Fortune Cookie Soap 2014 Summer Soap Box

I am super excited to share with you the goodies that came in my Fortune Cookie Soap box this month!  These soap boxes are a subscription that costs $19.95 each quarter and then 4 times a year a lovely box with a sampling of Fortune Cookie Soap’s seasonal collection gets sent right to your door.   This month’s theme is “Candy Aisle” and I couldn’t be more excited.  Since I suffer from a major sweet tooth, this summer line is right up my alley.




“Lick Your Lips” Fortune Cookie Soap

The signature item of FCS is, of course, the soap actually shaped like a fortune cookie.  This candy themed one looks like mint chocolate chip and smells just as delicious.  The mint green soap has the little flecks of chocolate and seriously looks good enough to eat.  I don’t recommend it though, however you can feel free to lather up with this guy so you can also smell good enough to eat.  I’m sure this beauty will make my bathroom smell glorious.


“Lollipop Your Cherry” OCD Hand Sanitizer

I love the OCD hand sanitizers, and this one is fruity and wonderful.  First, the bright color is simply awesome, but then you use it and it smells amazing.  The name is very accurate as there is a strong cherry smell, but the swirls of vanilla sweeten it up a bit to add that lollipop-like candy smell.  There are also hints of orange and pineapple to add a slight citrus twist to your germ-free hands.

“Rock Your Socks Off” Solid Sugar Scrub

An exfoliating sugar scrub that smells like grapes!Seriously, Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers whatever your grape candy of choice, this smells just like it.   This promises to moisturize and soften as it exfoliates your skin, and smells awesome while it’s hard at work.  All you do is rub some on your skin after washing, then use your hands to scrub the sugars in and rinse. You’ll feel soft and smell delicious.  I love using sugar scrubs before I shave my legs, and this fruity one will be a welcome addition to my shower.

“The Sweet Spot” Sparkle Me

Shake this bottle up to mix the shimmer with the spray and then spritz wherever you want to sparkle.  Thankfully, the glitter in here isn’t too out of control.  This smells like a perfect summer fruit salad with melons, peaches, strawberries, pineapple and mandarin oranges all sprinkled with a little bit of sugar.  Very refreshing.

“Blow Me” Talkin’ Smack Lip Scrub

Yeah, they went there.  Bet you can guess what something with that name might smell like…  bubble gum!  It’s the authentic, bright pink double bubble flavor we think of whenever we think of  bubble gum.  This sugar scrub is made of pure cane sugar and hydrating oils (like almond and shea), making it a soothing lip exfoliant that’s good enough to eat.  Rub some on to your lips (I lick my lips first.  I find that gets the job done better) and then wipe the rest off your lips or lick it off.  It tastes great and works well.

“Sweet Dreamsicle” Wax Tart

Something for my Scentsy warmer!  This wax tart is a melting home fragrance that goes in your wax burner.  Dreamsicle is a blend of orange and pineapple mixed with sweet vanilla and smells delightfully refreshing.  This will be a great scent to burn on a summer night.

“Captain’s Berried Booty” Whipped Cream Body Butter

Okay guys, you know the Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries cereal?  This smells exactly like that!  That might seem weird to a lot of people, but this might be my favorite thing in the soap box simply because of its unique smell.  The FCS body butter is incredibly moisturizing and was a favorite of mine in the last soap box too, but this smell just takes it to a whole new level.   LOVE this.

“Lemon Drop It Like It’s Hot” Microdermabrasion Scrub

Last, but not least, there was a trial size of Fortune Cookie Soap’s latest edition to their skincare line: A lemon scented exfoliator.  I could not wait to give this a try.  The exfoliant is super fine making it feel like a treatment you would get at a spa.  With lemon peel essence and orange peel right in the bottle, this smells amazing.  It brightens the skin and rejuvenates the senses.  There’s something very energizing about that lemony scent!  If the idea of the lemon fresh smell on your face isn’t so enticing, FCS also offers an unscented version.


What a yummy little box!  These smells are perfect for summer.  If you’re interested in getting in on their soap boxes (it’s $19.95 every 3 months) just head over to their website and sign up!  It’s a fun little treat for the bath product addict.

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