February 2018 Goals

Well, the first month of 2018 is already gone! That went by in a flash, huh? Clearly, I’m not used to it yet because not 10 seconds ago I titled this post February 2017 goals without a second thought.  Does anyone else feel like it takes 1/3 of the year to get used to writing down the new date?

January Recap

I laid out my goals and resolutions for 2018, and so far I’d say I’m doing a somewhat decent job at reaching them. Here’s where my goals are sitting at the end of the month:

Hit goal weight: I’m down a whopping 3.4 lbs. Considering I was coming off of the holidays, a month-long vacation that included a cruise and a road trip, and getting used to the new Freestyle plan, I’m thankful I was able to lose at all.  Down is down. 

10,000 YouTube Subscribers: I’m at 6,500, with growing about 600 just this month. I’m optimistic about meeting this goal, but it will take continued work. 

10,000 Instagram Followers: 2,742. I feel like getting the followers on IG is going to prove to be more difficult than on YouTube. Nevertheless, I will keep doing what I can to make my account grow.

Read 25 books: 1/25 while being halfway through 2 more.

Project 50 Pan: 6/50.  This could take awhile, but it has definitely stopped me from shopping several times. I highly suggest setting a goal like this if you need to stay motivated during a no-spend.

February Goals

Post at least 5 YouTube videos

I saw a tweet from JenLuvsReviews (one of the only makeup related channels I still watch) saying Youtubers should not create goals for something that’s not in your control like the number of subscribers, but set goals for things you can control like number of video uploads and consistency. While I still have my eyes on the prize of hitting my 10k milestone this year, Jen’s advice is brilliant, so I actually have a tracker in the back of my EC Lifeplanner for # of blog posts and YouTube videos published this year.

Weigh less at the end of the month than at the beginning

I’ve decided that since this year will be the year I hit goal, I don’t necessarily want to focus on losing 5 or 10 lbs in a month because if I don’t, I will feel like I failed. Therefore, as long as I can mark my little Instagram calendar with a loss for the month, I will consider it one more step towards goal.  No specific numbers. Just working the plan and staying focused. 

Finish 2 books

I’m halfway through Voice Lessons as well as working my way through the first Harry Potter book (again) on my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I should be able to finish them both no problem.

Have 1 “real” date night with my husband

Our February is pretty packed with church engagements and social gatherings. While it is great to feel like we finally have a legit social life, the truth is with his job having him travel every week, our time together is limited to a few days per week as it is, so when our social calendar fills up, it really takes a toll on our quality alone time. For our anniversary I treated us to a 3 month Date Box subscription and this month we will get our first one. I’m really excited to see what kind of date it has in store for us. While we do spend time together, typically over our favorite TV shows, we’re trying to get better about making sure we’re doing things like going out, having adventures, and actually talking, as opposed to simply being in the same room. 

Complete my blog’s 2017 finance documents

Ah, the joy of being a blogger! I have this nifty excel document that the Mister made me to help me track all of my earnings and expenses for Diva and the Divine. I should get better about filling out my finance documents monthly, which something I plan to work on for 2018, but this past year my document’s formulas got screwy and I had to wait until my busy businessman had the time to fix it over Christmas vacation.  Needless to say, I’m about half a year behind on last year’s documents and tax season will soon be here.  I better get my act together. 

My goals might seem pretty “business as usual” which is exactly how I want it to be. Ultimately I want to be setting monthly goals that will help me progress towards my larger goals and the life I want to lead with a healthy body, mind, and marriage. 

What are some of your goals for the shortest month of the year?

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