Friday 5 on Friday the 13th

Remembering 9-11

As I’m sure we are all very aware, The 12th anniversary (is it right to call it an anniversary?) of 9-11 was this week.  It stood out to me a bit more this year for two reasons.  Erik flew to Houston on 9-11, and while I know that shouldn’t bother me much (if anything security is heightened a bit, right?) I still got a little nervous.  No need to worry though, he was there safe and sound.  What really stuck me on Wednesday was that every single student i had that day was either just born or not born when 9-11 happened.  I was sitting in high school choir…they were barely around.  That made me feel really old for some reason.

Long Distance

Another note on Erik’s travel this week.  As I was driving him to the airport we both had our own acknowledgments of how this situation is so different from what we’ve been used to.  When we normally drop each other off at the airport, its after a brief visit and we departed not necessarily knowing the next time we would see each other again.  This time I dropped him off knowing it was a 3 day business trip, and when he returned home, I would be the one picking him up because I am his home now.  This realization was one of the most awesome moments of my week.    He noted that the last time we were at an airport was May 31st, which was the last time he picked me up from the airport in Florida.  We’ve been together every single day since then.  It still seems crazy how life has changed lately.

We Got Cable

Talk about #firstworldproblems.. This one ranks right up there with Starbucks not having sugar free pumpkin syrup.  Erik called and got us upgraded to cable!  We lived a whole 3 months without it…  We weren’t dying without it or anything, as our Netflix and HuluPlus subscriptions were doing a great job at making sure we were entertained (when we had time to be..see? #firstworldproblems), but there are some things we missed without cable.  One of the number one reasons we made the switch is because we are living in a University town where sporting events are a huge part of the culture, and while it is unrealistic to go to every home game, the UNC games are broadcast on cable for fans to watch.  While I’m not a sports fan, putting on a game serves as nice background noise while puttering around the house, and it will help keep us in the loop.  The added bonus is we will actually be able to watch live TV when we have time to do so.

My First Real NC Weight Watchers Meeting

Yesterday was my first Weight Watchers meeting at a center (conveinently located less than 4 minutes away from my place).  Apparently it was treat day, as I brought in my betty crocker bars to show how you can get rid of the butter and still have an amazing treat, and another woman brought in a crustless pumpkin pie, that for 1/8 of it is 2 points!  It was a small but mighty group with a few new members and I think we will have a great time.

Web Discovery: Clean My Space

Somehow I stumbled upon the youtube channels of Melissa Maker at Clean My Space yesterday and I’m obsessed.  She has tips, tricks, and videos on everything you could possibly need to know about cleaning.  Believe it or not, it actually inspired me to want to clean more and better.  For those that know me, that’s an amazing thing.  Check her out at and get excited about cleaning.  We all have to do it, so we might as well enjoy it.

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