Japanese Beauty Product Haul- Part 1

Beauty Products found in Japan

It should come as no surprise that one of my priority items on my to-do list while hanging out in Japan for awhile is to hunt down beauty and skincare products that I can’t get in the US.  While I  am trying to not go too crazy (at least not yet 😉 ), I have managed to pick up a handful of items to try out while I’m here.  I call this post “Part 1” because I am sure that in the 6 weeks I have left in Japan I will accumulate enough product for at least one more post.  So far there have been some great finds as well has some “meh” finds, but either way I am enjoying trying new things and am starting to get increasingly more sad that I won’t be able to find some of these products when I get home.


Tsururi Pore Cleansing– This face wash is a “Morocco Ghassoul Andes Salt Scrub with power hot stone” so I had higher expectations that were not met. I was expecting an exfoliant that I could feel the grit of, but there was barely any grit to speak of.  It was a heating cleanser, so when it touched water it did warm up briefly. I enjoy cleansers that do that as they open the pores nicely, allowing the good ingredients to clean deep down.  However, I kept this in the shower, and apparently the packaging isn’t tight enough to keep water that is around out, so if the product got wet in the package it lost its warming effect.  Sad day.  The texture, color, and smell reminds me of the Biore charcoal gel cleanser, which is currently my regular face wash, but I like mine a lot better.  Oh well.


LuLuLun sheet masks– This brand name is huge here and very inexpensive.  I bought this pack of 7 sheet masks for 400 yen. From what I can gather, the entire line of masks serves a hydrating purpose, but some are more intense than others.  From the little translation I could get off the site there is a moisture balance (pink), a refreshing clarity (white), and one that is translated as “the dust has a coercive wet type” (blue).  Since I’m not sure what the blue one meant in beauty terms, I left it alone.  Luckily I picked up the one that had “clarity” in the description, so for my skin type it’s the right choice.  They don’t sit on the face as perfectly as some pricier masks, but it delivers a nice hydration that doesn’t leave my skin feeling gross or overly treated afterward.  For the few dollars the set of 7 cost me, I will likely be getting these again.

Biore Strips

Biore charcoal cleanising strips- In the drugstore, there were several options of Biore strips to pick from, unlike at home.  I opted for the black ones as that tends to have clarifying charcoal in it. About a week after I got them I saw something online mentioning they’re a new product for the USA.  I was ahead of the game!  I don’t know that I notice much of a difference in how effective they are compared to the ones at home, but I do notice a little bit more of a tingly sensation the first few minutes I have it on.  My biggest highlight of this was that is it was 400 yen for 10.  They’re a bit pricier in the US.


Apple Polyphenol mask– I don’t know the brand name or anything else about this sheet mask, but thankfully it mentions its purpose in english.  I snagged this one because it was for oil control and minimizing pores.  There were 2 masks in the box and it was 200 yen.  The mask actually smelled a bit like apples and my skin wasn’t greasy or shiny afterward.


Maybelline baby lips colors/ lip balm– I love the Baby Lips line from back home, so when I saw the same name with a line of products I hadn’t seen before I knew I had to try them.  First was a Baby Lips in chapstick form.  Same size and same style packaging.  The formula is great;  Very smooth and hydrating.  The flavor (I got cherry, but there were a few other options) was minimal , but added a little something extra. This would be a reasonable replacement for my trusted Lip Smackers.

Baby Lips colors

Now, the Baby Lips Colors is what really caught my eye.  In the US, some of the Baby Lips have a sheer wash of color, but the Colors here are definitely more pigmented.  They smell minty and delicious and leave a nice wash of color on your lips.  It’s not as strong as a lipstick, but definitely not as sheer as a tinted balm.  The formulation isn’t compromised by the added color.  Baby Lips Colors still leave my lips feeling hydrated and smooth.  The perfect all in one for casual makeup.  I will be searching for other shades 🙂


Susai Beauty Clear Powder– This product fascinated me.  I found it in an aisle that was near products that I could tell were for breakout prone skin, so I knew it was safe to take a chance.  The Susai powder comes in individual little pods (as do a lot of things in Japan).  You pour the powder in your hand, mix a few drops of water, and apply.  I use it with my Foreo Luna Mini and it foams up beautifully.  My face is left feeling very clean but not dried out.  I wish this came in a larger (and more eco friendly) package to take home.  Also a potential repurchase while I’m here.


Bioderma– Okay, so we know this isn’t a Japanese product, but the point is I found Bioderma!! Just chilling on the shelves in a store in Ginza.  I seriously threw a party in the aisle and promptly put the 2 bottles (it came as a set for under $30) in my cart.  Beauty bloggers and YouTubers all over have raved about this product and many have had to have friends overseas get it for them or order it on Amazon. Bioderma is a cleansing water.  It removes makeup and washes the face all in one step.  I’ve been using Sephora’s cleansing water, and while it gets the job done, I do like the feeling of Bioderma better. It definitely leaves a distinctly clean feeling on my face after all of my makeup is gone.  I still wash my face afterward, but I would say it isn’t necessary. So far, I’m loving it, and will likely try to get my hands on another bottle or two before heading back to the USA.  

That’s everything I’ve collected and tried so far.  I can’t wait to see what else i come across during my stay.

Do you have any product suggestions for me to hunt for while I’m out here?  What Japanese beauty do I have to make sure I try?  Let me know in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Japanese Beauty Product Haul- Part 1

  1. Intrice (@intriceblog) says:

    You should definitely pick these up if you can find it: Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion Moist, japanese cooling sensation eye drops (theres many brands, on the back of the box there should be like numbers or a bar graph to denote how intense the minty sensation is), DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (if you have normal skin type, they sell it in the USA but it might be cheaper in Japan) and I heard Japanese drugstore mascaras are pretty good.

    I saw on your IG you already bought the Cure Natural Aqua Gel (this is supposed to be a really good exfoliator). I left a comment asking where you were able to find it in Japan. I asked a friend of mine over there to bring it back for me but they couldn’t find it. I noticed that when I used the Biore Pore Strips Charcoal/Regular they were a lot smaller in size than the ones in the USA and fit my nose better haha.

    x Carol

    • divaandthedivine says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. The deep cleansing oil, have you tried it? Does it work okay for acne prone skin as well? I have seen DHC around.

      I found Cure in Kyoto at the trains station. There’s a lot of shopping down in the lower levels. It was in an all beauty store in the section called “the cube.” I am really enjoying it. It’s kind of crazy how it makes the dead stuff just “melt” off of your face. I plan on trying to find at least one more bottle before I come home. You can get it in the US, but it’s significantly more expensive.

  2. Everygoodthingblog by Melissa says:

    I used to live in Tokyo and one of my favorite things while living there was checking out all the fun/different beauty products! This is such an awesome post! I would always use the oil blotting toilettes. They’re so cute and so easy to just throw in your purse!

  3. Brigette Ramos says:

    WOW! What an amazing haul. I’ve never been to Japan before and I know if I do, I’ll be haulin’ a ton of beauty products too. I want every single thing you’ve purchased! I definitely got my eyes on the Baby Lips Colors… Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be coming back to this post when I finally get to go to Japan so I can prepare a list. <3

    xo Brigette from http://www.brigetteramos.com

  4. neversaydiebeauty says:

    I’m always so curious about Japanese and Korean skincare products so I loved reading your post. I’d love the tinted Baby Lips but I can’t do lip balms with peppermint oil on my sensitive lips so I guess it’s OK for me that this product isn’t in the US. I’d like to try Bioderma and as you said I can get that here! How lucky you were to get to go to Japan!

  5. BeautyBeyondTheScale says:

    I LOVE seeing beauty products from other countries. I love trying them even more. So I don’t blame you for making beauty hauling a priority; I know I would! Haha. The Japanese Baby Lips packaging is so cute. Much cuter than in the US. And I never knew they had Bioderma. Gosh, it seems like almost every country but America has it! We need to get on the band wagon! Great post! <3

  6. Albertine (@DippyWritesBlog) says:

    Love the looks of the Baby Lips colour and the face masks! I’ve recently got really into using sheet masks, I find them really relaxing to use as I don’t have to worry about the product slipping off my face.

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  8. glamourandgiggles91 says:

    Amazing haul! I’ve been seeing your posts on Instagram and I’m totally jelly of the amazing stationary items you’ve found! Also the bioderma is something I’ve wanted to try! I found it on Beauteque’s website so I’m thinking about purchasing it from them to check it out myself!

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