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I have been dying to try the Too Faced La Creme lip colors for quite some time now, but at $22 a piece and so many glorious shades to choose from, I kept putting it off, that is, until this gift set was released.

Behold, the Under the Mistletoe La Creme lip set for holiday 2014!  This adorable set has 3 full size La Creme lipsticks in shimmering versions of the top selling shades (Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny, and Spice Spice Baby) and for only $28!  You better believe I jumped at the chance to order this simply for its value alone.


Of course, I ended up falling in love with the La Creme lipsticks because of this purchase.  The formulas are so smooth and hydrating that my lips feel like they’ve been given a lip balm, not a lipstick.  I really like hydrated feeling lips, so this product was right up my alley.  There’s white lotus flower extract in the formula for lip conditioning benefits and power peptides to offer a collagen boost.  Before we even get into the “holiday” part of this set, lets establish that I think the products are great.  Now, on to the holiday features.

“Under the Mistletoe” comes in an adorable pink glitter case that is the perfect size to hold some lip essentials in your purse.  It’s a festive and functional piece to have to help keep things neat and organized.  Definitely a nice little bonus.


As I mentioned before, this kit contains limited edition versions of the 3 top selling shades of the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks.  What makes these limited edition is the gold shimmer in the holiday formula.  At first glance I thought that the shimmer was going to be overwhelming and look a little childish, but it actually adds just a little something extra without going overboard.  The shades are amazing.  I am very into more natural and nude tones, and all 3 of these cater to that sort of genre while letting me feel a bit more on the festive side.

  • Naked Dolly- A nude satin pink that’s definitely a “my lips, but better” shade.  The formula is a little thin.
  • Marshmallow Bunny- A playful light pink with gold shimmer.  This one I found to go on a little streaky, but with a hydrated base (put chapstick on first and/or make sure lips are exfoliated) the color gives a nice pop.
  • Spice, Spice Baby- Sort of a rosy coral color with a gold shimmer.  In my opinion this is the most “dressed up” of the 3 shades. It appears slightly redder in the photo than in real life.  This color applies smoothly and isn’t streaky.

Bottom line, this is a great set and an amazing value (I mean, $22 for 1 or $28 for 3?? You do the math..).  As long as you don’t have any dry flakey patches on your lips (exfoliate and/or apply lip balm) , the colors apply smoothly and last for 2+ hours (especially Spice, Spice Baby).  This is a great little gift to get the beauty addict in your life or, of course, to get for yourself.  Too Faced did an excellent job with this one!


I purchased this with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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