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In the beauty world, any item with the brand name GLAMGLOW on it is a hot ticket item.  Best known for their amazing (but expensive) masks, the company has released a line of face cleansers. There are currently 4 different cleansers, each that match up with one of their already loved masks: Thirsty Cleanse (blue), Youth Cleanse (black), Power Cleanse (green), and Super Cleanse (White).  Since I have acne prone skin, I went with the cleanser that was the same as my favorite mask, the Super Cleanse.


What is it?

Glamglow Super Cleanse is a revolutionary mud-to-foam cleanser that turns the mud into an effective foaming cleanser that sinks into your skin to help rid it of dirt, oil, and other impurities.    Super cleanse is based on the top selling Super Mud mask, which is the next step for problematic skin.  It’s designed to rid the skin of all the gunk and create a clean, mattified appearance.

To use: pump one or two pumps into hand and apply to dry face.  Add water to hands and start massaging product into face to create foaming lather.  Rise thoroughly and pat dry.  Use morning and night.


My Experience

The way I’ve been using this cleanser is applying it before my shower and letting it sit on my face for a few minutes before washing my face.  I can feel it deep cleaning my skin and it feels like I am giving myself a mini GLAMGLOW facial, but for less money, as the cleanser is only $39.  Is the price still pretty steep? Yes, however, it isn’t the $69 little tub of mud mask, so there’s that..

I have enjoyed the way it makes my skin feel.  I do feel deeply cleansed, similar to how I feel post-mask.  I will admit, I haven’t been using it morning and night, bur rather as a special, pre-shower a few days a week cleanser.  Perhaps I will start using it more frequently to see if it helps more with my breakouts, because right now, I’m breaking out for no good reason.


The Final Verdict

Ok, so here’s the thing: I love the product itself, BUT the packaging is infuriating.  The pump simply doesn’t work.  Each time I use it, I get one reasonable pump, but when I go to pump it again the pump barely goes down and it squirts out a teeny tiny bit of product.  I’ve pumped the thing literally 15 or 20 times to get the amount of product out required to cover my face.  At first, I thought it was just me and my weak hands, but the other day I tested it and had my friend pump it out for me, and she had the exact same issue.  I checked Sephora’s reviews and saw a few mentions about the packaging, so I’m obviously not alone in this.  I try turning the pump and that helps a little, so maybe pulling the pump back up will help.  Even if it does, there is no excuse for this poor packaging job, Glamglow.

I will happily finish up using what I have, but unless they make a significant improvement to how the cleanser is dispensed, I doubt I will be repurchasing it anytime soon.  Try it at your own risk.

Note: For this particular version of the Glamglow cleansers I have seen many reviews about how it is very strong, burns the skin, and is drying.  While I am not experiencing any of those problems (probably because my skin is oily and acne prone, which is what it’s supposed to fight), I have to mention that people with skin that runs on the sensitive side would probably be better off skipping this one.  They do have a hydrating formula that might suit you better.

Have any of you given the GLAMGLOW Supercleanse a try?  I want to know what your experiences with both the product and the packaging are.  Let me know in the comments below.

*Product was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. Post contains referral links*

8 thoughts on “GlamGlow Super Cleanse Review

  1. vanlamar says:

    Great review! I was thinking of buying this product but wasn’t sure yet. Great that the product lives up to the hype, but not so great about the packaging.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      It’s true. The packaging makes me sad. However, last night I did try the whole “pull the pump back up after pumping” thing and that did help. Inconvenient as all heck, but at least the product comes out better.

  2. glamourandgiggles91 says:

    Ooh this product sounds intriguing, I’ve tried one of Glamglow’s masks and really liked it! The pump sounds frustrating though, I’d probably end up breaking it from being impatient lol!

  3. shaakira says:

    $39 is a lot but I feel like I want to try Glam Glow. I remember seeing it in a magazine as a must have product to try but I like your honest review.

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  5. Danica Camarillo says:

    I’ve tried the super cleanse and the thirsty cleanse and I like the thirsty cleanse so much better! Also, I’ve having the same issue with the pump! So frustrating! How can $40 bottle not function properly?!

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