Making Lemonade🍋

Our world is very, very strange right now, and that’s putting it way too lightly. The world, not just our country, but literally the entire world is in a situation that hasn’t really been seen before. We’re all in lockdown, self-isolated, self-quarantined, forced quarantine, the works! It feels like breaking the law just to run to the grocery store to buy food, and that’s not even possible in some cased because grocery stores have been picked over and much is out of stock.  Restaurants are takeout only. Schools are shut down. Jobs are work from home or for many have disappeared, causing much financial stress about how families are going to survive in this time of uncertainty. All because of this virus that is so easy to catch and less easy to manage for at-risk individuals.  It’s scary.

I’ll be honest, I seriously debated whether to say anything in my content about COVID-19 at all, but there is no hiding from it. We all are experiencing this craziness together in real-time, so I feel I have to say something, but it’s not going to be negative. There’s too much negative in the world right now. Too much fear, panic, and quite frankly too much of people being horrible people.  Granted, there is also a ton of humanity being great to one another, which is an encouraging thing to see, so don’t think for a second that I’m not acknowledging that as well. 

In the spirit of trying to keep things positive, I want to just take a minute to encourage everyone, not in the “this too shall pass” sort of way, but in the “we all have a crap-ton of lemons, why not make some epic lemonade?” kind of way. 

The truth is, like it or not, employed or not, embracing self-isolation or panicking about it, most of us are stuck in a situation we’d rather not be in. Yes, I am fully aware that there is a gigantic financial impact on many, and I’m not trying to downplay that at all, but if reality isn’t going to change we might as well embrace the situation we’re in and do what we can with what we’re currently given, right?

So, let’s make lemonade!

How can we fully embrace the opportunity we’re being given to slow down a little bit? What ways can we spend our time that will leave us coming out on the other side of this not feeling like we wasted the (maybe) months we were isolated? How can we make the world’s best lemonade out of these crappy lemons?

Last night on my weekly live stream we were talking about staying on track with our food while we live this new normal, and some new person popped in and asked: “How can you be talking about tracking when there is so much else going on in the world?” This is a valid question, but it also sort of drove my point home. Right now, one of the best things we can do is to stay home, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit on our couches and literally do nothing. Instead, we talked about how we can still get our workouts in even more than normal because we don’t have anywhere else to be. We can focus on changing our focus from food to doing other things because we should not be running out to the grocery store due to the fact we binge ate 2 week’s worth of food in 2 days out of boredom. We might be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck.

I fully intend on embracing this time to do things I’ve wanted to do but simply haven’t been able to find the time for like read more books, declutter and deep clean every single inch of my home, finish that video game my husband has been nagging me to play, and create content that is meant to uplift, encourage, inspire, or just help people get their minds away from this madness for even just a few minutes. My goal is for Diva and the Divine to continue with business as usual, as much as “as usual” can be while I still work on my mental health and try to get myself back on track with life, which is something I have to do for me. This was a realization I had before the world shut down completely, and if you’d like more info on what I’ve been going through, I published an entire video about it.

So, my friends, how will you be making lemonade out of your lemons? I fully believe that if we all focus a little bit more on the opportunity that’s been presented to us (I understand how hard this is for so many, I really do, and my heart goes out to you) and a little less on the negative side of things (since that won’t change anything anyway), then we can come out on the other side of this better, stronger, happier, and more grateful than ever for all of the things in life we’ve taken for granted, and proud of all we accomplished while we were isolated.  We can do this.  We WILL do this.

Stay safe. STAY HOME. Wash your hands. Be Kind!

2 thoughts on “Making Lemonade🍋

  1. Kimberly O. says:

    I agree! To me, it seems like staying the course with losing weight is about the ONLY thing we can control right now. I’m working hard at keeping my mind from going off the deep-end with “what ifs”. I have a compromised immune system and I’m taking a biologic which makes it even more compromised. The hubs just started working from home too so that he doesn’t accidentally bring something home. (He figures he’d recover if he ended up with it.) We (Minnesota) are going to set up a few Skype calls with his parents (Arizona) and his sister (Washington state) so that we all get to connect a little more since we can’t be face-to-face. I think this whole business of hunkering down would be a heck of a lot easier if it was spring or summer in Minnesota, am I right?

  2. Lissa Kristine Jorgensen says:

    For me, the food thing isn’t all that hard. Just a few months ago, money was so tight that I often couldn’t afford to drive just drive whenever I wanted. Going to the store on a whim to pick up food simply wasn’t an option; I had to stay home and get by on what I had until I had another reason to go out. I’d only pick up food after another scheduled event (like stopping at Aldi after church). The harder thing will be affording some basics if my money runs out- though there’s also a very good chance I’ll end up being able to save a LOT of money if a few things fall into place. [If I get Unemployment benefits,I’d be ok with being isolated for quite some time].

    For the most part, aside from some anxiety related to finances and my own mental health (and being stuck at home with no escape from my family), I’m cool with the whole isolation thing. I can’t exactly avoid going out once every week or 2 with the amount of produce I go through, but still, with the amount of money I’ll save on gas working sporadically and sticking to my usual minimal/budget groceries, I’m pretty excited about what’s going to happen.

    Though, I still have my moments of completely freaking out, this is the one time where I’m really able to see the positives to this whole situation.

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