Ipsy Glam Bag: April 2014








Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm

This tinted lip balm claims to have a “3D smart film builder” that keeps pigment powders from losing their vibrancy for longer periods of time and has moisturizing ingredients like beeswax to keep lips feeling hydrated.  I did notice that if this is applied to dry lips, the pigments did highlight those imperfections and didn’t feel overwhelmingly hydrating.  I find I enjoy this when I apply it after some Chapstick to smooth out my lips and to give a moisture base.  The packaging looks off and bulky at first, but then you’ll find there is an applicator built right in!  How nifty is that?  This balm comes in a ton of colors, so it doesn’t matter if your style is natural or you’re looking for that bold and bright pink for the summer, Cailyn has a shade for you.

Full Size: $19.00

Sample Size: 1/2 of container

Sample Value: $9.50





City Color White Gold Eyeshadow Mousse

Yes, it’s an eyeshadow mousse!  As you can see in my video, I couldn’t wait to touch it once I figured out what it was. This is a highly pigmented gold shimmer that can be used as an eyeshadow but is also used as a highlighter.  I’d be a little hesitant to use this as a highlighter simply because the gold pigmentation is so dense that it might end up looking like a highlight streak, but I guess if it ends up blending well then it would work great.  This type of product is not what I would normally use, but it certainly looks like it will be fun to play with.

Full Size: 2.6g @ $3.99

Sample Size: Full Size

Sample Value: $3.99




Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant

This is an incredibly popular product among those who know skincare.  There are fine exfoliants in this formula that help get rid of all the dead skin lingering on your face and reveals fresher and brighter skin.  Well exfoliated skin is able to absorb the rest of your skincare products better and helps fade things like acne scars and fine lines.  This product feels like it has really fine sand in it.  It’s easy to overuse a product like this so waiting sat least 3 days between uses is ideal.  Dr. Brandt made this safe for all skin types, so no matter what skin problems you have, this product can be a part of your routine.

Full Size: 2 oz/60g @ $78.00

Sample Size: .25 oz/ 7.5g

Sample Value: $9.75




Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Volumizing Spray Mousse

At first glance this looks like a hairspray, but it actually is a spray mousse!  On towel dried, still damp hair, spray this into your roots.  Once it hits your hair it foams up just like you would expect a mousse to.  Then just style like normal.  I love this idea because it takes the mess out of using mousse products.  Usually I have to put the product in my hand where is might be a runny mess before it poofs up enough for me to use and then spread it through my hair and getting my hands all sticky.  I know, first world problems, but still!  It’s nice to be able to use mousse and not end up a sticky mess.

Full Size: 10.6 oz @ $17.95

Sample Size: 1.6 oz

Sample Value:  $2.71



Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide on Eye Pencil

love Urban Decay eye pencils.  I always have, and odds are I won’t find anything better (in my opinion) so I was thrilled to see their latest release in my glam bag.  At first I thought the velvet eye liners were an entire new line, but further research showed that Urban Decay only released the Velvet Glide pencil in one shade: Black Velvet.  The velvet pencil is more powdery than their original formula and gives a great matte finish.  It goes on smooth and gives a solid line, but it’s velvet formulation allows for easier blending, making looks like the ever popular smokey eye even easier to achieve.  Whether you blend it out or keep the lines rich and solid you still get the same water proof, smudge proof look you expect from the 24/7 liners.  I’m sure no matter which way I wear it, it will be a product I end up loving, like most other Urban Decay products.

Full Size: 0.04 oz/ 1.2g @ $20.00

Sample Size: 0.03 oz/ 0.8g

Sample Value: $13.33


Total Box Value: $39.28


I am quite pleased:-)


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