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So, I figured I would use Thursday’s usual (and by usual I mean I have been terrible about doing it for about 2 months now..) Thinking Out Loud post (Thank’s Amanda for this series, seriously) to give a general update on life, this summer, and what’s coming in the fall.




There’s a good chance that Erik comes home from Atlanta tomorrow, which means we successfully survived his summer internship!  We have learned that we actually aren’t all that good about being away from each other for more than a week at max, which, while that’s good and romantic, really sucks when the plan was for a lot longer.  With some awesome flexibility on our parts, we managed to see each other quite frequently.  He came to Savannah for part of Fitbloggin, and to Chicago since his office was closed for the 4th of July.  Then we saw each other for 5 days at an event for his internship in Dallas, which was a great time.  Erik surprised me 2 weeks into the internship (because I was miserable) by coming home to work from Chapel Hill for the weekend and I went to Atlanta twice.  We definitely made it work, and while it was a struggle, I am very proud of how flexible we were for one another.



This summer I have felt like a world traveler! I have never been on the move so much.  I went to Atlanta and got to see the city, go to an Atlanta Braves game (with our own special box front he company) and hang out with Erik’s new friends (who are all awesome!).  Then I journeyed to Fitbloggin at the end of June, which was an awesome experience, and that rolled right into going to Chicago for a week to be with my family.  We did a ton of activities while I was home: Lunch on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building for my mom’s birthday (with some walking around the Magnificent Mile), mini golfing, seeing the Jersey Boys movie, going to the zoo and having a festive 4th of July with a cookout and fireworks. After that visit, I was in Chapel Hill long enough to switch out my clothing and then headed to Dallas.  We stayed at the Gaylord Texan, ate awesome food, got to chill by the pool and ride the Cowtown Cycles (which I had never den heard of) and had a great time.  I enjoyed bonding with Erik’s work friends and of course enjoyed the opportunity to be with my husband.  After spending last weekend in Atlanta, I’m now at home and our table has become the packing hub for me because we have one more trip to make: our honeymoon!  Due to being at grad school, we didn’t exactly have time to take one right after we got married, but that’s okay because our perfect honeymoon is less than a week away.  A 12 night cruise to the Mediterranean!:-D  We start in Venice, Italy, and we will hit 9 different amazing places on one of Princess Cruises newest ships. It’s going to be an amazing adventure with romance and no work, which is something I’m not entirely sure Erik knows how to do.  He’s always working.  I’m looking forward to it being just us, totally disconnected and able to focus on love and marriage, because to be honest, thanks to the chaos of grad school it hasn’t really felt like we’ve had the chance to be married yet.  It will be awesome!



Despite so much awesome, this summer has proven to challenge me as well.  Having Erik gone has been hard.  Apparently I function a lot better with him around.  I’m not as encouraged to go to bed at a reasonable time (which we are even bad at when we’re together) and my eating habits have been less than ideal.  The scale has spent the entire summer higher than it should be, and that’s so incredibly discouraging to me. My workouts have been frequent, but they haven’t necessarily been quality.  Between that and poor diet, it’s no wonder my body is responding the way it is.  I’m not surprised, and that might be the worst part.  I KNOW how to fix this problem, and yet the motivation is somewhere far away.  I know that life after goal is hard, but come on.. This has been taking a toll on my energy, stress level, and self confidence.  It’s a major joy suck, and then putting the icing of Erik being gone on the cake and you have the reason I’ve been just surviving, rather than thriving this summer.  I’m not even motivated to write, guys, and I’m a blogger! I’m so completely frustrated with myself for so many reasons, and that’s a horrible feeling.



As I said, I haven’t exactly had the desire to sit down and crank out any posts, which bums me out more because I actually want to turn Diva and the Divine into something bigger.  I also had the light bulb moment last week at work that I don’t actually enjoy teaching voice lessons right now, and my fire for music is starting to put itself out.  That is terrifying to me.  I pray and pray, but something in my mind and my heart just isn’t clicking right now, and I don’t know what to do.


Looking Ahead..

All of that being said, with summer coming to an end and an epic honeymoon less than a week away I hope I can recharge, reset, and hit the ground with a new found motivation and inspiration in all aspects of my life.  Maybe the truth is that I’m so worried and stressed about it all that I can’t actually do anything about it, so I need to not worry about it for awhile.

Body- I’ve had a couple days where I’ve actually expressed my body confidence issues to Erik and he admitted that he had put on some weight too, so after our trip we will worry about getting back on track.  Just hearing him affirm that it’s okay is very helpful.  I have every intention to enjoy all of the food on our cruise.  Delicious meals on board and authentic meals when we are on excursions to some of the most amazing cities in the world.  We also signed up for excursions with SO much walking that it might actually balance itself out..or at least lessen the blow.  When we get home, it’s back to basics and back on track, but I’m going to enjoy my honeymoon of a lifetime first.

Life- I’m looking forward to bonding with my husband on our trip and then coming home ready to conquer marriage and life and whatever they might throw at us.

Travel- After our trip I am looking forward to not traveling for awhile.  Its fun and all, but it’s also stressful and draining, and my body and mind just need to return to routine and normalcy for awhile.

Blog-  Okay, I have a grand total of one post going up while I’m away.  After this post and finishing up the one to go up Aug 10th, I’ just going to be done with the blog until I get home.  It’s not worth the stress it will put on me when I have Erik coming home, packing to do and a trip to get excited for.  Somethings gotta give, and until mid-August, this will be it.  I’m not gone forever, just for a few weeks. This is part of the recharge thing.

When I get back I plan on picking things up full force.  My Youtube channel will start getting some new content and new posts will start popping up here, too.  Summer favorites (because I’ve totally neglected monthly favorites), Back to school/fall prep, and of course, a back on track diet and workout series to help me get my rear back in gear.  Pumpkin season is right around the corner, so watch out for that too 🙂

Alright, enough of my ramblings.  That’s what is going on in my little world.  If you have any thoughts or advice on any of this, please comment, because clearly I need all the help I can get.  Wishing you all a very happy start to August 🙂


2 thoughts on “Life Update and What’s Coming Next: Summer 2014

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    A Mediterranean cruise? Get out of town! Ahhh that sounds amazing! I’ve never been on a cruise… or to the Mediterranean… but I would love to do both someday. You’re going to have an absolute blast 😀

    And girl, don’t beat yourself up too much over body image stuff. You know what? I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that they’ve recently put on a little bit of weight as well… there seems to be something going around 😆 Weight comes, weight goes, and at the end of the day, the most important thing is being happy and healthy.

  2. Kristin Engebretsen says:

    By this time, you are already on your AMAZING honeymoon cruise, relaxing, enjoying Erik with no work, eating yummy food, and seeing amazing sights. I hope your trip is everything you dream and more! Love you, sissy!

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