It’s A New Day! | Day 3 of 90

Guys, I slept for 8.5 hours last night and I felt like a new woman. My cold symptoms are gone, my period is no longer wreaking havoc on my system, and I actually had the energy required to do this Thursday some justice.

Praise Jesus!

Since I didn’t go to my normally scheduled doubleheader of Pound class followed by Bodypump yesterday, I looked up what classes were available today, and it turned out there was one at 9:30 am at the gym location that’s easier for me to get to. Truth be told, while I enjoy my doubleheaders on Wednesday, I don’t feel like I enjoy them enough to make them worth trecking out the other Y location. Not to mention having my 2 classes at 11 and noon really messes up my day. A lot! I might end up changing my schedule up a bit to try and find what might work a little bit better for me.

Today, this class worked well. It was jam-packed with people, which is less than ideal, but I really enjoy the teacher, so it’s worth it. The other issue was there is a “woo” guy in this class. Some man ends up doing a crazy “WOO!” Every time things get a little harder in class. It’s a weight lifting class…the whole thing is supposed to be hard. During one track this guy “WOO’d!” Six times. SIX! and that was just during 1 track. There are 9 working tracks in Bodypump. I wanted to knock him out with my weight. I couldn’t actually figure out which guy it was, but that’s probably for the best. We’ll see if “Woo guy” is there next week…

Anyway, after Pump I spent about an hour on various elliptical machines (one standing, one seated) and got to 10,000 steps. Only 7.5 more to reach my Power goal on my Step Bet.

I’ve got to say, it felt so good to be back at the gym, and while I was well-rested to boot! For me, 90% of the battle really is just getting there, and it’s a lot more difficult now because instead of a 7-minute drive, my closest YMCA is 20 minutes away. Still, a small price to pay for being able to attend Bodypump classes. Some days, the energy simply isn’t there, and my poor CMT body genuinely doesn’t want to put in the work, but most days it’s just a matter of my lack of desire to actually commute to the gym. My dream is to one day have everything I need in a nice home gym in my basement so I don’t actually need to go to the gym, but for now, I’m lucky to have the ability and the means to get my workout on at my YMCA, and today I was especially thankful to be back there.

Breakfast ended up being a Healthy Eating All The Time & Go Bar. My favorite! 5pp

When I got home, there was a PR package from Quest Nutrition on my doorstep. A beautifully wrapped package of their cookies. I am not a fan of the Quest cookies, so I was not nearly as excited about this PR as I should have been. Still, just to see if my tastes changed, I opened one of each flavor and took a bite on camera for today’s Vlogmas vlog. The peanut butter one didn’t totally suck, so I ended up eating that one for lunch. 6pp

A little later I had a banana (0) with 2pp worth of peanut butter.

I also enjoyed my Aldi Advent calendar cheese of the day for 2pp

While I was prepping dinner I enjoyed a partial serving of my latest obsession: Popcorners! 2pp

Dinner tonight was leftover chili from the last time I made it. I always freeze some when I make it so it’s available when I need it. Perfect for an evening when hubby isn’t home for dinner. 3 pp for the chili and I topped it with 2pp of cheese. I also roasted some broccoli. If there’s one thing I’ve learned lately, it’s that veggies taste awesome when you roast them. I’ve always been eating them steamed, but man a good tray of roasted veggies really hit the spot. 22/27pp for the day.

With 5 PP left for the day I opted for the same dessert as the other night: A Yasso sugar cookie bar (3pp) and a Lindt truffle (2), however when I noticed I was under my calorie goal for the day, I might have snuck a few more truffles. Not the best choice, but my points reset tomorrow and I’m earning 17k steps today.

Total Points: 33/27

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