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It’s almost time, friends.  Christmas is right around the corner!  Have you finished your shopping yet?  I know that as the magic day draws closer the malls get more and more crowded, making it a lot less fun for most people to actually go out and finish shopping.  Since I have found several different things that I think would be amazing gifts from the comfort of my couch (meaning online) I thought I would share a few of my discoveries with you to help you worry a little less, get your shopping done, and get on to the parties, lights, and other fun festivities of the holiday season.


Before you start any online shopping I want to remind you to make sure you join Ebates.  For those of you that don’t know, Ebates is a site that offers you a percentage of your purchase (it varies based on the shop) back in the form of a “big fat check” that comes to you quarterly.  To date I have gotten $86 back just from doing my online shopping through this website.  You just find the store you want on Ebates, click through their link and then do your shopping as normal.  A few days later, the cash shows up on your account.  It is an amazing service and one to take advantage of all year.    


For the Planner Addict

As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of Erin Condren products.  I personally used the coveted Life Planner for 2014 and also bought the stunning and functional address book.  She got super smart for the holiday season and actually offers a “Quick Ship” 2015 life planner.  It comes with a cute, yet basic cover that says “The best is yet to come” so they don’t have to take the time to print it and can ship it to you right away.  For 2015 she made the covers changeable, so you can order as many themed and personalized covers as you’d like.  The quick ship life planner comes with a voucher for a free personalized cover so your recipient still gets to make their LP personal.  How awesome is that?  Perfect for the last minute gift that will make anyone jealous.  Seriously, even I want one:-)  First time customers can even use this link and save $10 off of their first order.

Subscription Services

Birchbox–  As you know, I have been a loyal Birchbox customer since the beginning.  They have expanded and grown so much and there offerings now go beyond women.  Birchbox Man is now available for the men in your life.  Both of these subscriptions can be purchased as gifts. These subscriptions are both available in 3, 6, or 12 month increments (talk about a gift that keeps on giving!).  The women’s subscription is $10 a month and the men’s is $20 ( it tends to include a tech accessory, gadget, or clothing of some kind, making it more expensive).  This year they even allow you to choose what type of box to have the first gift be: classic, trendy, or customer favorites.  Birchbox has been a company that doesn’t disappoint, and this is a gift that is budget friendly and a great way for the recipient to try new things.

Oyster Books–  This gift is for the reader in your life.  I recently resubscribed, and Oyster does not disappoint.  This is an unlimited reading service with access to over 500,000 books right on your device.  With best sellers for every genre it’s the perfect gift for your bookworm, colleague, and anyone in between.  The subscription is just $9.95 a month and you can customize how many months you want to give.  All your recipient has to do then is create an account and punch in their gift certificate number and the reading can begin.  I have found a ton of books that have been on my reading list for a while that are available to me as part of the subscription.  If you manage to read one book in a month you have already paid for the value of this subscription.  Check out Oyster and dive into the wonderful world of books.  I feel like they’ve been forgotten in this age of mobile games and Facebook.

For the Foodies–  I’ve also come across several food related subscriptions that would also be great, especially for those you don’t necessarily know what to get.  Nature Box and Graze Box are both boxes geared toward healthier snacking.  Who doesn’t love to snack? Candy Club is a fun looking subscription perfect for someone with a sweet tooth, and the larger period of time you purchase, the cheaper the boxes get.  There are also wine, chocolate, and even bacon subscriptions and pretty much everything in between if you look.  Everyone has to eat 🙂

A Little Luxury

The Popsugar Must Have Box– This is a box that I treated myself to for one month because I had a coupon.  It’s a little pricy, but if you’re looking to spoil someone this box will do it.  The Popsugar Must Have Box contains full size products from various areas (fitness, beauty, food, lifestyle, etc) that have been brought together by special curators allowing the subscribers to get an amazing value in their box for a much lower price than what they pay for it.  With a monthly price of $39.95, it’s definitely more than your typical subscription box, but the value and products are incredible.  A subscription to Popsugar Must Have has been on my wishlist for a long time.  You can gift 1, 3, or 6 months.  I promise you the lady in your life will adore this gift (and adore you a little more too).

These are just a few of the things that I’ve been thinking about among the chaos that is currently my life.  Since I haven’t had the chance to do a gift guide or anything this year, I wanted to do something quick and easy just to show you a few of the options that are out there.  All of these gift ideas are things that I personally subscribe to, have used, or are on my wishlist.  I hope this inspires a few of you last minute shoppers with some awesome (and super easy) gift ideas.

Happy Holidays!

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