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Another month, another list of monthly favorites.  This month I actually have a legitimate amount of things I want to share with you.  Buckle up..I’ve got some good stuff to talk about.


Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil– I started using a legitimate makeup remover (rather than just 4 or 5 Bioderma soaked cotton pads) to start my nighttime routine, and my skin appreciates it.  I wanted to find a cleansing oil that didn’t break the bank, but did a good job and this is it.  I take 2-3 pumps of this oil and rub it on my dry face, and rub it in for a little bit. Then, I wet my hands (and sometimes my konjac sponge) and continue to rub my face.  Adding water turns the oil into a milky white cleanser.  Once I rinse, my face feels so clean that some nights I don’t bother to cleanse again.  One swipe of a cotton pad with Bioderma afterwards proves to me how well this stuff works because the pad has virtually no makeup on it.  Winner!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate– This stuff is liquid gold, my friends.  This serum is full of good for the skin ingredients like lavender and primrose oils and it somehow magically addresses a multitude of skin concerns.  This isn’t marketed toward acne prone skin types, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you it helps my skin with that problem. I put 5 or so drops on my skin after cleansing and toning at night, and by the morning my skin looks a lot prettier than normal.  Do I still breakout? Yes, but this definitely is helping my skin with that issue, as well as general maintenance of other skin issues like redness and dryness.  While the price is very reasonable (compared to some other really popular oils out there), you get a lot for your money and the bottle will last a long time.  I’m in love with this serum and am definitely interested in trying more from the Kiehl’s brand.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser– I’ve heard about this product for so long and I finally tried it. I now understand what all the hype is about.  This drugstore product delivers on its promise to help erase dark circles, which are a major concern of mine.  A few clicks of product and a quick brush under my eyes blended out with my Beauty Blender, and I’m good to go.  I also set it with my Bare Minerals Well-Rested for some extra dark circle protection.  It does settle into fine lines if I don’t set it with powder, but that’s a small price to pay for the wonderful result.   I can’t even begin to tell you how many high end under-eye concealers I’ve tried that don’t work as well as this one does.  Budget friendly and works like a charm!

Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Sheer Obsessed- This lipstick is my perfect gateway into spring color.  It has a medium sheer coverage which offers color without being too opaque. The formula is smooth and hydrating, so it feels nice to apply, and has a beautiful high shine finish.  Sheer Obsessed is a pretty pink shade that is a great spring and summer shade that will allow me, the queen of nude/neutral lips, to slip into a summer shade without feeling too bold.  

ILNP Nail Polish in “Home Sweet Home”– Speaking of gateway products, this nail polish sent me spiraling down the rabbit hole of this new (to me) brand so quickly I barely knew what hit me.  ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) is a brand I found on Instagram that is everything I could ever want in a nail polish line.  Every single color is full of glitter or a stunning holographic effect (or both!) that caters to the glitter queen in me.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I’ve always loved things that sparkle and shine, and I also love to express myself through my nail color.  This brand allows me to do just that with every shade in their collection.  I quickly went from owning no ILNP polishes to owning 20 (I’m not even kidding), and the shade “Home Sweet Home” started it all.  It’s a soft lavender (almost silver) ultra holographic polish that glitters and shines in a stunning rainbow effect when the light hits it.  It was love at first polish, and I see no end in sight for this romance.  

Sigma F35 Tapered Highlight Brush– I finally added some Sigma to my brush collection and bought this one on a whim. Turns out this brush is the perfect highlighter brush.  Its size and shape is ideal for gliding highlighter along my cheek bones and nose, but that’s not why I love it.  This brush is also the perfect size to set and highlight my under eye area.  I’m highly considering buying another one just so I can use one for shimmery highlights and one for matte highlights.  The last thing I need is to accidentally put a high shine highlight on my under eyes.  LOVE this brush.

T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer– I asked for this little beauty for Christmas and good old Santa delivered.  Because of my CMT, I have a really hard time blowdrying my hair with my heavy duty hair dryer.  It was just too hard on my wrists to lift up and hold, so I started hunting for something that might be better.  The T3 Featherweight turned out to be perfect for my needs. It’s small and lightweight, but definitely doesn’t lack in power.  Now I can blow dry my hair quickly (it’s a serious hair dryer) and easily without totally tiring myself out.  That in and of itself is worth every cent of its $150 price tag.

Advocare Spark: For those of you that don’t know, I’m doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. One of the products in that challenge is this awesome drink mix called Spark, which is an amino acid and vitamin supplement that powers up your water.  Meant to help with energy and mental focus, this drink mix also contains 120mg of caffeine.  While it hasn’t replaced my morning coffee habit (because coffee trumps all in the morning), I have started using it as a pre-workout beverage and it works like a charm at keeping me energized and powering through my cardio. It also tastes good too. 

RAP Protein Gummies– Yeah, you read right: protein gummies.  I discovered these strawberry babies at GNC and now they’re one of my favorite treats.  It’s 5 Smart Points for a generous sized package that packs 20g protein into a candy replacement.  Don’t expect these to taste just like red gummy bears, because you will be severely disappointed. However, if you like to find healthier versions of your favorite treats, this is definitely something to try.  It might take 2 or 3 gummies to get over the initial flavor, but once I did, they became one of my favorite snacks and I don’t leave GNC without them.  

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