Fit Girl Gift Guide 2017

Next on the gift guide list is a guide for what to get your favorite fitness enthusiast.  With the wide range of fun products that fit any budget, you’re bound to find something the buy your fit girl this holiday season.  


Fitness Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are everywhere lately, from boxes for date nights to candy and chocolate, whatever your genre, there’s a box for that.  Fitness is no different.  If you want to try new supplements and treats that are for health enthusiasts, you could gift Bulu Box.  Not only is it a less expensive subscription ($10/month, but as low as $8/month with 6 or 12 month subscriptions), but there are also 2 boxes to choose from: an original or weight loss focused box. 

Alternatively, there are also a ton of food-related subscriptions out there.  One that feels particularly healthy is Daily Harvest.  Originally, Daily Harvest was just premade soups and smoothies, but they’ve expanded to include overnight oats, chia parfaits, and even sundaes.  They send frozen superfoods, preportioned, straight to your door, and all you do is keep them frozen until you’re ready to use them.  I’ve tried several of the smoothies, and they were delicious.  I know I’d love to see a Daily Harvest gift under my tree this season!  You can gift a box of goodies or just buy a gift card and let your recipient choose their own.  Use this link and get 3 of your first 6 cups for free!  That’s a reason to gift a little to yourself too 🙂 

A Fun and Functional Water Bottle

I love fun drinkware.  I have more coffee mugs than I know what to do with (and I love them all) and I have several water bottles that make me smile.  Since staying hydrated is a really important part of a healthy lifestyle, why not make it a bit more fun? The Zak! Designs water bottle has adorable rainbow rings around it, but they aren’t just for decoration.  You use the rings to track how many full bottles of water you’ve consumed that day. With 8 rings around the 20 oz glass, you will get a solid 160 oz of H2O if you drink enough and manage to earn all of the colors. At less than $15, this is a great gift at a budget-friendly price.  

Air Fryer

Air Fryers are all the rage right now, especially among the Weight Watchers community.  While an air fryer sits at a slightly higher price point, it is an amazing appliance to have in your kitchen, especially if you’re trying to lower your fat and calorie intake, as it will give you “fried” food with little to no oil.  I just got one, and while I haven’t had the chance to fully dive into the greatness that is air frying, I’ve made a few killer pita pizzas in it for only 3 Smart Points (which is epic!).  There are many brands out there, and many places putting air fryers on Black Friday deals. I can’t speak for the quality of all air fryers, but the one I have is absolutely fantastic.  

Food Scale

While this doesn’t necessarily scream “amazing Christmas gift,” it’s a great thing for someone starting out on their healthy living journey (odds are someone that has been on that journey for a while already has a food scale in their kitchen).  Digital food scales aren’t necessarily expensive, making it a budget-friendly gift item. I use my food scale many times a day, each and every day.  It is the most accurate way to make sure your food portions are under control, and I firmly believe they are an essential item in anyone’s healthy eating toolkit.  

Bluetooth Headphones

Nothing gets in the way at the gym quite like a wire leading from your ears to your phone. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had my earbuds ripped out of my ears because the wire got caught on a piece of gym equipment during my workout.  A nice pair of Bluetooth headphones will solve the wire problem and allow for a better workout free of worry that your ears will get tugged on.

Daily Greatness Training Journal

There are many training journals out there, but Daily Greatness Training Journal is my favorite.  This journal gives you an amazing way to set goals, create actionable steps, and track your daily motivation and progress to help you get closer to your fitness goals in a 12 week period.  If you want more details, I have an entire walkthrough video that will show you everything. It’s definitely a great gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life or for yourself to help you get a jump start on your new year’s resolutions.  

Gym Bag

For people that frequent the gym, a gym bag of some kind is a must.  A good quality gym bag would make a great gift because it isn’t necessarily something the fitness junkie would buy for themselves (fitness gear is pricey and sometimes we need a lot of things, so any old bag works well for us), but it’s a nice thing to have. Picking up a nice gym bag and stocking it with some essentials would be an amazing gift for your favorite fit girl (or guy). A few ideas on what to hide inside are:

  • Dry Shampoo
  • Face Wipes or Face Wash
  • Travel Sized Shower Essentials
  • Their favorite protein bar or pre-workout
  • A GNC or Vitamin Shoppe gift card


I have proclaimed my love of FitBit on this blog time and time again, so it makes sense it would be on in my gift guides as well.  Having a FitBit has been a game changer for me because I can keep track of my activity levels, which I consider to be an essential component to leading a healthy lifestyle.  There are many different models to choose from, so odds are there’s one that will suit the needs of the recipient really well. You can also customize it by getting fun interchangeable bands for the FitBit.  While there are many on the website, Amazon also has a ton of FitBit bands at much lower prices.  


What kind of things would you add to this gift guide? Are there any products you’ve put on your list this year?


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