February Favorites 2016

Feb 2016 Favorites

A new month means it’s time for some monthly favorites.  You’ll notice my list is super short this month, but everything on here has been an obsession of mine for the month of February.  Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

Third Love Classic T-shirt Bra–  Alright, you all are going to think I’m crazy putting, not just a bra, but a super simple, boring, nude bra in my favorites, but hear me out. This bra is sized so perfectly for me that it is incredibly comfortable, there are no signs of the bra when I’m wearing tighter clothes, and there’s boob overflow happening, which tends to happen in my normal bras.  Let me explain. I’m pretty exclusively a Victoria’s Secret girl (the memory foam bras are to die for), but it seems I’m in a weird inbetween size, where a C cup is too tight (resulting in unsightly boob spillage), but a D is too big, leaving me with gaping in my cup.  Bras by Third Love can come in half cup sizes, so I’m happily wearing a C 1/2 cup and loving every second of it.  I got a boring nude because if I’m going to have a bra that makes the girls look and feel good, I’m going to get it in a shade that is suitable to wear under anything.  They’re a step up in price from good old Victoria’s Secret, but if you’re looking for a more customizable bra, Third Love is the place to go.  

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask– This winter has been drying out my lips like crazy, and we all know that dry lips are definitely not cute.  I have a few favorite lip balms that I use regularly to keep my lips super soft, and this winter was the first time I could add this gem by Bite Beauty to my list.  It’s super thick, so it hydrates for hours while it helps heal the cracked dryness on my lips.  I only have the little mini that came in a Bite Beauty set over Christmas, but once I’m out I will be purchasing the full size product.  It’s too good not to. 

Peppermint Essential Oil– I finally got on the essential oil bandwagon and joined the world of Young Living.  When I got my starter kit, I started looking for ways to use all of my oils, but peppermint quickly became one of my favorites. Since I already love the taste of mint, I started putting one drop (because 2 is way too much) in a bottle of water and taking it to the gym.  It’s so refreshing, especially when I’m sweating up a storm.  Another amazing way I discovered to use it: 1 drop in a chocolate protein shake.  All of the sudden I had a protein beverage that tasted just like a Thin Mint cookie!  If you’re interested in getting hooked up with Young Living, you need someone to refer you (to get wholesale prices, anyway), so send me an email.  

Enlightened Crisps– The brand that is most commonly known for its healthy ice cream bars broke into the snack realm lately with these amazing little crisps. The snack is actually made with roasted broad beans.  Beans!  Who knew that beans would be the next epic salty snack?  With 3g fiber and 7g protein per 100 calorie serving (only 2 Smart Points!), these crisps satisfy a potato chip craving without me feeling a single ounce of guilt.  There are 4 flavors available: Sea Salt, Garlic & Onion, Mesquite BBQ, Sriracha, and Wasabi.  While wasabi packed too much of a punch for me, the rest of the flavors are absolutely amazing. These will now be a regular staple in my pantry.

Productive Morning Spotify Playlist: You know the awesome music app, Spotify, right? It’s like an all access pass to music for less than $10 a month! They have an awesome way to discover playlists curated by Spotify and its users based on your mood.  I spend a ton of time in the “Focus” category because it’s a lot of lyric-less music (I’ll focus on singing along if there are words) that can help your mind buckle down and get things done. There’s a lot of slow, classical playlists, but I get the biggest charge from “Productive Morning” which has more energized instrumental music that really help get my mind into an energized and motivated state.  This playlist is almost always playing while working on the blog.  In fact, it’s going at this very minute.  

That’s all I’ve got for my favorites this month.  Let me know in the comments below what your favorite things have been lately.  


*not sponsored.  Enlightened Crisps were sent to me to try, but I decided I loved them all on my own.  Everything else was purchased with my own $$*

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