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After a recommendation from a friend I resubscribed to Ipsy’s Glam Bag.  I originally unsubscribed a year or so ago because I just didn’t feel like the quality and value of my Glam Bags were living up to my expectations.  Since my love for the subscription box world has only gotten stronger I decided to take my friend’s advice and go for it again.  Ipsy has grown so popular that I actually ended up on a wait list for a month until they could take me.  This month I was finally official and received my first Glam Bag in over a year, and I was definitely not disappointed.  I got 6 products in my bag and all but one of them were FULL SIZE products!  I was quite surprised and very pleased.  Here’s what was inside:


EM Cosmetics Mascara

The EM Cosmetics line was created by Youtube beauty guru Michelle Phan.  She has a wide range of colorful products available on the EM website.  While everything from foundation to eyeshadow palettes can be found on the site, I found  a full size EM dramatic volume mascara in my Glam Bag.

Full size (7ml/0.236 fl oz) retails for $20

Ipsy Bombshell

Bombshell Lip Crayon

This beautifully colored lip crayon was also a full sized find in this month’s Glam Bag.  This is a nice moisturizing, semi-stain (that swatch stayed put all day) in a shimmery burgundy color called “Shameless”

Neither the box nor the site had weights, but I’m positive this is a full size product- $14



Nailtini Nail Polish

This nail polish brand has all of their shades named after some sort of alcoholic beverage.  I got champagne, a beautiful rose gold color. Again, full size.

15ml/ 0.5 fl oz: $13



Pixi Bronzer

Pixi is a line I’ve seen around at Target but haven’t really taken the time to look into.  I was actually super excited when I saw this shade of bronzer ( I got “Subtly Suntouched”) because it happened to be exactly what I was looking for in a bronzer.  My makeup artist for my wedding suggested a MAC product for me that was more of a shaper instead of a bronzer for my lighter skin and I hadn’t gotten around to ordering it yet.  Now I won’t have to, as this discreet skin toned bronzer is exactly what I was looking for.  I swear it’s in the swatch, you just have to look really closely to see the bit of bronze.

This is the only product I am questioning the size of, as it retails online for a larger weight, but it comes with a brush, and I honestly don’t know if that it taken into consideration.  Mathematically my sample is about 1/3 of the full size, making the value of my sample $6

Ipsy Starlooks

Starlook Glam Eye Pencil

This full size eyeliner has a real wintery frost feel to it with it’s purple iced look.  The shade is called “Amethyst” and the liner has a great color payout and glides on very smoothly.  I look forward to creating some fun looks with this.

Full size: $14


BH cosmetics

BHcosmetics Baked Eyeshadow

BH is known for their palettes.  They offer huge amounts of color with pretty epic pigmentation.  This sample is one of the shadows in their Galaxy Chic palette.  Their products are super affordable (we’re talking some under $10 and many under $20) so they are worth looking at.

Sample size: 1/18th of the full palette which is currently retailing: $14.95

Sample Value: $0.83


So the total value of my November Glam Bag is *drumroll*: $67.83!!


Oh yeah, did I mention that the subscription is only $10 (I think it’s $10.75 with shipping) a month??  That would be why the almost $70 value is extraordinary.  I don’t know if this is typical of the Glam Bag now or if I just happened to return on a really generous month, but if this keeps up I will have to buy the friend that told me to come back something special.


If you’re interested in joining the Ipsy Glam Bag subscription go ahead and click here!  It is a wonderful way to treat yourself every month.




One thought on “Ipsy Glam Bag November 2013

  1. Amanda says:

    I cancelled my ipsy subscription when I moved only cause I don’t really get much reason to bother with makeup now and I’m not even sure if they’ll ship up here. I have one sitting in Florida right now that I haven’t even seen yet 🙁 I had it for like 6 months tho and loved every bag I got, I got most of my favorite products from it. And the bags are always super cute. Those nailtini polishes are AWESOME, I got one in a bright orange several months ago that’s been an almost permanent fixture on my toes since.

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