My Week of Workouts | 5/4-5/10

As you may or may not know, I am a firm believer in all things planning. The more you plan (and actually stick to the said plan) the more likely you are to succeed. That being said, I want to try something new and start planning my workouts to help me stick to it even more. I won’t lie, I’m actually doing a pretty stellar job of sticking to my workout routine as long as it’s already planned, but on the days I have no plan I find it is too easy for me to either half-heartedly sneak my movement in or make an excuse to not do it at all. Thus, “my week of workouts” was born.

Will I share it every week? No, probably not. That’s not because I’m not planning them out, but simply because if it’s the exact same week to week, do you really want to read about it again?

I’m realizing lately that I am starting to feel a bit..what’s the word? Anxious? Uneasy? Unsettled? Maybe unsettled! I’m feeling a bit unsettled about my movement as of late. It’s not that I don’t love my current workout plan, because I do! I just feel like quarantine has taken away a lot of the unintentional movement that I am used to. After Bodypump (or really during any visit to the gym) I get on an elliptical and just go for 30-45 minutes. It’s a great way for me to burn off that extra energy, break a sweat, and even burn some extra calories. I just don’t feel like my legs have bee doing everything they should be doing and it’s giving me a very dissatisfied feeling, despite reaching step goals and such. As I mentioned in my goals for this month, the theme of May is “Level Up” and I want that to include my movement.

This Week’s Workouts

Monday 5/4

Liift 4: Week 3 Day 1- Chest and triceps. This was half weight training, half HIIT training.

Tuesday 5/5

Liift 4: Week 3 Day 2- Back and Biceps. This workout was entirely circuit weight training. It was intense but awesome.

Wednesday 5/6

Rest day from Liift. Today’s plan is to do a Cize workout, which is dance cardio. I will top it off by repeating the tricep exercises from Monday, as I want to work them into my workouts a few days a week. I believe they will be incredibly helpful in triggering my barely-there triceps.

I also plan on going for a walk this afternoon, even if it’s just for 15 or 20 minutes just to get outside and stretch my legs a bit.

Thursday 5/7

Liift 4: Week 3 Day 3- Shoulders. Liift intervals mean we do a weight training set and then HIIT, going back and forth between the two. I enjoy shoulder day very much.

Friday 5/8

Liift 4: Week 3 Day 4- Leg day 50/50. Half of the workout is weight training the lower body and then part 2 is HIIT training. This has been known to leave my legs feeling like Jell-O.

This is also weigh-in day and will be the start of another week on the Fab 4 Smoothie.

Saturday 5/9

Weekends are rest days from Liift and have been the most difficult times for me to get a workout in, simply because I get lazy.

The plan is to go back to an old favorite and either do Morning Meltdown 100 Cardio Meltdown or Fight Club (or maybe both!). Either choice will get me excited to workout

Sunday 5/10

Happy Mother’s Day! Traditionally Sunday is my rest day, but lately, my husband and I have been getting our movement in my taking turns playing the Nintendo Ring Fit game that he gave me for my birthday. Yes, it’s a video game, but holy moly that thing gets your heart pumping and muscles toned. The longer you play, the more sweaty you get. It’s the perfect “It’s Sunday but I still want to do something” tool for getting extra movement in.

That’s my week in workouts. In a perfect world, I’ve got a meal plan to go right alongside it, but we’re starting with baby steps. Meal planning is something this homemaker is still aspiring to accomplish on a regular basis.

Let’s get moving!

One thought on “My Week of Workouts | 5/4-5/10

  1. Lissa Kristine says:

    Maybe I should get better about planning/scheduling my workouts. I just feel like I have no idea where to start with trying to incorporate more structure without having every single day planned out for me. Something like Liift 4 where I have 3 days that I can be flexible on might be a good thing for me. (Too many programs I’ve tried have 6-7 days scheduled. Those never work out for me. Hmmm. Gives me something to think about.

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