Life Updates: The Friday 5: December 6, 2013



With less than a month to go until wedding day (yikes!) I’m short on time and short on sanity.  That being said, my 5 will be a few life updates this week.


Our First Thanksgiving

This year Erik and I actually get to spend our first holiday season together, and that started with Thanksgiving last week.  We didn’t go to either set of parents, we didn’t get together with friends, and I didn’t cook.  Instead, we went to Ted’s Montana Grill (amazing bison burgers, by the way) and they had a Thanksgiving dinner special.  For $25 we got a choice of soup, salad, or bison chili, a complete heaping plate of Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, a roll, squash casserole ( which I switched out for broccoli, as I’m not a squash fan) and garlic mashed potatoes, and apple crisp with ice cream for dessert.  After eating to our heart’s content (and taking home a to go box filled to the top..each) we went over to the AMC across the street and indulged in an IMAX viewing of Catching Fire.  It wasn’t home cooked food with family, but I was with the man who is going to be the most important member of my family.  It was a great date, a nice Thanksgiving, and an epic movie night.


Wedding Day: 4 Weeks to go

4 weeks from right now we will be at our rehearsal dinner!  My how time flies.  It seems like now there is a constant stream of texts and emails coming at me from  both sides of the family, my florist and many others.  It’s a very exciting, but very stressful time. We leave for Christmas break in two weeks, so everything needs to be done on my end by then.  Been working on my seating chart, collecting the last of the RSVP cards, and all of the little details.  Thank God for the amazing “Team Wedding” I have working for me both in IL and Florida.  My family (including my aunt’s best friend Eileen, who lately seems to be heading up the team) has been so amazing at keeping things flowing.  Without this awesome team, I’d be a puddle of stress on the floor..although that feeling seems to come and go anyway.  Soon enough we will be married and a whole different type of chaos takes over


Suja Juice Cleanse

I was lucky enough to WIN an Instagram post competition (by being innovative and positing a video of me singing rather than a photo) and it won me the juice cleanse that I have been absolutely dying to try.  It’s just under $160 for the 3 day cleanse, so this was a huge prize.  The juices are sitting in my fridge (18 of them, I get 6 different ones each day) ready for me to start.  I plan on doing the cleanse starting Monday the 9th through Wednesday the 12th, and will blog about the experience.  Fear not skeptics, I won’t be starving myself.  A TON of produce goes into these, and I actually calculated the Points Plus Values of my day, and it turns out I will be consuming 27 Points each day, which is technically 1 over my target.  My body’s caloric and nutritional requirements will be satisfied 🙂

I’ll Be Home For Christmas…oh wait..

I won’t be.  I’m spending Christmas down in Florida with Erik and his family.  In all of my past 26 Christmases on this Earth I have pretty much done the exact same thing, gone to the same place, and been with the same people in freezing cold Chicagoland.  This year I will still be with family (Erik’s family has been so amazing since the very beginning.  I am honored to be considered a part of their family), but it will definitely be different experience.  Sorry that I’m not there to sing Trinity.


Voice Teaching Continues

I’m up to a studio of 25 students.. 25!!  The Lord smiled on my move to North Carolina..seriously.  All of my students are so different; different ages, different levels of ability, different goals, but they all want to get better.  I even have one student who took it upon herself to learn music theory so she can “do this right.”  It blew my mind.  We are currently getting them all registered for the recital coming up in February.  It kind of stinks to have no social life due to my working hours of 3-9pm, but I do all of my work teaching music, which is more than many music theater majors can say.  I am blessed.

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