I’m a lot of things, but..

Clearly I am NOT a daily blogger…

That just is what it is I guess. I learned a while back that rather than try to change who I am, I need to learn to work with who I’m hardwired to be. This became apparent when I decided to retake Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies quiz. The first time I took it I was designated as an Upholder, and in my mind as the perfectionist firstborn child, that is exactly what I am supposed to be.

We all know just because you feel you’re supposed to be some specific way or have some personality trait doesn’t necessarily mean you do. After spending way too much time in denial about which of the 4 tendencies I really was, I took the quiz again and rather than answering for the person I wanted to be, I answered for who I really was at that moment.

I am an Obliger.

This means that I am great at upholding my commitments made to other people, but when it comes to keeping promises to myself and reaching goals, I still need external accountability even if it’s a personal goal. I decided to accept that about myself and my life changed.

In the same way, as much as I want to be a daily blogger, I’m just not. Some might consider this to be failing, but I just see it as accepting my truth. There’s a lot going on here and spending a considerable amount of time at the computer later in the evening to recap my day that I literally just spend all day living and tracking was pretty much the farthest thing from what I wanted to do, so I didn’t do it.

So, we need a change of technique. I’m thinking weekly updates.

For this past week, you can check out my update in the form of a video, as I am simply too lazy to go back and recap the entire weekday by day. Truthfully, the only reason I’m typing this out now is because I got a new under desk elliptical and I wanted to see how working and moving at the same time was going to work out (spoiler alert: so far, so good).

This week so far is actually going pretty well, which is encouraging. It’s going to be a stressful week because Christmas and travel and all that jazz, but my goal is to keep it together, buckle down, and see what a solid week looks like.

One thought on “I’m a lot of things, but..

  1. Ella Conner says:

    I’m glad you made this decision , lol. I’ve never understood the need of daily vlogging. I mean seriously it takes a lot of time, a lot of time and that’s time that can spent being more productive and or enjoying the night with loved ones. I think weekly vlog are great. Have a great holiday and enjoy the season❤️

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