Fall Favorites 2014


Fall Favorites2014

Fall Faves

Bath and Body Works Marshmallow pumpkin latte shower gel

Bath and Body works put together this new line of fall “comfort” fragrances.  Naturally I had to check them out.  I instantly fell in love with Pumpkin Latte and Marshmallow. I thought it would sickeningly sweet, but it turns out that along with the glorious pumpkin latte, nutmeg, and sticky marshmallow, it also has notes of jasmine, musk, and sandalwood, evening out the sweetness with a richness I was not expecting.  I’m really sad I only bought one and I’m hoping they bring it back next year.  While it’s no longer available at Bath and Body Works, I did manage to find it at Amazon.

Cover Girl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation

I haven’t used a drugstore foundation in ages, but several beauty YouTubers (with similar skin issues as mine) mentioned this so I figured I’d give it a try, and I’m so glad I did.  This $8 foundation is oil free, doesn’t clog pores, and gives skin a really nice, matte finish with medium coverage.  Hello perfection!  I still use concealer and a powder over it on days I want max coverage, but this on it’s own takes away the confidence issues I’ve been having lately.  Thank goodness I finally found something with a price point my husband can get behind :-).  I won’t be abandoning my prestige foundations completely, but this is such a great, budget friendly option for flawless looking skin that it will definitely be staying in my collection.

Philosophy Help Me

As I’ve mentioned in posts before, my skin has been a complete disaster area this fall.  I’m sure stress and the chaos of the life changes coming have a great deal to do with it, but having my confidence knocked down while I’m already having a tough time just sucks.  I decided to give retinol another try. Retinol is typically used as an anti aging treatment, but it also gets high acclaim for its ability to clear out pores and help get rid of acne. Philosophy has somehow managed to get a time release technology in there, so the retinol gradually activates on your skin during the night.   While I still have some breakouts that reappear the higher my stress levels go, the massive cystic breakouts on my jawline are gone.  I have been using this for a month now, and will definitely be continuing to purchase this cream.  Retinol creams can be pricy, and this one is a little high at $47.50, but compared to a lot of other products on the market, this is a steal for a high quality product to help with skin woes.  This is a winner of the Allue beauty award, and I definitely think it deserves that.

Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask

Going with the theme of all things pumpkin this fall, I decided to give this popular mask a try.  First, it looks and smells like you stuck your hand in a can of pumpkin, which makes it feel festive.  The pumpkin enzyme combined with glycol acid turns this mask into an exfoliating treat for the skin.  It does tingle, significantly sometimes, and I know there have been people with sensitive skin that have complained about that, but personally I think it’s fine as long as you expect the tingle.  After leaving this on for 20 minutes or so, my skin feels cleansed, refreshed, and looks better.  The exfoliation in this mask is a great combo with the retinol cream, as that does make skin peel.

Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Set

A few months ago I finally bit the bullet and spent the money on this set.  It comes with the LED light, a gel base and topcoat, one color to get you started, a few tools, nail prep wipes, and a small bottle of acetone polish remover.  While you might look at the price tag with a little uncertainty ($68), let me remind you that in the salon, gel manis cost upwards of $30 each time, so in 2-3 uses of this at home kit, you’ve gotten your money’s worth.  There’s no dry time, fun colors, it gets done at home, and it is really easy.  I love having this for weekends away and occasions where I need my nails to be more chip resistant.  I have also used the gel top coat and the light over regular nail polish to help it last a little longer.


Pilot Frixion Retractable Erasable Pens

My love for these pens is ridiculous.  I mention them as my pen of choice when using my Filofax and Erin Condren planners, and they are still my favorite thing.  The colors are bright and beautiful, and unlike my past experiences with erasable pens, the ink writes like a dream.  They’re retractable, so you don’t have to work about caps getting in the way of your eraser, and the pens erase cleanly.  The only place I’ve found these is on Amazon, and they’re an import from Japan.  They were only about $22, so quite affordable if you’re looking for the specialty pens.  It looks like I will be checking out the stationary stores while I’m there too, to see what other beauties like these are around.

Quest Chips

I might have a serious obsession.  I refilled my stock 3 times in November at Vitamin Shoppe and have a Cyber Monday order on the way.  Quest chips have 21 g protein, only 5g carbs, and are completely awesome. Now, do they taste exactly like picking up a bag of Lays? No.  BUT being that they are all protein, the taste of these chips is outstanding compared to what they could be.  Oh, and no greasy fingers! It’s only 120 calories (3 Points Plus) per bag, so they’re a great way to satisfy the chip craving without doing much damage.  I think it’s quite rewarding to get such a protein boost from eating chips:-)


That’s it for what I’ve been loving this fall. What were some of your favorite things this fall?


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