Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel

Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel Review

At the base of any good skincare routine is a solid cleanser.  After all, you need your skin to be squeaky clean so all of your lotions and potions can work their magic.  When I got this new cleanser in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it out.  Exuviance was kind enough to send me their Purifying Cleansing Gel to review, and while I did get it for free, you know that my reviews will always be honest.  Let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.

About the Product

The Exuviance purifying cleansing gel is an anti-aging face cleanser with Alpha (AHA) and Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA).  The acids offer chemical exfoliation and help clarify the skin. The gel is soap-free which is gentle and prevents the skin from drying out. Conditioners soothe the skin and help improve the skin’s texture.  It’s also allergy and dermatologist tested (in case that’s important to you).  

Basically,this cleanser foams up to wash away makeup, impurities, and surface oils without stripping the skin or altering skin’s natural moisture balance and is suitable for all skin types .

My Experience

The first thing I noticed about this cleanser is the scent. It smells fresh and slightly spa-like, which is very pleasant to me.  I tend to use cleansers without a physical exfoliator in them (like this one) with my Clarisonic Mia, as I find it offers a much deeper cleanse than just using your fingers.  With just a dime sized amount of product, I found I had this foaming up nicely in seconds.  After a minute of cleansing my face, it rinsed clean easily. The result has regularly been skin that feels squeaky clean, but not dry or tight, but soft. 

I’ll be honest in saying that I haven’t tested its ability to remove makeup because my normal routine includes removing all of my makeup with a makeup remover prior to using my cleanser. I find this is the most effective method in making sure my skin is clean, as I use some pretty heavy foundations and setting sprays.  However, after removing my makeup and using this cleanser, there is absolutely no makeup left on my face whatsoever.  Take that for what it’s worth. 

With my acne-prone skin, I often use cleansers meant for teenage acne, which I have found are often too harsh for my 30-year-old skin.  While it’s frustrating to have to deal with adult acne, and tempting to use all of the acne fighting things I can get my hands on, but that has proven time and time again to be the wrong approach to my skin.  Using the Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel has proved to be a great balance, offering a deep clean, but not going as far as to dry out my skin, causing it to flake.  I have enough other products that do that. This cleanser seems to be a great fit for my skin, and I look forward to using it more to see if it’s a cleanser I will want to purchase when I run out. 

While I hadn’t really heard of the Exuviance brand before trying my first product (also thanks to Brand Backer and the company sending it to me), in recent trips to Ulta I noticed they had an entire display, which either means they were introduced in stores recently or simply that I haven’t been paying much attention to brand names that I don’t know.  Either way, Exuviance is becoming a known brand in skincare, and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to try out this product.  If you’re interested in trying the Purifying Cleansing Gel, you can head over to the Exuviance website, or visit your local Ulta.  You get 7.2oz of product for $34.

Have you ever tried the Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel? What is your favorite cleanser?

This post was powered by BrandBacker. I did receive this product for free from the company, but the reviewis 100% my own. 

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