Coffee (because I’m a coffee addict)
  8. Hummus (Aldi hummus is my favorite.  Low PPV and budget friendly)
  9. Snacks (because I’m realistic)
    • Fiber one bars (only 2 PPV and delicious). My favorites are lemon bar and cinnamon coffee cake
    • Quest Chips (20g protein and only 3 PPV)
    • Lower cal granola or nutri-grain type bars (usually from Trader Joes)
    • Popcorn (94% fat free)
  10. Sweet treats (because…well this one needs no explanation)
    1. Low cal ice cream treats
      • Weight Watchers, Skinny Cow, and Klondike slim-a-bear bars (depends on what is on sale)
    2. Many sweet treats from Trader Joe’s (Fat free meringues, cinnamon twists, pistachio cookies, and of course, the French macarons)
    3. Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream (by far one of the best tasting and best calorie/PPV values out there)
    4. Dry cake mixes ( to make my low point pumpkin cake)


There are many other things that can end up in my grocery cart, but these items are things that show up almost every trip.  My home is pretty much never without them.  I’ll be honest, there are definitely food stuffs that are not so Weight Watchers friendly that end up in my cart, and the joy of WW is that’s okay! In moderation of course.

What are some of your go to grocery items? Let me know what sort of healthy living foods end up in your grocery cart.

One thought on “My Weight Watchers Friendly Grocery Cart

  1. Brooke: Not On a Diet says:

    A lot of these are on my list as well! Except meat and greek yogurt. I do NOT understand the obsession with greek yogurt. Lol.

    Beans are on my list quite frequently as well. Oh and I stock up on WW smoothie mixes! I do all kinds of things with them. Smoothies, add them to cool whip for a fruit dip, mix them in my oatmeal, pancakes….endless possibilities! 🙂

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