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As you all know, when I find a new product that I love, I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Generally, shoes are not the thing that I rave about (other than the Tieks that reviewed a long while back), but since it is a rare occasion that I find shoes that are worth raving about for my feet effected by CMT, I decided that these are worth talking about.  I stumbled upon a pair of flats that are cute, comfortable, and affordable that I want in every single color.  Meet Mox Shoes.


Mox shoes started in Australia (but they’re now available in the USA) when the founders of Mox, Amber and Stacey, decided they needed a shoe that was practical enough for all day wear (I wish more shoe companies thought this way). Mox can replace flip flops at the pool, be dressed up for a night out, or can be thrown on for running errands or a trip to the mall.  I can see many different uses for a shoe this comfortable.


Mox shoes are made of 100% man made rubber. The material is soft, fully submersible in water, and really comfortable.  They have a really unique braided design so you can show off a little teaser of your latest pedicure.  I’m sure the thought of rubber shoes makes you flash back to the good old days of the jelly shoe (made of PVC plastic) and makes you wonder about sweaty feet.   Mox shoes are designed in such a way that your feet won’t end up any sweatier than they would in a traditional closed toe leather or synthetic shoe. There is plenty of ventilation in Mox shoes.  I’d be more worried about wearing them out in the snow than on a hot summer day. Because they’re made of rubber, after a few wears the shoes will start to mold to your feet, making them very comfortable.


When I heard that there could be another (much less expensive, compared to Tieks) comfortable pair of flats out there, I knew I had to try them for myself.  Not only do shoes on my feet have to be comfortable, but it is a requirement that they’re easy to wear and supportive as well, or I could easily end up tripping and on the ground.  When the lovely ladies at Mox offered to sent me a pair, I couldn’t resist the latte color (which is actually more ballet pink than a coffee color) so I looked at the sizes and put in my request.


A note on sizing: The Mox site has a helpful sizing guide as the shoes aren’t offered in US sizes. for reference, I’m a 8.5 in Toms, an 8 in Tieks, and I ordered a 40.

When my shoes arrived, I said a little prayer that I picked the right size and slipped them on.  They fit like a glove.  They didn’t feel too tight, but they were snug enough that I felt very secure.   The heel is well padded, offering comfort that many flats do not.  I have taken these shoes on several errands to thoroughly test them, and my only complaint is that the first wear bothered the top of a few of my toes, but because of my CMT, I have hammer toes, which make shoes fit a little less well.  This issue remedied itself with a few more wears.  If I can wear these, many people can. I’m a picky shoe person, and Mox shoes passed the test.

Mox shoe come in 5 colors: Black, Platinum, Latte, Blueberry, Coral.

The awesome ladies over at Mox Shoes created a special coupon code just for my readers.  If you use the code DIVA2015 you can get 10% off your Mox shoes purchase.  The shoes are already the very reasonable price of $39.99 and for first time USA customers they offer free shipping.  Act fast, because the coupon code is only valid until June 15, 2015.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable pair of flats, check out Mox Shoes and enjoy the unique look that they offer. I know I want a pair in every color. 🙂


*I was sent my pair of Mox shoes for review consideration. All opinions are 100% my own*

7 thoughts on “Mox Shoes Review

  1. plasticfantastic says:

    yes i thought they were great until they melted and the sole became slippery. paid $50 for a cheaply made pair of plastic shoes .

      • Pauline says:

        Unsure how your shoe could have melted unless placed in a fire?
        I own a few pairs of these shoes and love them. I live in the far north of Auatralia and experience extreme heat daily. My shoes have lasted heat and rain and are still very comfortable!

    • Amber says:

      Hi Pauline,
      Mox do not make your feet smell. The basketweave pattern allows for airflow through the shoe. Your feet will not sweat or smell any more than they do in a different type of shoe.
      Hope that helps,

  2. Cheese Please says:

    Great concept, but please don’t buy if you actually want to use them to walk in. I had mine for 5 months and only started wearing them more regularly recently – that’s very light wear as it was just walking to the bus stop for my daily commute. They’ve pretty much disintegrated and now almost split in two! I’ve never purchased such a bad quality shoe in my life and I’ve bought many a super cheap shoe

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