Food Find: Aldi Hummus



I am a huge hummus fan.  It’s seriously a problem.  While hummus is frequently seen on the lists of healthiest foods for you to eat (and it is. I’m definitely not disagreeing here) with its fresh, wholesome ingredients like olive oil and chickpeas, the truth is that the Points Plus values (or calories, whichever one you count) can add up rather quickly if you’re not careful.

I have found many different types of hummus with varying degrees in the PPV area.  Some hummus types are 2 PPV per serving, some are 1 PPV for one serving, but it you double it you’re at 3 PPV, not 2, etc

And then there are hummuses like the one pictured above.  It is 1 PPV per serving. Period.  Which means I enjoy 2 servings (which is 2 oz of the stuff.  That’s quite a bit) for only 2 Points Plus!  This definitely makes me a happy person.




That’s only one reason I am so jazzed about this awesome food find.  The other is that I found it at Aldi.  Aldi is a place with off brands that is incredible budget friendly if you’re looking to save money while you shop.  Some of their products are just okay, but when I find things that taste great, are a bargain price, AND Weight Watchers friendly… well, it’s just an all around trifecta of food awesomeness.   That makes me one happy lady!

The price tag on this heavenly hummus is only $1.99, and hummus fans know that’s a major bargain.  I’ve only tried the roasted garlic flavor, but I’ve seen it there in traditional plain as well.

So, hunt down your local Aldi my friends and stock up your fridge with a guilt free, great tasting, good for you treat!




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