June 2013 Favorites

Well, it’s that time again.  Since I have taken to blogging more than sitting and filming youtube videos, I figured my Jane Favorites will be happening via blog this month as well.

Fiber One Brownies (in Lemon Bar and Cinnamon)

(photos from the Fiber One website)

I am a HUGE fan of Fiber One products.  Many give you a wonderful PointsPlus (Weight Watchers) bang for your buck.  My favorite products are the chocolate cereal (seriously, try it.) and their brownies.  I thought I had hit the jackpot with the chocolate chip cookie and chocolate brownie ones, but then I discovered these brand new brownies of joy.  I saw them both at the store and decided to try the lemon ones first.  They’re magnificent!  The lemon flavor is just right (not an overwhelming citrus explosion) and its soft and wonderful.  Then I decided I hadto try the cinnamon coffee cake.  It’s equally as amazing, with its softness and delicious coffee cake taste, with zero guilt!! You can enjoy these (or any other Fiber One brownie flavor) for only 2 PointePlus!  Find them in the granola bar aisle.  You’re welcome 🙂

Clinique CC Cream ($35)

If you read a few posts back to my Summer Must Haves, you’ll see why I use this stuff.  It’s a perfect foundation replacement for summer.  It’s lighter than a foundation and has amazing benefits: SPF, color correction (thank you more coverage), and hydration are just a few of them.  A little bit goes a long way, so it’s worth the price.  My shiny skin just needs a quick dose of setting powder and I’m good to go.

Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Detangling Spray

(for photo, click link above)

The Not Your Mother’s brand is a recent discovery of mine, and the Knotty to Nice detangler is a nice addition to my collection.  It’s summer, which means my long hair gets into a hot, frizzy, oily at roots/dry at ends mess quite often.  Because of this, I’ve been using the NYM detangler after I shower so my hair can continue to get points for good behavior.  It’s infused with keratin protein to keep hair soft, healthy, and shiny.  I can’t remember it’s exact price, but for around $8, this is a great addition to any summer hair care routine.  Bonus: it smells nice too, so I don’t mind being a little generous.

Lush Buffy

This body butter has been a favorite of mine for well over two years, and could very legitimately make it onto my favorites every month.  Lush body butters are more or less solid lotions that melt into your skin as you apply them in shower . The result is baby soft skin with no after shower lotion application required.  The difference between the other Lush body butters and Buffy is this one is multipurpose. there is ground up rice, beans and almonds thrown right into the mix making it not only an amazing moisturizer, but it exfoliates like a pro as well.  The combination is deadly to dry skin.  My personal recommendation is to use it before shaving.  The exfoliation helps get the hair follicles primed for the razor, and the extra moisture helps things go smoothly (ha..ha..).  You legs (and anyone who touches them) will thank you. The cocoa and shea butter miracle comes in 2 sizes and costs $11.95/$22.95.

Archer Farms Hummus

(No photo available at this time)

 I could just say all hummus is my favorite this month, but the reason I went with Archer Farms (brand only carried at Target) is because since my move to North Carolina I have only been able to find my favorite hummus flavor in this brand: Sun dried tomato basil.  Until this purchase I have been a loyal Tribe hummus consumer, but when I haven’t been able to find my preferred flavor, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on it despite the brand change (Tribe Sun dried tomato basil is only 1 PP per serving, where most other hummus costs you a little more) and I hurried home to try some with carrots.  It was love at first bite!  I’ve gone through two containers of the stuff in a week and have actually picked carrots and hummus over several snacks and even made it a significant part of a meal or two.  It’s delicious and healthy and a perfect favorite for summer.

Clearly I didn’t have many beauty favorites going on this month, but since this is a blog about everything in my life, quality diet food finds will probably frequent my favorites.  I want to know YOUR favorite things this month.  Leave comments below 🙂  Happy July, my friends.

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