Fortune Cookie Soap Winter Soap Box 2014


FCS Soap Box title     It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  Well, at least in my mind the holidays are here.  Christmas window displays are up at the mall, Starbucks has it’s old faithful red cup and holiday beverages being brewed and this lovely Christmas themed Fortune Cookie Soap Box just showed up on my doorstep!

The theme this winter is “Old Fashioned Family Christmas.”  What is fun about the FSC themes is that lately they’ve been inspired by movies (the Witch, Please one was all Wizard of Oz and Wicked based) and I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing how well they relate everything to the theme.  When I opened the little card with all of the product names and descriptions it quickly became very clear that this winter’s theme was based on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  As I read through the scents I could clearly picture most of the antics taking place in that Griswold family that has become a holiday must-see for so many families.  Read on and see what I mean.  Here is what I found in my deliciously festive box.  FSC Winter14


1. “Tis the Season to be Mary” Fortune Cookie Soap

  • FCS’s namesake product, this Christmasy red fortune cookie soap has a hint of sweet almond with warm tobacco,

2. “Fried Pussycat” Whipped Soap

  • I laughed out loud when I saw this name and immediately saw the scene from the movie in my head.  Sadly, my little jar of this came to me mostly empty, so I’ll only get one or two uses out of it.  “Fried Pussycat” is supposed to smell like plum , caramel and artisan bourbon vanilla with jasmine blossoms, which sounds amazing (and a lot nicer smelling than actual fried kitty) but I mostly smell soap in this product.

3. “Moose Mug” Cuticle Butter

  • The sample size cuticle butters always last such a long time.  Moose Mug smells like egg nog with rich cream, egg and nutmeg.

4. “Sparky” Hydrate Me

  • I’ve been wanting to try the FCS Hydrate Me products for awhile now.  Sparky smells of pumpkin waffles with brown sugar, pecans an whipped cream.  Good enough to eat!

5. “Mele Kelekimaka” OCD Hand Sanitizer

  • Between holiday parties and cold and flu season it’s nice to have a holiday scented way to keep the germs at bay.  Tropical spiced rum, Tahitian vanilla and jasmine mixed with woods make this OCD a handbag must this season.

6. “I Pledge Allegiance, Amen!” Shower Seamer

  • This outdoorsy scent of blue spruce, balsam fir, fresh mint, and herbs is sure to stimulate the senses this season.  It’s like being in a Christmas Tree lot.

7. “Jelly of the Month” Whipped Cream.

  • There were once again 4 different scent possibilities for the whipped creams, and I got Jelly of the Month: strawberries, sweet vanilla sugar, and syrup with a  little touch of orange. Smells amazing!
  • The other 3 scent possibilities for whipped cream in the soap boxes are as follows:
    • “SQUIRREL!”- Apples, strawberries and plums with a splash of citrus orange and lime.
    • “Jello Surprise:- Plum and citrus mixed with sandalwood and winter orchid.
    • “Bend Over & I’ll Show You”- Cranberry, pine and herbal spruce warmed by clove and just a hint of mandarin orange.

8. “Christmas Bonus” Deep Conditioner

  • While this smells cool and wintery, I have no idea what the actual scents are because it is the FSC mystery fragrance.  Those of us with the conditioner are supposed to try and identify the scent for a chance to win a gift card to the Fortune Cooke Soap shop.  I hope it makes my hair smell as good as it does in the jar!

Clark Griswold would be so proud of this Christmas Vacation inspired box. The Soap Box is a subscription that costs $19.95 quarterly and that gets you a sneak peak at the latest collection from the business.  As usual, the back of the informational card has a unique code for $10 a store purchase.  The launch of the entire “Old Fashioned Family Christmas” line happens at their launch party on November 21, 2014 at 6:30pm CDT.  Join them on Facebook to be the first to get your hands on all of the festive goodies.

Jingle Bell Welcome Box Offer

I paid for the soap box with my own money. Scent descriptions were taken from the included product information card. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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