July 50 Mile Fitness Challenge

This morning I decided to look into the workout program that my sister has been using and is really proud of: the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home series.  As I was well into my 3 mile “walk” in front of my TV I got a text from Kristina (my sister) about how Miss Sansone is coming out with some 30-day challenge in August and the idea hit me: I don’t need to wait for her challenge to start one of my own!


And so, the July 50 Mile Fitness Challenge was born.


Here’s the gist of it.  This month I will challenge myself to accomplish 50 miles on my workouts.  My preferred method of cardio is the elliptical, so between that and regularly participating in the Walk at Home videos (and if I do any walking for fitness), my goal is to “walk” at least 50 miles this month. My average elliptical workout is 2-3 miles and Leslie Sansone offers 1, 2, 3, and even 5 mile workouts.  Any combination of the workouts will do as long as I hit that magic number.  Originally I was going to go with a 75 or 100 mile goal, but for my first challenge I wanted to ensure it was attainable.  After all, the road to your health, fitness, and weight loss goals is paved in smaller goals.  If I set some monster goal, posted to the world about it, then failed to obtain it, how would that feel?  Not so good.  So 50 miles it is.


Feel free to join in with me, friends. Elliptical, walking, biking (although 50 is a lot easier on the bike), whatever you want.  Every mile is a mile closer to your personal goals.   I’ll keep track of my milage and post the results at the end of the month.  Ready?






3 thoughts on “July 50 Mile Fitness Challenge

  1. Gail Soberski says:

    I have a question for you. I take an aqua aerobics class three times a week. I am in the water for 1 hour 20 mintues. It is a combination workout with arms, jumping, and water weights. How can that figure into this challenge? I am planning on doing a walking workout 2 days in addition to the water workout. Thanks, Brianna!

    • briannavoss says:

      Having a (waterproof) pedometer is really the best way to tell exactly what distance you’re making in swim class. I did a 3 mile workout with the walk at home videos in just over 45 minutes, but my feet were really cruising at a quick speed. I’d guess you could give yourself at least a mile for every half hour, but the pedometer is the only way to know for sure.

  2. Joanne Rowe says:

    The new Fitbit is a great way to keep track of how many miles you walk/run with results graphed on your computer! I don’t have one yet, but my friend does, and she loves it!! It is the size of a quarter, and you can hook it on your bra so it’s out of the way all day long. Check it out!!

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