Sick Husband and No Sunshine | The Friday 5 2/8/19

Last week there was no Friday 5 because I procrastinated and then couldn’t come up with anything. At least I’m honest here, friends. It’s been quite a week in the Diva and the Divine household, and I’m hoping that something resembling normalcy returns soon. On the bright side (quite literally), we haven’t seen the sun in days until this morning. That in and of itself makes it a glorious day.

1. A Sick Husband

You’ve all heard of the man-cold, right? A man and a woman can catch the same cold and somehow the man’s life is ending while the woman takes a decongestant and nothing else about her day changes? Well, at first I thought that’s what my husband brought home, but then several days of the poor guy getting worse and worse, he finally uttered the words “I need to go to the doctor.” This is a big deal because my husband will rarely go to the doctor for something like this. After a trip to immediate care, he was given some antibiotics and alas, 24 hours later he said he started to feel like himself again. Goodbye bacterial sinus infection, you are no longer welcome here.

I’m very, very thankful for the considerate man that I have. Without my ever asking him to, he has slept out in our dining room where our old queen mattress has been living leaning against the wall because we haven’t rented a truck to move it to my grandpa’s basement yet. He has been out there since Sunday, and tonight, Friday, he is aspiring to come join me back in our bed as long as his cough stays away. Again, I never once asked him to do this. I married a winner, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, he’s finally on the mend and feeling almost totally normal except for a dry cough that won’t go away. ANyone have suggestions that don’t involve cough medicine since he’s already on that and apparently every single brand of cough suppressant uses the same drug?

2. The Scale Isn’t Cooperating…

I’m trying not to be frustrated by it, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t alarmed. In the past 2 weeks my weight has steadily gone up. Now, I know that there’s a bit of it that is for sure my fault, but not 5 lbs worth! Goodness. As mentioned in my Instagram post today, I definitely have a lot of other things going for me though. I have been hitting the gym like a champion, and my body definitely feels it. I’m sore, which means the hard workouts are likely also causing me to retain water in an effort to repair my muscles. I literally looked at myself in the mirror today after getting on the scale and said “Brianna, it is NOT about the number, remember? You goal this year is to get strong and fit, which you are doing. You knew gaining could be a side effect of this, so buck up baby. You’re doing great!”

How do you cope when the scale doesn’t do what you want even though you know you’re doing things right?

3. Josh Groban in Concert

I have loved Josh Groban for years and years, and I’ve always wanted to go to one of his concerts. While I have yet to go to a concert of his in person, the man does a really cool thing and occasionally does a “one night only” concert that airs in movie theaters around the country. I’ve been to two of these before, and next week there’s another one for his most recent album, Bridges. The concert is on Tuesday 2/12. Check your local movie theaters to see if it’s playing!

4. Rachel Hollis Presents:

Another big deal thing happening in media is the Made For More documentary by Rachel Hollis has finally hit Amazon and is available for streaming! This is a documentary about the Rise conference that she has been hosting. I saw this when it aired in theaters and I will most definitely be watching it again, as I hear there is a new coaching session added on to the end of it. The best part? If you have Amazon Prime you get to watch it for free!! Don’t feel bad if you don’t have Prime though, because for $5 you can own the documentary for forever and ever. I thought Made For More was a very powerful documentary for those looking to go to a personal development conference. Check it out!

5. Because It’s Friday

This scene makes me laugh every. single. time!

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